Emirates News Agency – Ahmed bin Tahnoun and Ohoud Al Roumi meet female national service recruits participating in Future Technology Skills Program

DUBAI, June 29 / WAM / Major General Pilot Staff Sheikh Ahmed bin Tahnoun bin Mohammed Al Nahyan, chairperson of the National and Reserve Authority, and HE Ohoud bint Khalfan Al Roumi, Minister of State for Government Development and the Future, met women. national service recruits participating in the Future Technology Skills Program within the “Important” initiative.It aims to empower the female recruits of the eleventh group national service with skills, improve their readiness for the future and provide them with the necessary tools to develop their professional and practical paths, through a 7-month specialized future skills building program.

This came during their visit to the Khawla Bint Al-Azwar Military School, to follow the developments of the “Important” training program, to learn about the visions and aspirations of the female soldiers participating in the initiative, and more to learn about the progress of the training program, which launched its first course in partnership with the international company “Microsoft”.

Sheikh Ahmed bin Tahnoun and Ohoud Al-Roumi spoke to the participating female soldiers and followed some of the training courses, and were briefed on the specialized skills they offer to female recruits that contribute to improving their readiness for the future.

The Head of the National and Reserve Authority and Minister of State for Government Development and the Future praised the national female recruit’s passion for learning and learning new skills, and they appreciate the initiative of many young Emirati women to work with the National and Reserve Authority. to express their desire to join the service and participate in the program.

The participating female recruits confirmed that “Hamma” represents a qualitative and important initiative, as it provides them with the necessary future skills to build their abilities, and qualify them to start their practical and professional careers after completing the stage of national service.

The women soldiers who took part in the initiative expressed their gratitude and appreciation to the wise leadership for their interest in developing national human cadres and investing in their capabilities and energy to contribute to building the future of the UAE. .

The recruit, Aisha Al-Dhanani, a student of electrical engineering at the University of Fujairah, said the “Important” initiative represents a qualitative addition to the skills it seeks to acquire through national service, through the advanced future skills it provides.

She added that future skills, such as the programming skills that the initiative provides female soldiers, represent a basic skill that supports them in their specialization in electrical engineering, both academically and practically. She praised the leadership’s interest in empowering the youth. in general and Emirati women in particular, emphasize that this great interest is an incentive for her.For more learning and giving in the service of the country.

In turn, the recruit, Mozah Mohammed Al Kaabi of Al Ain, said that it is an important and useful initiative, and that the training program is rich in information and skills that will enable her to build her career after completing the national service, in addition to what it constitutes as a supporter for her to assist her brothers in their studies. Emphasizes that Computer Skills will be a supporting element for her in her university studies and her future work.

In turn, the soldier, Muddi Omar Al Hinai from the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, said that she benefited from her experience in the “Important” initiative, and began to learn new skills, and that the initiative’s program her and her colleagues will enable her to equip herself with the necessary future skills to support their future path at various levels.

She added that “Important” would enable her on a personal level to identify the most prominent future fields, which would enable her to determine her practical directions after the end of her period of affiliation with the national service.

In turn, the female soldier, Anoud Mohammed Rashid Al Kaabi, from the Emirate of Sharjah, confirmed that the “Important” initiative has helped to enable her to improve her skills and learn about new and future areas that contributes to the development of her abilities, noting that she strives through the initiative to build advanced experiences and knowledge that advance her aspirations and career path.

She said that the skills provided by the training programs to the “Important” initiative will be an important element in the development of her professional career and the improvement of her opportunities to participate in the future labor market.

The “Important” initiative, launched on 14 June and lasting over a period of 7 months, focuses on improving the readiness of female national service recruits for the future, through 4 main groups of future skills, including digital skills, creative skills, professional skills and personal skills. Its affiliates have participated in more than 50 specialized training and workshops.

The training activities include workshops aimed at supporting the journey to explore opportunities and competition in the future labor market, through programs that focus on empowering them professionally, digitally and technologically, and providing them with basic skills to increase readiness, refine their skills and develop their professional potential.

Topics covered by the “Important” Initiative Programs include many areas, such as programming skills, artificial intelligence, computer science, cyber security, automation, virtual reality, augmented reality, big data and analysis, and other scientific and technological topics, in addition to design skills, innovation , creative skills and flexibility skills Proactive thinking, self-development skills, goal setting, communication skills, customer service and project management.

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