Morocco is on the right track in modern technologies. a prestigious position

The Kingdom of Morocco is currently in fifth place as a major destination for research and development in the field of modern technology.

Moroccan Minister of Digital Transition and Administration Reform, Ghaith Mezoor, revealed that Morocco is currently positioning itself, alongside California, the United Kingdom, Australia and Switzerland, as a major destination for research and development in the field of modern technology, thanks to his dynamics. and competencies in the field of information technology.

Strategic location

In her answer to a question in the House of Representatives (the first chamber of Parliament), the Minister highlighted the strategic location of the Kingdom and its wealth in terms of young talents and energy in the field of digitalisation, as well as his position among the first three parties in the field of service migration in Africa, noting that this sector employs 120,000 people.

The government official added that, in addition to Moroccan investments, the field of digitization brings investments from various countries such as the United States, France, Canada, England, Spain, Japan and India, and stressed that the Ministry of Digital Transition and Administration Reform continue, in coordination with all partners and at a steady pace, to form partnerships of This will boost investment in Morocco.

In this context, Mazur referred to the efforts made in this framework at international level, referring to the recent visit to India as a leading country and the world’s first destination in the field of service shifting.

She added that a memorandum of understanding had been signed, in coordination with all partners involved, with an Indian company to launch an investment project in Morocco aimed at creating thousands of high-value-added jobs in programming and information technology services. to create.

She stated that this memorandum of understanding actually embodies the stability of an Indian giant in the field of service shifting in Morocco, which is active in more than 50 countries around the world, employs more than 200,000 people and has a transaction number of more than $ 11 billion in 2022.

The Minister revealed that this Indian company has already started to establish a software migration center in Morocco, and to utilize Moroccan energy, with the aim of providing high value-added technological services to its global customers, and he also intends to to invest in the field of Moroccan talent formation in the digital field.

She noted that this strategic initiative of the company is aimed at expanding its capabilities in the field of production at international level, and notes that the memorandum of understanding concluded with it represents an important strategic choice for the Indian market , which represents 52 percent of the global outsourcing services market.

She added that, as part of the official visit of Safra Katz, President and CEO of the US company “Oracle” to the Kingdom, the company’s first laboratory, “Oracle Lab”, was launched for scientific research and development in Africa, among others its 6 centers in the world.

She stated that this American company, founded in 1977, is the first software manufacturer in the world, and it was in 2019 as the second software company in terms of transaction number and market capitalization.

The Minister also touched on the memoranda of understanding signed between the Moroccan government and four international companies to invest in the field of service shifting, characterized by a large regional and international presence, with the aim of creating 5050 direct and permanent jobs. creates for a number of service relocation areas in the Kingdom, including Tangier, Fez, Rabat, Casablanca and Agadir.

internal partnership

At the national level, the civil servant emphasizes that two agreements were signed in the eastern region last Saturday, in partnership with several contracting parties.

She explained that the first aims to fund a project to prepare, equip and manage a center for the incubation of start-ups and industrial innovation to attract young entrepreneurs and project owners in the Berkan region support and keep pace, through a suitable environment for research and development in the industrial and entrepreneurship fields.

As for the second agreement, it aims to develop the digital sector in the eastern region, improve the ability to employ young people in the field of new technologies, provide qualified resources for actors in the field of information technology, and establish a system for education and employment at the level of the eastern region in digital professions.

She stressed that this was done by preparing and equipping buildings for the creation of a special school for information programming and coding in the East, with the aim of qualifying the competencies and talents formed in programming institutions and services at all local, regional, national and international levels.

digital hacksaw

On the other hand, Mazur has confirmed that Morocco is working to complete the legal framework for the digital trust of users and the digital sovereignty of the Kingdom, in addition to its involvement in various international agreements in this field.

The Minister added that the issue of digital sovereignty has become relevant in recent years, especially with the great development of the digital field and its daily uses in various transactions.

In this context, it emphasized that several laws had been enacted, the most important of which was the Cybersecurity Act and its Implementing Order, a text that aims in particular to protect extremely important information and infrastructure.

It also prohibits the storage and storage of sensitive data outside the national area, and stipulates technical and organizational conditions and rules in order to secure the information systems of the relevant public bodies and institutions against cyber risks.

Mazur said Morocco has several national digital data hosting and hosting centers that embrace strategic national applications, pointing out that work is underway to develop them.

She added that the General Directorate of Information Systems Security, through the Center for Vigilance, Monitoring and Response to Information Attacks, monitors, detects and responds to what is likely to affect the security of state information systems, coordinating a response to these events. by issuing warnings and warnings, and managing incidents.

governance reform

On “administration reform programs and the activation of internal and automated oversight mechanisms between departments,” Mazur confirmed that the ministry’s primary goal is to reform the administration, digitize services and develop projects that have a direct impact on the citizen and the business. .

The government official stressed that in this reform, the ministry relies on the rehabilitation of the public service, the strengthening of the organization of the administration, the development of public services, the improvement of the digital transition of administration and the placement of the user in the middle of these reforms.

Mazur pointed out that Act no. 54.19 is a charter of public facilities which constitutes a reference framework for the rules of good governance to which all public facilities must be subject, as it sets out measures related to the strengthening of public governance through the obligation to adopt programming, the promoting programmaticity, partnership and mutual support of means and the provision of services in a way merged.

In this context, she mentioned the role of the General Inspectorate, which undertakes the tasks of inspection, monitoring, auditing and evaluation of the management of central and decentralized interests of ministries, as well as the task of coordination, communication and monitoring with the mediator. establishing and cooperating with the Supreme Board of Accounts, the General Inspectorate of Finance and the Central Authority for the Prevention of Corruption in accordance with current legal requirements.

She said the ministry held meetings with ministers, partners and relevant bodies to unite visions and develop unified visions and programs in a participatory way to improve convergence of reform policies.

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