The “First Lady” … a book that tells the “noisy” life of Boris Johnson’s wife

In the summer of 2019, Boris Johnson’s girlfriend entered 10 Downing Street, becoming the first single partner of a prime minister in British history. Carrie Symonds was thirty-one, and the press named her as a party to his divorce from his second wife, attorney Marina Wheeler, and after an argument with him in her apartment a month ago, a neighbor heard him and called the police. In his book “The First Lady” published by Backbit Publishing, Michael Ashcroft says that Symonds is the second woman after the Queen to play a political role in Britain without being elected. Ashcroft was a Conservative deputy chairman, a member of the House of Lords, and had previously written a biography of Keir Starmer, the Labor leader, David Cameron, the former prime minister, and Rishi Sunak, the Prime Minister.
Ashcroft says Carey met Johnson when she worked for the Conservative Party, and was then appointed as a special adviser to the government. She comes from a family that worked in journalism and politics, and her grandfather, John Bevan, was a Labor MP in the House of Lords, then a Member of the European Parliament. Her father, Matthew Symonds, co-founded The Independent with Andreas Wittham-Smith in the 1980s.

private relationships

Born out of a relationship between her married father and her divorced mother, Josephine McAfee, her father was also the result of a relationship between his divorced mother, Anne Symonds, a BBC presenter, and his father, John Bevan, a married leftist journalist. Her great-grandmother Emily Bevan comes from a humble family, and thanks to her strong personality, she was able to become a judge and women’s activist, and a street in the Greater Manchester area was named after her. Carey’s paternal grandmother, Anne, may also have been born out of a relationship between her mother Hilda Harrison and the liberal Prime Minister Herbert Asquith, who was thirty-six years old, and wrote hundreds of letters to her that were published in 1933 and 1934. is as “Letters from the Lord of Oxford to a Friend”. Carrey’s father bore the surname of his mother’s ex-pat, Carrey gave his surname and studied at Balliol College, Oxford, where his future son-in-law would study. Ashcroft recalls taking a packet of condoms out of his pocket at The Independent’s morning meetings to let his colleagues know he was sleeping with a woman other than his wife. He tried to get his girlfriend a job at the newspaper, and some of them discovered her identity when she accompanied him during professional missions to hotels and added her expenses to the bill paid by The Independent.
In the fall of 1987, the satirical magazine “Private Eye” reported that Josephine McAfee was five months pregnant with Matthew Symonds, after confirming that he had ended his relationship with her. He lived in a house less than five miles from Josephine’s, and, although he initially avoided visiting her to please his wife, Carrie was sent to good private schools. At about the age of twelve, Carrie spent Christmas at her friend Florence’s house, snuck into the graveyard with her to drink, and gestured their bosoms to every man who looked like he was over fifty on the road. She felt bitter about the restriction of her life to her mother, the absence of the father and grandparents, and said that her mother was cold and her father was completely absent, knowing that he had visited her from time to time. She loved acting, and could easily shed tears. She said she had a movie audition for the role of Briony Thales in “Atonement,” and was disappointed when Sirichi Ronan was cast for the role alongside Keira Knightley as her sister Celia. She received the highest marks in her secondary examinations, studied theater and art history at the University of Warwick and obtained a first class with her graduation.

taxi accident

In 2007, Carrie stayed with friends in Chelsea, waiting for the bus to return to her mother’s home in Richmond. A black taxi driver stopped and said she only had five pounds. He replied that he would be happy with her because he had won a large amount in the casino and offered her champagne to celebrate it, and she emptied the glass without drinking it. He praised her beauty and asked her to do a sexual act for money, and she laughed and pretended she was joking. She was approaching her home when he stopped the car to go to a public restroom, so she called a friend with whom she had stayed up late and told him what had happened, but she stayed in the car. The driver sat with her in the back seat, said she was not affected by alcohol, and offered her £ 50 when she drank a glass of vodka. She did, and she walked home an hour and a half later for a journey that took only a quarter of an hour, and slept twelve hours.
In early 2008, a black taxi driver named John Warboys appeared in court on charges of drugging and assaulting women in his car after he claimed to have won money in a casino and served them alcohol. Carrie was one of the few who knew him, and police found her phone number at his home in London. The press exposed the negligence of the police who could arrest him in the same month that he drove Carrey to her house, and the mayor of London could fire any police who were inactive, but he did not. The governor at the time was Boris Johnson. Carey testified without revealing her identity, then decided to speak to the media, and the Daily Telegraph described her as a “confident blonde”. She told the BBC: “I feel like I would have known if he had attacked me. This is what I was hoping for. Terrible not to have peace of mind to know exactly what happened. I can say with 99 per cent that nothing has not happened, but one percent of doubt scares me. ” “.

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to politics

She was still a university student when she entered a competition for the male magazine “FHM” to select the hottest girl for a prize of ten thousand pounds. Fourteen thousand young women submitted their photos in small clothes, and the photos were posted online so the audience could choose the winner. She did not win, and the competition photos were happily deleted as “Daily Mail” published the story in 2021, but without embarrassment. She worked for a liaison firm after graduating, and quickly left to work as an assistant to her district attorney, Zack Goldsmith, who conservatives dubbed “the green conscience” his concern for the environment and animal rights. She was not interested in politics or ideology at the time, according to her ex-boyfriend Oliver Heist, and her work with Goldsmiths may have opened her eyes to politics as a career prospect. Before she turned 23, she became the press officer for the Conservative Party campaign, even though her opponent worked for Barack Obama. She ended her relationship with Oliver, who said that they fought a lot due to her anger for trivial reasons, such as the failure of the hair straightener during a safari trip in Kenya. He accused her of moodiness and attention-grabbing, but said she was not arrogant, and did not care about money or luxury homes.
In 2011, she worked on Boris Johnson’s campaign for re-election as Mayor of London against Labor candidate Ken Livingston. Johnson was in a relationship with an American student named Jennifer Arcuri during his marriage to Marina Wheeler. Ambitious, Carrie was interested in getting to know journalists, advisers and politicians. She was promoted and made responsible for interviews between the media and conservative MPs, and seemed more effective at feeding journalists the news, preferably during lunch in a well-known restaurant than in campaigns. After David Cameron won the 2015 election, John Whittingdale, Minister of Culture, Media and Sport, appointed her as Special Media Adviser. The Daily Mail wrote about what it called her “low-middle cultural interests” and called singer Zayn Malik and Australian actor Eric Bana “very hot”.
At twenty-seven, she bought the first apartment in a luxury Victorian building in “East Sussex” for about two hundred thousand pounds and toured antique shops to furnish it. The question started in the ministry about her suitability for the post after her frequent absence, with reference to headaches or travel. She asked a colleague for help one day, and she gave advice as if she had done it. She appeared to have limited knowledge of her work, according to a former colleague, and the Information Office did much of her work. She was more interested in building a useful network, and knew many people at 10 Downing Street, the seat of government. She enjoyed free invitations to concerts and others, and some doubted that she was really conservative, as she looked more like the Liberals or the Greens. She was repeatedly accused of absence and unfit for her temporary job at the Ministry of Housing, and a source reported that she kept asking for a gold iPad until she got it.

career revolutions

Carey has been appointed Director of Communications for the Conservative Party, with a salary of £ 80,000 when she was 29, and Ashcroft accuses her of promoting on Twitter for politicians she has worked with, such as Zach Goldsmith, Michael Gove, Boris Johnson and Sajid Javid, rather than being impartial and working for everyone. She kept away from work, and kept her love of travel, and Lebanon was one of the countries she visited at the time. It also cost the party thousands of pounds on taxis that are not on duty, and sometimes book it in the name of lower-ranking colleagues for coverage. Sajid Javid and Zack Goldsmith defended her, but she was fired. She traveled to America, returned to buy an apartment in Camberwell for £ 675,000, and then started working for a charity for marine conservation.

She was involved in a successful media campaign to keep John Warboys in jail after 10 years in prison, and wrote in The Sunday Times that she was really afraid he was targeting her, and that he remained a danger to women. She failed to persuade then-Secretary of State Boris Johnson to appoint her as his special adviser, and offered to give private advice on his media strategy. When some in the ministry advised him to appoint a chief of staff, they were stunned when he suggested it. Their meetings have been increasing since late 2017, and they started dating early the following year. His wife found out about the affair and asked for a divorce, and he was stunned. Carrey was as fleeting as the others, Ashcroft says, and Johnson did not expect his wife’s response, but had to accept his new situation, and was so convinced by Curry’s ideas that his closest advisers asked him to get rid of them. . When the party elected him as its leader, the Daily Mail wrote that “the Family Values ​​Party has chosen for its leadership a man whose morals are compared to the course of the alley, it would have been blasphemous of the cat has.” The newspaper remembered the baby Johnson gave birth to by a mistress, and another missed by another mistress. She described Carrie as a “rude girl” and said she would cry before midnight. After appointing her friends to key positions and winning more than one battle against her opponents, including senior advisers, she may be crying now. Government House parties undermined Johnson’s popularity and caused him to lose two seats in a by-election. Johnson’s end as prime minister is near, according to expectations, though he clings to the chair with the determination of Third World politicians.

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