“Dar Al Habib Al Mustafa” to house cancer patients receives a delegation from Misr El Khair and Emirates NBD

Dar Al-Habib Al-Mustafa, to house children with cancer and their families free of charge, received a delegation from the Misr Al-Khair Foundation and volunteers from Emirates NBD Emirates NBD to show solidarity with children with cancer and to bring happiness bring. to their hearts, and supported them in the journey of treatment, steadfastness and hope in the face of cancer, and he was at the head of the audience.Brigadier Medhat Ahmed, Senior Director of the Ibn al-Sabil Program at Misr El Kheir Foundation.

The tour included a home visit, bags and a needlework shop, and they handed out wrapped fruit plates to the children and their accompanying families, as well as their participation in drawing and coloring games for the children and taking souvenir photos together. with them. bring them pleasure.

Dean “Medhat Ahmed”, Senior Director of the Ibn Al-Sabil Program at the Misr El-Khair Foundation, praised the efforts made at Dar Al-Habib Al-Mustafa to house children with cancer patients and said: “The home’s experience is one of those successful experiences, and we are proud of that experience. The association is able to provide the highest quality at the lowest cost and instill hope in the hearts of our children with cancer.”

He added that the home provided transport for sick children, as well as housing and provided 3 full meals to patients and their families, in addition to securing the needs of children, adding that the home was the only one that was able to continue to go in light of the Corona pandemic by taking all precautions of complete sterilization and hygiene, adding that the support was supported.The house’s income is operated by an operator through the Misr El Khair Foundation to a greater number to serve beneficiaries.

In turn, Hajja “Khadija Haridi”, general manager of Dar Al Habib Al-Mustafa in his two branches, Dar Al-Salaam and Al-Haram, said that the purpose of founding the house is to support our children with cancer and their families, especially from outside Greater Cairo, to provide ready housing, to provide them with all the obligations of daily living and to follow them up.

She explained that the house receives cases free of charge from 57357 Hospital, Abu Al-Rish Japanese Hospital, Oncology Institute and Baheya Hospital for all ages, in addition to the Nuclear Medicine Hospital in Al-Qass Al-Ainy, as well as hosting cases from Arab countries such as Yemen and Palestine, explaining that a tripartite protocol has been signed between the Misr Al-Khair Foundation and Abu Hospital Feathers for Children and Dar Al-Habib Al-Mustafa to receive cases and house them.

“Haridy” added that in 2011 an independent home for fathers and their children was established in the pyramid by self-effort, and in 2018, due to the trust of the Misr Al-Khair Foundation in the association, a protocol concluded between Misr Al-Khair and the Dar Al-Habib Al-Mustafa Association and one of the donors of Dar Al-Salaam by contracting 10 apartments with full furniture to complete our role and follow up the practice of activity. The association has sick children with their mothers, and in some cases whole families are housed if the child’s condition requires it, adding that the house is equipped with the highest level of furniture, “interiors, bedrooms and dining rooms, in addition to heaters and fans to be like hotel apartments. , and Misr El-Khair also supported the house by making provision. ” Microbus “to help transport patients to and from home while receiving treatment.

Haridy added that the house also includes a needlework shop to increase the house’s resources, and 7 exhibitions have been set up within the Misr El Khair Foundation in Mokattam, and an exhibition for employees of Banque Misr, the main branch in Talaat Harb, in addition to two exhibitions at the headquarters of the house in Dar Al Salam.

The general manager of the house noted that the capacity of the house in its two branches, Al-Haram and Dar Al-Salaam, is 62 beds, divided as follows: Dar Al-Salaam, the number of beds is 47 beds to accommodate 47 . children and 47 mothers, and Dar Al-Habib in the pyramid has 15 beds to accommodate 15 children and 15 mothers.

In turn, “Gamal Najm Al-Din”, the general supervisor of the house, said that the purpose of founding the house was to alleviate the burden on the families of the exiled patients from outside Greater Cairo, and to to try to support them by providing free accommodation in the home to receive them after a response from the hospital handling the case, either 57 or Abu Al-Rish Hospital. In addition to providing recreational activities for children, we do monthly birthday parties for children born in the month and provide gifts for children, in addition to recreational outings for them.

Najm Al-Din explained that the apartments of the house are equipped with hotel equipment to receive children, and full meals are provided to cases and their families.

About the house: –

– The start of the activity in 2009 by buying an apartment in the pyramid owned by the Misr El Kheir Foundation.Sick children and their companions were housed, and it accommodated a small number of sick children and their companions .

– In 2015, the activity was expanded after a donation of 10 apartments with mattresses to patients and their families, mothers or whole families, mother and father, was obtained from one of the donors in Dar es Salaam.

– The house was equipped with some other equipment (interiors – screens – meeting tables – chairs in addition to the equipment for the house at the highest level from the donor to the whole house, as it became hotel apartments for residential patients).

The Foundation purchased 2 buses to transport patients.

– Member of the Volksvergiering, mr. Muhammad Tayseer Matar, also contributed to providing a bus to the house due to the noticeable increase in numbers daily.

The home was supported by a workshop to manufacture various products through which material resources for the home are generated and independence in the provision of material resources and the marketing of its products by preparing exhibitions inside and outside the home.

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