VentureX enters into an investment management agreement in the first digital platform to promote and sell advertising space, “Advert on Click”

Advertising on Click: “The advertising sector is growing with 5% per year and ad spend exceeded 720 billion US dollars in 2021

Amman – Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan: Adverton On Click has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the integrated entrepreneurial development company “VentureX”, according to which the latter will manage the investment in Adverton Click, through a network of potential investors at regional and global level.

The agreement was signed at the VentureX headquarters in the Jordanian capital, Amman, and was represented in the signing by Yousef Hamid El-Din, managing partner, and Fahad Al-Deeb, founder and CEO of Adverton Click, in the presence of a number of officials from the two companies.

Through this agreement, VentureX will work on the preparation of all financial data, documents and legal contracts related to the investment process in Adverton Click and present it to a select group of investors in the Middle East and a number of countries around the world. lie.

Adverton Click operates in the global advertising sector as a company specializing in the provision of marketing services and the sale of various advertising spaces through its digital platform developed by “”, whose first phase was recently in the Middle East and North African markets have been launched, and it has future plans to expand to include All global markets and work on the development of the platform according to machine learning and artificial intelligence technology.

The Advert on Click platform is characterized by being the first of its kind in the world, in a way that gives the advertising industry a new dimension through the services it provides to all traditional and modern advertising media on the one hand, and the advertiser and advertising agencies on the other hand.

The platform is characterized by a digital market that is open to all advertising media of all kinds, print, visual, audio and digital, external road ads, points of sale, promotional and other advertising tools, and offers it directly to the advertiser, which improves the advertiser’s ability to identify new advertising tools and resources and open the door for both parties Of direct transactions without an intermediary and in a way that positively affects the time, effort and cost of all parties.

Commenting on this agreement, Yousef Hamid El-Din said: “At VentureX, we always strive to assist in transforming innovative competitive ideas into solutions that improve the quality of life for people and businesses, and contribute to the support of local economies by many adopt ideas from emerging companies after studying an in-depth analysis of these ideas, their economic viability and their vision for the future, and providing solutions that will help the success of these emerging projects. “

Hamid El-Din added: “In Adverton Click, we found innovative ideas and a vision for the future that qualifies it to be one of the most successful companies in the global advertising sector, experiencing remarkable growth year after year, in the “A company has announced that it will maintain the sustainability of its business, as advertising is an essential part and component of any marketing process that all business sectors may need.”

In turn, Fahad Al-Deeb said: “We are pleased to work with VentureX, one of the leading companies in the investment management sector in the Middle East, and we appreciate their faith in what we have achieved so far in Adverton Click. , which now houses the data of more than 2,200 advertising media, only from the Arab countries.

Theeb emphasized that the global advertising sector is recording annual growth of no less than 5%, with an expenditure volume of more than $ 720 billion over the past year (2021), with a clear focus in North America, which alone is responsible was for 60% of global advertising spending (according to a Statista Company report), which is pushing us strongly to expand the platform and enter the North American and European markets in the next phase.


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About the “Venture X” Integrated Enterprise Development Company:

VentureX is a venture capital firm operating in the field of economic development at various levels. It has launched several regional strategies, including the acceleration strategy of Saudi Arabia, and the acceleration of Jordan to become a major driver of economic development and a mediator to achieve. stability in the future through the introduction of business accelerators that specialize in Specific sectors and attract investment. VentureX’s services focus on supporting ideas, start-ups and SMEs.

About ad click:

Advert on Click offers unique digital solutions in the advertising world. The platform enables its users to easily search for advertising tools and media in various countries of the world, compare prices and discuss advertising spaces within minutes. Click-through advertising is available for all print, visual, audio, digital, outdoor advertising, promotional items, and other advertising tools.

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