Cyprus .. the island of legends like you have never known it before .. 40 minutes drive from Ben Gurion Airport

The island of Cyprus offers its visitors a wonderful nature and charming views that captivate the eyes of those who watch it. Everything here looks beautiful, calm and harmonious, its weather, its sun, its sea, its fields.

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And its flowers .. in which the picturesque nature swings on the shoulders of its charming mountains and plateaus.

On the surface of that island one forgets the worries and difficulties of life, and finds that he enjoys the view of the blue beaches, golden sand and the hot sun that shines on the island in all seasons of the year and its alleys , streets illuminated. , walls and markets with its glowing rays.

About 40 minutes flight from Ben Gurion International Airport to Paphos Airport, a tourist from the country finds himself surrounded by greenery, colorful flowers and beauty hidden in forests, valleys and small towns.

Many hotels compete for the hearts of tourists, with roses filling the corners.

Remarkable levels of luxury
Louis hotels offer remarkable levels of luxury, with breathtaking ocean views.
In it, the tourist finds his full comfort due to the offered services, amenities and a comfortable atmosphere, amidst interior decorations interspersed with contemporary art pieces.

The Louis hotel chain recently celebrated its eightieth anniversary, with the title of “the largest hotel chain in Cyprus”, offering its diners a unique tourist experience, which makes the stay on the charming island more beautiful, as it meets all the requirements of the tourist .. Double rooms, spacious modern swimming pools, Rooms for families, water and sports games, luxury double villas.

The network owns 18 luxury hotels, in each of its hotels you will find remarkable features and characteristics, and high level tourist services.From the first moment you arrive at the hotel, the staff starts to pick up your bags for you and greet you with juice and towels wet with warm water. In the rooms you can get sweets, fruits and even Cypriot honey.

Louis Ledera Beach Hotel
After a short flight to Paphos, we arrived at the Louis Ledera Beach Hotel. The reception of the staff was very cordial, and it is clear that they are very excited to meet the tourists after the difficult years of Corona that went through the world and hit the tourism branch.
The most prominent feature of hotels here in general is the warm reception and treatment, which comes from the heart, and from the employees’ feeling that you are one of them, so they convey this feeling to you.

The hotel has four swimming pools, including an indoor pool and an adults-only pool. It has spacious and professional rooms, along with health massage workers, children’s activities and a varied dining room. The hotel operates an Italian restaurant where anyone booking an all-inclusive stay will receive one meal of their choice in the restaurant as a gift to them on their reservation, and by entering the restaurant and eating its meals, you will feel like you are in the Italian city of Milan.
The hotel is located on a very clean and beautiful beach, which is characterized by the blue color in which you can clearly see the sand of the beaches.
Here, on this beach, umbrellas are strewn that welcome visitors, attracting them to summer and relaxation on the golden sand, which apparently promises them to spend the best time.

Royal Apollonia Hotel
The next day we packed our bags and traveled to Limassol, another country overflowing with beauty and showing off its elegance in front of its visitors from all over the world.
We stayed in Limassol in another five star hotel of the “Louis” chain. It was the most luxurious hotel out of the three we visited. The Royal Apollonia has three swimming pools, and offers beautiful sea views. The venue has an award-winning spa that offers a variety of massage treatments, two tennis courts and three restaurants.
We had dinner at AKAKIKO Japanese Restaurant, which brings you all the food and if you are a fan of this kind of outing, Cyprus is the culinary paradise in this area. For the discerning connoisseur, there are vegetarian wraps, and other fresh seafood.
The Royal Apollonia Hotel is characterized by large areas of gardens, amenities, reception rooms, many entrances and corners that make you feel at ease.

Louis Althea Beach Family Hotel & Villas in Protaras
Our last night in Cyprus was full of adventures. After an hour’s drive, we arrived at the Althia Beach Hotel in Protaras. If you have children, you have won because it is a paradise for families. The rooms are built in the form of small apartments with a nicely equipped kitchen where you can cook on your own if you want. These rooms are equipped with high-level furniture and a kitchen, with all kitchen utensils and utensils, pools are plentiful, and you can give your children long hours of swimming with water games, and they can eat their food directly at the restaurants surrounding the pools, not to mention the wide gardens spread over all areas of the hotel and on the beach.

After getting our rooms in the hotel, we took a turn in the beach next to the hotel, where we waited for the surprise of the villas provided by the hotel. Although adjacent to the hotel, it is built as a quiet modern residential area and each villa has its own personal space, so guests enjoy a great deal of privacy. The villas have a fully equipped kitchen, from the entire cutlery to the dining table and coffee machine, a spacious living area, and a private dining area. Each villa has a private pool, and there are three double bedrooms upstairs. one of them has an en-suite toilet, a bathroom, a jacuzzi and a balcony overlooking the sea.
And when you are ready to swim in the sea, the hotel piers guide you directly to the arms of the sea and allow you to dive between its clear waves.

Fresh and delicious food
If you decide to spend your summer vacation in Cyprus, try eating out in authentic restaurants. The food is incredibly delicious and fresh, you can not waste time in fast food restaurants. The Cypriot cuisine is quite diverse, not without meat and fish dishes with vegetables, not to mention all kinds of cheeses.
For example, you may enjoy eating crab and roasted octopus in addition to sea bream and other seafood.

And make sure that when you decide to book your trip to Cyprus, you have chosen an attractive place, characterized by a wonderful harmony between the beauty of the picturesque nature and the smell of Cypriot history, beaches, nature reserves and archeological sites . is important to remember that driving is in the place on the left, just like in England, So car renters need to take this into account.

The author was a guest of the Louis Hotel Company.

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