Where is the Qiddiya project located?

Where is the Qiddiya project located? In fact, the Qiddiya project is the largest entertainment, sports and cultural project in the world. It was officially announced by the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Public Investment Fund, His Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman on April 7, 2017. This groundbreaking project will be a quality leisure and social destination. On the website we will learn about the location of the Qiddiya project in the Kingdom, its boundaries and the stages of the Qiddiya project.

Where is the Qiddiya project located?

The Qiddiya project is located In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, specifically on theSouthwest of the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, forty kilometers away. Qiddiya Airport is just one hour away from King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh. Qiddiya also has its historical significance since ancient times. The pilgrims passed by, from Riyadh to Mecca. Not to mention that it is one of the desert areas with a characteristic view and nature as it is overlooked by the Tuwaiq mountains, which form the Najd plateau. As for the boundaries of the Qiddiya project, it is bounded by the village of Al-Uyaynah from the north, from the east and northeast by the city of Riyadh, and from the west by Dhurma. Also from the south, it is bordered by Al-Muzahimiyah governor. As for the meaning of Qiddiya, the name actually goes back to the path of Aba al-Qad, who in the past connected al-Yamamah with al-Hijaz. The area also included Wadi al-Qiddiya, which flowed into Wadi Namar. And then in Wadi Hanifa.

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Qiddiya project

The cornerstone of the Qiddiya project was laid on 28 April 2018 by the Keeper of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, corresponding to Shaaban 12, 1439 AH. It is implemented by Qiddiya Investment Company, and it will take 4 years to become a reality. The project will also include a range of real estate and community services. The area of ​​the Qiddiya project is estimated at 364 square kilometers. And about when will the Qiddiya project end? The phases of the Qiddiya project are scheduled to be completed in several phases.The first phase includes 45 projects in Qiddiya. It is expected to be completed by the beginning of 2023 AD, after which 300 sports and entertainment events will be launched in Qiddiya. While the cost of the Qiddiya project, in fact, the provision of infrastructure alone, was about 30 billion Saudi Riyal, which is equivalent to 8 billion US dollars. While the final cost of the entire project facilities, it is estimated at about 10 billion USD.

Qiddiya Project Information

By looking at the outline of the Qiddiya project pdf, and where the Qiddiya project is located, we provide below a set of information about this major project, the news of which has occupied the media circles. As well as recent social media platforms:

  • The project aims to provide suitable outdoor activities for lovers of adventure, excitement and natural environmental experiences.
  • Qiddiya will also provide its visitors with many exceptional activities and services, through 5 main areas: sports, physical health, nature and environment, parks and entertainment destinations, movement, excitement and excitement, arts and culture. While Qiddiya (the capital of entertainment, sports and the arts) will not only be in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf states. As well as at the level of all countries of the world.
  • Qiddiya will include many parks and entertainment venues suitable for all families, young and old. Within the highest standards of quality and safety.
  • The sports facilities in Qiddiya will host international competitions and competitions at Qiddiya Stadium, which has a racetrack for motorsport enthusiasts. It will also have academics for sports education and the arts, in addition to large theaters where concerts, theater and entertainment performances will be arranged.
  • For lovers of outdoor activities, their share in this village, adventure enthusiasts and adrenaline-boosting. As well as the opportunity to experience some open activities, outdoors between the lap of nature and the environment.
  • The Qiddiya project is located in an ideal environment to enable Saudi youth to realize their ambitions, unleash their talents, pursue their hobbies and strengthen and support them with whatever they would cherish. It will also provide professionals and jobs to include a large amount of young energies, which will contribute to building a more prosperous and advanced society.
  • One of the functions of the Qiddiya project is to provide many investment opportunities, which include both the Qiddiya project contractor, strategists of strategic capital partners, Qiddiya project companies, infrastructure development partners and healthcare providers.
  • Six Flags (6 Flags), where the Qiddiya project is located, is the largest entertainment city in the world. It will include a large entertainment complex of amusement parks and games. It will also create thousands of jobs. It is implemented by an American company specializing in leisure activities, and it owns several entertainment facilities around the world, such as in Canada, the United States of America and Mexico. Its head office is located in Texas, USA.

Qiddiya project objectives

On April 25, 2016, the Saudi government announced Vision 2030, which is a sustainable program for long-term prosperity, development and modernization. Although it is an important part of Vision 2030, and where the Qiddiya project is located, it will contribute to the achievement of many of the objectives of this vision, which include the following:

  • Improving Economic Diversification in the Kingdom.
  • Create new jobs and jobs.
  • Improving the culture of entrepreneurship and beginners.
  • Youth and women empowerment support.
  • To make the region a source of tourist attraction for tourists, foreign investors, residents and citizens.
  • The development and development of desert areas in Saudi Arabia, and the preservation of natural environments.
  • Doubling family spending on the tourism and entertainment sector.
  • Provides opportunities to explore the landscape and wildlife.
  • The project includes a large group of shopping malls, shops, restaurants, cafes and hotels.

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Qiddiya project facilities

As the Qiddiya project is located in Riyadh, it is a leading lucrative investment project, which is expected to provide some 17 billion Saudi riyals to the economy of the Kingdom annually. The most prominent facilities that will be available in the project are the following:

  • The world’s largest amusement park will have a rollercoaster, the world’s fastest rollercoaster. As well as Drop Tower, which will be the tallest escape tower in the world.
  • Water parks (Aquapark).
  • Commercial centers and markets.
  • Sports and culture clubs and international stadiums.
  • A private resort for golf lovers, with an 18 hole course.
  • Units and apartments equipped with all amenities.
  • Various desert and asphalt dirt roads for race cars, bicycles and safaris.
  • Hotels, restaurants, parks and picturesque parks.

From all of the above we have shown Where is the Qiddiya project located? In Riyadh, whose main goal is to place the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the list of the best tourist destinations in the world, as contained in the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 for Development and Development.

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