“UAE for Parents Care” celebrates reading month in Fujairah

The Emirates Society for the Care of Parents, Fujairah branch, organized a “Our Fathers Read” event at the Masafi Community Council yesterday, Monday, in celebration of the reading month 2022, which will be held this year under the slogan “The UAE read”.

The event was attended by His Excellency Dr. Ahmed Salem Suwaidin, Chairman of the Association’s Board of Directors, His Excellency Khamis Mohammed Al Roli Al Zeyoudi, Director of the Association in Fujairah, His Excellency Saif Ali Saif Al Eter Al Dhanhani, Deputy Director of the Fujairah Office, His Excellency Rashid Oba Al Abdooli, Adviser for Volunteers in the Association, His Excellency Khaled Al Dhanhani, President of Al Rakh Publishing Corporation, and a number of businessmen, officials, intellectuals and senior citizens.

The event opened with a speech by His Excellency Dr. Ahmed Salem Sweiden, Chairman of the Society’s Board of Directors, in which he emphasized the importance of reading to consolidate the knowledge economy and build a readership armed with science and knowledge capable of providing guidance. the development process in the country, which points to the Society’s zeal to consolidate feelings of loyalty, love and concern for parents of senior citizens.

Suwaidin added: The association works on community participation and the launch of opportunities and initiatives aimed at promoting the spirit of human and social solidarity, and tolerance between the various groups and segments of society.

This was followed by the screening of a short film about the Emirates Society for the Care of Parents’ Kindness, which was founded in 2017 and adopts high qualities and principles derived from the approach of the late founder, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, “may God rest his soul”, who gave all his attention to senior citizens and recommended their attention and care at all levels. The association conducts community participation and launches opportunities and initiatives aimed at supporting and caring for parents.

The first dialogue session, moderated by Dr. Hamad Al-Mutairi, started under the title “Reading between the Past and the Present”, with the participation of researchers: Salem Al-Salami, Ibrahim Al-Laghash, and Ali Salem Al-Dhanhani, and it dealt with the reading habits of the past that was widespread in the absence of modern media technology, which later came to pull the rug.One of the reading habits that were well established in the lives of many people, such as reading books and newspapers.

The participants in the session emphasized the importance of introducing initiatives and programs that consolidate reading habits, thus contributing to the building of a reading community, armed with science and knowledge, and able to lead the development process.

The association also organized during the event; A paragraph entitled “Read for Me”, in which a number of children affiliated with Al-Rakh Publishing Corporation participated, namely Fayza Jassim Al-Busamit, Ahed Saeed Saif Al-Leili, Sheikha and Alia Khamis Al-Kindi. knowledge, which increases as a person’s reading performance increases and its level develops.

This was followed by a segment of puzzles and prizes awarded to the public as it dealt with Emirati’s popular questions, during which prizes and gifts were handed out, and a group of literary and heritage books and literature were distributed.

At the end of this event, His Excellency Dr. Ahmed Salem bin Suwaiden, accompanied by His Excellency Khamis Muhammad Khamis Al-Rawli Al-Zeyoudi, honored the participants in the event and honored the sponsors with appreciation for their efforts to make the Society’s various activities a success.

In turn, His Excellency Khamis Mohammed Al-Rawli Al-Zyoudi, Director of the Society’s branch in Fujairah, emphasized the importance of highlighting the role of parents in contributing to the spread of reading culture among their children and in constantly encouraging them to obtain knowledge aids. from its sources, pointing out that the Society is constantly working to keep abreast of all community events and activities through its creative initiatives, in order to forge the bonds of interdependence between society and institutions particularly concerned with social and cultural affairs, to strengthen.

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