With these things we support state hospitals

central – The caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati held a meeting with Labor Minister Mostafa Bayram this morning at the Grand Serail..

Bayram said after the meeting: “I discussed the file of the public sector and the public strike in it with President Mikati, and yesterday I held a meeting at the Ministry of Labor with the Employees’ Association, and we came up with several proposals. came that I transferred to the Prime Minister.:

Creating the character of a civil servant, and this case requires the issuance of a law.

Creating a special fund for all employees in the public sector, in which fines are collected and some fee outputs are used to feed the needs of the public sector and employees.

Re-emphasis on previous outputs, namely that social assistance is not linked to any other condition, provided that each minister is entrusted with the organization of his administration..

Exemption of employees from dollar installments in private schools, and coordination must be made in this regard with the Minister of Education.

Facilitate the withdrawal of employee credits from banks, and President Mikati has confirmed that he will discuss this with the governor of the Banque du Liban.

Provide facilities to employees regarding solar energy loans.

He said: “There are two additional proposals, namely the calculation of a special price at $ 8,000 according to the method of dollars submitted by the Employees’ Association, and another proposal submitted by some colleagues in the Audit Bureau, which I handed over to the Minister of Finance and a copy of it to President Mikati, who confirmed that he would study it, and my opinion is that if one of these two proposals were approved, we would have taken a good step forward We also offered to change the transport allowances when an inspector or observer was assigned a task, as the compensation was very low, and we have a vision for this change, and contact has been made with the President of the Public Service Council to to find out her perception and therefore she will be contacted by the Legal Advocate in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Working on a common vision, and this is, in my opinion, a step forward in the framework of the asset the work of inspectors and observers, or those to whom tasks are assigned outside their departments, in order to obtain reasonable remuneration. ”

He added: “There is another proposal related to a text contained in the draft general budget law, and pending the approval of the budget, we will try to draft a draft decision that will collect and disburse.” regulate a fee for express services, and we will send it to the State Consultative Council, and if it is approved, we will take an additional step to facilitate the work of citizens because it shortens the deadlines. ” Everything mentioned in these proposals is a positive message to employees in the public sector to bridge. the gap between the citizen, the employee and the government, while reminding myself that I am not a mediator, but rather a public administration builder and I understand the pain of it, but I bear the pain of citizens.

And he again called the Employees’ Association to suspend the public strike so as not to disrupt people’s affairs. He said: “I will again communicate with the Employees’ Association to follow up on the open discussions, and I am open to any idea and suggestion. President Mikati informed me that he has contacted the Ministry of Finance and that salaries and social assistance are paid to the maximum extent. ” next monday“.

Responding to a question about the suspension of the strike, he said: “The League is open to the option of suspending the strike and is counting on today’s meeting, and my appreciation that there is a positive atmosphere in what I have just announced, and President Mikati also has a positive atmosphere, so let’s meet to translate these ideas into practical steps. ”

On how to manage the announced fund, Bayram said: “The fund is an idea caused by the economic situation, the scarcity of resources, the scarcity of imports and the blockade imposed on Lebanon, as well as failed waste policies. It is assumed that a vision for this fund will be developed and we will be open to any proposals that can help us in this area. ” .

Commenting on the increases for the private sector, he replied: “The Index Committee has approved the increases, and we have put in place a draft decision which we have referred to the State Consultative Council, and we are awaiting its response, to issue an exceptional decree in to put into effect. ”

Minister of Health: President Mikati held a meeting with Minister of Health Firas Al-Abyad, Minister of Labor Mustafa Bayram, Representative Wael Abu Faour and a delegation from the board of directors of Siblin Government Hospital.

After the meeting, Abyad said: “The meeting was with President Mikati, the board of directors and employees of Siblin Governmental Hospital to discuss the conditions of the institution and its employees to help them. This hospital complains about what all state hospitals and the public sector complains about, with the real value of salaries and wages low under these very difficult conditions we are going through. Workers in the health sector can not take a time-out and work only two days, we need in the health sector, especially with the Corona Gulf, to be full-time for workers.There was research on how to help all state institutions, including Siblin Hospital.

He added: “There are several things the Ministry of Health is doing to support state hospitals, including: obtaining fuel oil for their work with a donation from the generous state of Qatar, in addition to supporting the problem of medical supplies and equipment. , and there is a very large donation that will soon reach state hospitals of the Islamic Development Bank.Also the tariff increase we received It is from the World Bank and the money will be transferred soon because we have issued the invoices from the Ministry of Health and sent it to the Banque du Liban.There are other important matters, including the acceleration of the completion of the funds allocated to state hospitals in the Exchange Department of the Ministry of Finance, and President Mikati contacted the Minister of Finance to reach this issue.As soon as possible, in addition to social assistance for workers in state hospitals, and President Mikati has contacted the Ministry of Finance to expedite this matter as well. ”

He said: “We believe this is part of the solution, and there is a need to show more support for hospitals and their staff. The Minister of Labor took part in the session to look at this issue, and the Ministry of Labor will do its part, because these institutions are public institutions to which the labor law applies. ”

He added: “As for the second meeting that took place with Representative Abou Faour, it was to discuss the issue of medicine, and we, as the Ministry of Health, explained what we are doing, especially to medicine for cancer and incurable. diseases, and there is a major breakthrough in this issue, especially after the Banque du Liban started transferring funds to companies abroad, and after the agreement reached with the companies on medicines, medicines will of these companies arrive in Lebanon with a value of about $ 7 million, and they will be either free or reduced in price, which will save the Lebanese state about $ 7 million.

He continued: “We have other issues that can be helped and review Representative Abu Faour’s proposals on purchase requests or direct purchase, and this was an offer from the Ministry of Health, and we naturally support the idea that direct support to the patient, not for the commodity, and it needs to be studied a mechanism.We also discussed the issue of pricing medicines, but the main issue now, and the main problem of securing medicines in Lebanon, remains in the availability of money. Allocating $ 25 million a month for medicine is not enough, which is why we asked for help to increase this amount, and President Mikati emphasized the need to increase the amounts allocated for cancerous and incurable diseases.

He concluded: “As previously promised, we have begun to see a breakthrough. There are medicines that have arrived in Lebanon and others that will arrive in the coming days and weeks, and we hope that this will help alleviate people’s pain. . ”

Other meetings: President Mikati met with Foreign Minister Issam Sharaf El-Din and then President of the Lebanese-Chinese Business Association Ali Mahmoud Al-Abdullah.

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