UAE leadership support enhances academic excellence

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The high school seniors for the 2021-2022 school year, in public and private schools applying the ministerial curriculum, expressed their happiness because they were at the top of the list of academic excellence in the UAE, and their pride and pride in the efforts of the wise leadership and its support for the education process.

Al-Awael stressed that the continued support of the UAE leadership, the support of parents, the encouragement of the educational staff and their active role, were the main reasons for their excellence in the path of academic excellence and the improvement of their skills.

In turn, Mazoon Khalifa Salem Al-Hafzi Al-Ketbi, one of the first high school graduates, the first on the elite track at Falaj Al Mualla School – Government, the congratulations of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, as a moment It is indescribable and words can not express it, especially since the good news came from His Highness, and he serves as a role model, model and supporter for all students and outstanding students.

Mazoon Al Ketbi thanked the wise leadership and its people for being the main supporter and motivator for her excellence in studies, pointing out that she strives to complete the country’s advance in space sciences and study space engineering due to her passion for mathematics and physics and her quest to visit space, in line with the state’s quest to provide everything new in applied sciences.


In turn, Somaya al-Ketbi, who won first place in the general job – government, confirmed that the parents and the school, especially the teachers, are the main supporters of her educational path, in addition to the support of the state, who in himself planted the love of discovering new things, which is the main reason for choosing the field of space science engineering. .

Somaya expressed her gratitude to the wise leadership and government of the UAE, who paid great attention to the file of education, learners and all categories of the educational field.

The student, Abdul Rahman Mustafa Badawi, of Egyptian nationality, of Abdullah Bin Al Zubair School, who won first place in the general job – government, describes receiving the news of his presence on the list of excellence as a feeling of pride and pride, dedicating his superiority to his parents and the educational and administrative staff, who were taught by them.

Abdul Rahman said that education in the UAE receives great attention from the wise leadership, which provides a fertile environment for all students, citizens and residents, to excel and excel, which is his intention to study medicine, which of artificial intelligence sciences depend, revealed.

The student, Fares Islam, of Egyptian nationality, the first on the special advanced track, agreed with him, expressing his intention to also study medicine based on artificial intelligence and describing his success as an indescribable feeling in light of the support he receives within the UAE and the appropriate environment of cadres of teachers and administrators who support outstanding and innovators.

In turn, the student, Assem Omar Mahmoud, from Palestine, the first in the general track “Private Education – Ministerial Curriculum” of Al Maharat Private School in Abu Dhabi, stressed that he is proud of his achievement as his permanent goal was excellence . and his pursuit of effort and perseverance, indicating that he aspires to become a pioneer in the field of physics.

In turn, Muhammad Ibrahim Jamal Muhammad Al-Mansoori, the first at the state level in the advanced science program at the Institute of Applied Technology, Ras Al Khaimah branch, expressed his sense of happiness and thanked the wise leadership for their support of the outstanding in the Emirates, and his family for their permanent and ongoing motivation, pointing out that He is considering a career in computer science and artificial intelligence.


The student, Ali Hassan Aidarous Al-Habashi, a Yemeni citizen, first on the advanced track, of the High School of Applied Technology – Abu Dhabi, expressed his pride in his achievement and excellence and explained that he is passionate about the field of electrical engineering. , and has a great ambition to prove itself in line with the state’s orientation towards clean and renewable energy.

In the same context, the student, Muhammad Obaid Muhammad bin Ahmed Al Tunaiji, of the Applied Technology Secondary School – Umm Al Quwain, said: The top achievers in the country reap the fruits of their effort and fatigue, and the harvest of perseverance during the study years , which indicates that he strives to complete his studies in applied engineering and technology, with an appeal to students to strive and persevere.To achieve ambitious aspirations.

The Emirates Foundation for School Education has announced the results of the 12th grade for public and private school students applying the ministerial curriculum for the 2021-2022 school year “General Secondary”. The 12th grade students achieved advanced results at the end of the academic year, and the overall success rate was 94.4% while passing the exam 28 775. Male and female students, from students of public and private schools represented by the Ministry apply the curriculum.


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