A new government formation without rotation?

Raquel Ateeq – Republic

Some believe that the formation of a new government is impossible in light of the current internal conditions and the regional and international conditions affecting the country, especially a few months before the presidential election, as the founding process in Lebanon is usually a several months before the government sees the light. However, Najib Mikati, the designated prime minister, does not “acknowledge” that formation is impossible, according to informed sources. a caretaker government and a government with full powers that will be transferred over the next four months. These sensitive months will not be under a caretaker government as well as with a government with full powers, at all levels.
After the non-binding parliamentary consultations to form the government and the initial impressions formed by Mikati, it is clear from the views of the parliamentary blocs that it will facilitate the formation of the government as some will not participate in it, but it will not be an obstacle to it, while the majority of parliamentary blocs have expressed their desire to quickly form a government. But the main question is: Is this desire sincere to the point that it facilitates Mikati’s task and gives his government confidence, or is it outwardly useful and implicitly hindering? It will be shown in the coming days, which will witness political contacts and consultations on more than one level to discuss the authorship, at a time when Mikati will strive to write quickly and within a short period of time a vision of ‘ a formation of government which will obtain the signature of the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, and the confidence of the House of Representatives.

However, Mikati’s “intention” is not enough to complete the composition, and one of the most prominent obstacles facing his mission is the division of the Christian ministerial quota, especially as the “Lebanese Forces” party refuses. to participate in this government. which means giving a greater margin to the “Free Patriotic Movement” to claim portfolios and set conditions for Mikati to participate in the government or to give it confidence, knowing that this government does not see the light without Aoun ‘s signature, and it is unlikely that Aoun will sign a formation that does not satisfy the head of the “current”, MP Gibran Bassil, according to political parties. At this level, Mikati has more than one scenario. If political forces do not want to participate in government, they can not be forced to do so. The spectrum they represent may rather be present in this government with close or independent ministers or in its political atmosphere, whether these ministers are biased or Independent or close to certain parties. Consequently, there are several options, and it is possible to choose personalities with sufficient abilities and certain specializations that enjoy the trust of Mikati and the Christian parties, or some of them at the same time, according to the informed sources.

It is likely that Mikati will present a new government formation to Aoun, which is a “mix” between current and new ministers. He will try to find common ground in the nomenclature with Aoun, as he did in the previous government, based on the experience in the current government, whereby the cooperation between Aoun and Mikati led to the export of several files a positive way. At the level of the Ministry of Energy or other ministries, it is possible to name personalities who may not be biased, but whose background, history and presence are reliable, and they can gain the trust of all, according to the same sources. Miqati is not in the process of adopting a confrontational formula in the composition, and these sources also believe that the “stream” has no interest in continuing the caretaker government during the last four months of Aoun’s term, as’ a government with full authority. is the best for everyone.

Also from the main contract that had previously delayed authorship, the “Shiite duo” stuck with the Ministry of Finance as it is “a right enshrined in the Taif Agreement”, although many politicians and those who adhere to the Taif conference, claims that this commitment is also against the Constitution. To retain the third signature on the decrees, and at this point the Ministry of Finance gained a new importance, as the Minister of Finance in the provisional government, Youssef Al-Khalil (“Amal” movement) refrains from signing of the decree of the formations of the Court of Cassation, which prevents the completion of investigations into the crime of the Beirut harbor explosion. This is an additional reason for the duo to stick with this ministry.

Informed sources say: At this stage it is not possible to go into all the addresses, as either comprehensive rotation will be accepted in all ministries at the level of sects, or it will not be fully adopted. “Great labor, ”And it opens a door that will not be easy to close.

While some believe that formation and the absence of a new government are the same, what will this government be able to achieve in a few months that the previous government could not achieve within many months, especially since Mikati did not have the necessary external in his previous government support, specifically from the French, except The same sources do not agree with this view, noting that Mikati wants to complete with the new government that started the provisional government, pointing out that the French have translated their desire to help Lebanon in several areas, especially to repair the rift with the Arabian Gulf, with a direct effort. From French President Emmanuel Macron help the French what they can. One of the government’s most important tasks is also to complete negotiations with the IMF and an economic recovery plan. Following all this, a new government is needed to reduce the level of pressure on the people as much as possible in the coming months, according to the sources, while waiting for the election of a new president of the republic and for the image of this right to unfold, which will illuminate the lines of the next phase.

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