Imagine being paid to sleep or watch TV! The strangest job in the world you would not believe exists

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From an early age, we all dream of a future career, which touches our passion, and guarantees us the optimal financial income and a good social and career position.

When one thinks of positions that meet the above conditions, certain occupations can immediately come to mind, such as a doctor, an engineer or a teacher.

But for some, the criteria for choosing a job may be different, especially with a different country, culture and institutional environment, all of which can create different, new and sometimes strange jobs!

From snake venom extractors, to body odor testers and pet food tasters, here is a list of some of the strangest works in the world.

Professional sleeper, money for sleep!

Imagine being paid to sleep! In fact, it is possible if you decide to become a “professional sleeper”, and you will receive a salary for sleeping, and you can earn a lot depending on where you sleep and the company you will work with.

A professional sleeper is a real and in demand profession in many modern businesses. Although it is not a typical full-time job, it can earn a good income from it.

Many mattress companies need people to sleep on their products and test their comfort before going to market, as well as hotels that test their beds by working with “professional sleepers”.

In some Western countries, there are many research centers related to sleep disorders, in which researchers need professional sleepers to conduct their studies and research on them.

Pet Food Expert

Before serving food to your pet, there is someone whose job it is to taste this food before it goes to market. It is a job that requires special specifications, and the first condition is that this taster must be a pet lover. , so he can chew the dog or cat food comfortably.

Dog and cat food tasters are hired by pet food companies to test the quality, taste and bite of their products, and they usually spit out food as soon as they taste it.

snake venom extractor

Snake venom extractors extract venom from some of the most dangerous snakes in the world, such as rattlesnakes and cobras. The extracted poison is often used to make antidote; It can be sold for hospital or laboratory use for $ 1,000 per gram.

body odor tester

Body odor testers perform tests to evaluate the effectiveness of hygiene and body products such as soap, body wash, deodorant and mouthwash. Depending on the products studied, employees smell their armpits, feet or breath, and rate their odors on a scale of one to 10.


Professional mermaids can make a fair amount of money by performing at parties and teaching others how to “swim like a mermaid”. They usually charge $ 300 an hour for birthday parties.

There are companies that provide the necessary professional training for this profession, for example Aqua Mermaid, based in Montreal, charges entrepreneurs $ 3,800 for a five-day training course.

Professional TV Monitor

Watching TV is a real job, and you may be paid to lie on your couch and watch Netflix movies, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. According to an article in Forbes, professional TV viewers usually watch various programs and news clips, and find the right clips, which can be used in a TV show or news program.

professional foreign man

Some Chinese companies pay $ 1,000 a week to men to carry a business suit and shake hands with key businessmen, while other foreigners hire; To attend important events and conferences and pretend to be a famous person.

Wait in line to attract customers

Who among us does not like the restaurant or the shop that stands in line for it, and thinks it is the best? But in reality, those waiting people may not be real customers!

Some companies hire people to stand in line just to attract buyers and attract customers. These people usually work during the season of big sales (like Black Friday in the US) and new product launches (like new iPhones, for example).

According to Business Insider, a person can earn up to $ 1,000 a week from this job.

Chocolate engineer

Who among us does not like chocolate, with all its different flavors, colors and shapes! Although the chocolate manufacturing process requires many stages, but there is a job that many may not know in this field, which is the “chocolate engineer”.

The chocolate engineer’s job is to design a unique and exciting range of enticing chocolate bars to outperform the competition.

This work is available in large and luxury chocolate companies, which have a large share of the global chocolate market.

Passenger Drive

Japan’s trains are one of the busiest means of transportation, especially during rush hour. This large number of people reach a point where the train doors are prevented from closing, and therefore the train does not move until the driver is sure that all the doors are closed, and the situation has become safe, until the doors are closed. closed for the train to depart.

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