Abstract art offers a wide space for the expression of ideas

The painting “I am Peace” embodies the human condition in the stage of inner peace.

Art and brush have an intellectual relationship –

Art opens doors to opportunities and achievements.

For her, painting was not just a brush and a palette with which she practiced her hobby, rather a strong relationship and a close bond was formed between them through which she expresses what is in her mind and thus escapes to a world that looks like her and is compatible with her outlook on life. She was called a “human group” because of her multitude of skills and abilities. She is Maryam bint Muhammad Al-Hadrami, an art practitioner for seventeen years, and technically nicknamed “Dami.” She is 21 years old and studied her last year in interior design at the Scientific College of Design. She made her way in this field from an early age by joining many courses and workshops that refined and developed her talent, so that this art grows with her and the name “Dami” soars high in the air of artistic achievements.

Her artistic beginnings

To get to know this artist better, she began her talk by explaining her artistic title and saying: “Dami, as I like to be called, is an abbreviation of the English letters DAMI, where the D and A are the first two is. letters of the words DARK & DAZZLING and the M are the first letter of my name, while the i is the first letter of my word (imagination and identity) and it represents my identity as an artist. ”

She pointed out that the beginning of her artistic career was since the age of five and she continued to draw in primary and middle school with great support from her father, who has followed her since 2009 in many workshops and art courses, where she studied art at the Omani Association for the Fine Arts for three consecutive years during the summer period. I learned art from many great Omani artists, the most famous of whom are artist Anwar Sonia, artist Mariam Al Zadjali and artist Zahra Al Ghatrifia. . Despite her early beginnings in painting, she seriously attributes her discovery to her artistic self in 2019, as it was the real beginning of providing her paintings with rational ideas aimed at communicating them in an indirect way. .

His relationship to art

Maryam’s relationship with art is an intellectual relationship linked to the brush, and she always turns to abstraction to convey her messages in an indirect way and their perspective on it. She pointed out that her penchant for abstract art and the use of symbols that require a deconstruction of the viewer to understand her inspirations is what distinguishes her abstract paintings from many and helps her to convey her true messages to people.

She said that she uses drawing as a way of expressing an order, describing a situation or conveying a specific message, and noting that she does not use drawing to talk about her personal life, but it allows her to express what is inside her in an abstract. way and conceals it by using symbols with indirect suggestions, which makes her paintings characterized by ambiguity Somewhat complicated, however, it makes her feel at ease that the viewer does not directly tell what is going on around her and what the reality of her drawing is. conceal.

most famous painting

She talked about her most famous paintings and referred to the painting “I am Peace”, where she said: “This is the most famous painting I have painted and I admit that it is not the closest to me, but represents it” Dami “everywhere, although it’s a semi-realistic painting and it’s far from the abstraction I enjoy and in which I excel.” She added that this painting describes the human condition when it reaches the stage of inner peace, as she embodies herself in form. of an elegant, neat and clean girl crowned with a royal crown and a simple white dress on her lips with a slight smile that attracts a sense of self-ownership and reassurance in her eyes. Peony (Chinese Peony) flower was taken as background for the girl and she was compared to her for her strength, beauty and solid shape.

financial gain

At the same time, Maryam used her talent to serve her financially, as she said she had never sold her paintings in the past period, but she used this talent and artistic ability to make other artworks away from the colors and methods. which she used, she turned to Cakes in 2020 to find a way of earning an income to benefit from and to exploit her talent in a new way. She said: “What sets me apart is that I do not make a duplicate cake from another cake, even though both are my own. My first goal was to make beautiful cakes with a new and unique look at reasonable prices for everyone.” She pointed out that this approach of hers was worth a try, as she did not expect the great rush of clients who liked her work.

seize opportunities

She added that not only did she quit at this point, but thanks to her father – who confirms his constant support for her – he gave her the opportunity to sign a cover for one of his books entitled “Unforgettable Homes”, and it has a door to many opportunities in this field since she knew other writers. About her artistic ability and taste to draw paintings that match the covers of their books, including author Sama Issa for his book “Nostalgia for Blessed.” On the other hand, she used her talent to study interior design. Because of her tendency towards the practical side in which she can highlight greater energy and ideas, she preferred that most of her works be in this aspect, such as the design and implementation of photography studios, decorations for theaters, or even the sewing of costumes. with artistic and theatrical taste, such as her participation in the international event held at the Scientific Design College in the period from 13/15 June this year by making plans for the college spaces during the event, which was entrusted to him by the college administration , in addition to the work and supervision of everything that happens in terms of technical equipment, whether lighting, decorations or photography studios, and note that this event formed an incentive to discover aspects of. It has technical and practical capabilities that enable it in a new and different way.

Attention to artists

While she noted that the Sultanate of Oman has great artists who honor art and have their rights as artists to own well-known clubs and associations throughout the Sultanate, while the young and small group of artists do not have these benefits. These hands are professionally developed by experienced professionals, who limit their opportunities to participation in exhibitions and simple art workshops. She emphasized the importance of nurturing and supporting these energies until they mature and are ready to take part in large and special exhibitions inside and outside the Sultanate.

Her artistic achievements

Maryam has achieved many achievements in this field. She has obtained nearly thirty accredited certificates in the field of art, including participation in artistic events and competitions, and the acquisition of local and international awards, especially: first place in the Kuwait competition for the Gulf States at the level of the Sultanate and her nomination to attend the Khalifa Al Qattan exhibition. She earned the Khalifa Al Qattan Certificate of Artistic Creativity in 2018. Her most recent achievement is her participation in the design, implementation and organization of the “Design Muscat” event held at the College of Design from 13 to 15 June 2022.

ambition and hope

She concluded her speech by saying, “I hope my work will be accessible to all. It’s great to see someone own a work of art made with my own hands.” She added that the greatest achievement and incentive to complete her artistic career is to gain a public opinion that testifies to her talent, noting that she does not allow herself to pursue or make a dream without a develop well-thought-out plan that is the way for her to achieve.

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