An-Nahar: Mikati did that and removed the ‘energy’ … and the reaction was to stop the amendment

The newspaper An-Nahar wrote: Without a doubt, the designated Prime Minister Najib Mikati set a precedent that carried all the factors of surprise and “surprise” in the presentation of a government line-up, which is closer to a cabinet shuffle that touching only five portfolios, but rather at a record speed that his closest associates did not expect, as Keep the Conservatives away from him. Since it is not in the experience of forming a government that a designated president placed his government formation project within the President of the Republic less than 24 hours after completing the non-binding parliamentary consultations, which reflected a very exceptional development that Mikati equal. decided to overthrow the time-consuming equation after being surrounded by most of the political blocs and forces in The angle of “asceticism” to power or “abstinence” from participation in government, as he described it, led to ‘ a sudden initiative that carried many risk factors, especially in terms of the expected response to the era of “both sides” the official presidential and the political “stream.” Indeed, the pioneers of the negative Aounist reaction did not slow down by the media of the “Free Patriotic Movement” nor by the negative reactions to Mikati through social media, knowing that the culmination of Mikati’s “daring” had emerged by “extracting” the energy portfolio from the “stream” for the first time in more than a decade. And half a decade when this portfolio became a “feudalism” devoted to the “stream”, and its monopoly on it caused the worst repercussions ever in the sector’s collapse. Against the backdrop of the fierce battle between Mikati and the “stream” over the file of energy and electricity, Mikati’s initiative to remove the bag from the “stream” and award it to Walid Sinno was responsible for most of the heavy indications for his haste to present the series that came as a limited and rapid ministerial reshuffle, but it includes many dimensions that will translate the expected reactions, from the moment when President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, according to all the data decided to react negatively for the team, which was translated by information leaks that led to the leak of the entire composition yesterday in the hands of President Mikati.
Mikati justified his blitz move by “the choices are very narrow, and because time is very important.” He arrived at Baabda Palace early in the morning with the government formation he had presented to President Aoun. The first indication of Aoun’s unwillingness to take this step came from what was leaked by the Free Patriotic Movement’s “OTV” channel, as it was quick to consider that “Mikati’s series was presented with the intention of not doing so. to agree, which is a tentative indication that he does not want a government before the end of his term.President Aoun.
According to “Al-Nahar” information, and after reviewing the line-up, it became clear that only 5 bags changed the names of their ministers in the presented line-up. The names of the remaining ministers remained the same, based on the formula of the provisional government. The amendments include the Ministry of Finance, Energy and Water, the Economy, Industry and the Displaced. The draft included the name of former deputy Yassin Jaber for the money portfolio, instead of Minister Youssef Al-Khalil. And the Ministry of Energy moved to Eng Walid Snow, as a replacement for Minister Walid Fayyad. Minister George Boushekian continues in the cabinet presented, with his appointment as Minister of Economy instead of the Ministry of Industry, which was transferred to the banker Walid Assaf. It was noted that the portfolios considered sovereign had maintained their sectarian distribution, pointing out that the change of name of the Minister of Finance remained within the framework close to Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri. At the same time, some ministries saw a change in their distribution of sects, so that the Ministry of Energy moved from the Orthodox to a Sunni figure, and the economy from the Sunnis to the Armenians. The Ministry of Industry went to the Druze and the displaced to the Orthodox. At the direct official level, Baabda summarized the position of the Presidency of the Republic with regard to the draft presented and pointed out that President Michel Aoun had received the cabinet formation and would first study its details before expressing a position on it. The First Presidency did not reject the concept of government, contrary to what is rumored in some atmospheres.
According to the data, Mikati responded with his sudden move to those who accused him of not wanting to form a new government, by presenting a formation that is a revised version of the resigned government in its size and balance. . deputy Yassin Jaber, and the energy for which he nominated a Sunni figure, Walid Sinno, in place of Minister Walid Fayyad, and the economy as a candidate for the current Minister of Industry, George Boushekian, in place of Amin Salam.
Mikati threw the ball in the court of the President of the Republic, who took the team to study it, provided he returned to consult with the designated President about it, and he could ask to amend it according to the data.
While the circles of the Free Patriotic Movement held that Mikati did not want to form a government, and therefore put forward a formation so that it would not be accepted.
The line in Mikati’s handwriting was quickly leaked to the media, in a clear indication of the struggle against it. The sources of the Baabda Palace, after which the fingers were pointed, denied that they were the source of the leak of the government formation and said that “it is not in the palace departments’ habit to adopt this method, and what Baabda wants to say or publish is distributed by the official methods according to the rules. “
The media office of the provisional prime minister, Najib Mikati, however, issued a statement at night in which he clearly accused the president of the Republic of leaking and said: “Following the uproar caused by the leakage from some around the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, the concept of the government formation that President Mikati handed over to the President of the Republic, deliberately. ” Who denied the leak “to the spread of news via one of the websites and social media that” the team surrounding President Mikati is the one who leaked the draft. ” In this context, it is important for us to make clear that the names of those who leaked the group and the journalists to whom it was leaked are known and documented with facts and evidence, and it is better that the “sweets” do not playing with fire that harms colleagues we respect and do not appreciate, and the leaking wheel exposed the “nice” that left many indicative marks on the leaked copy, so I exposed him.
The intention to leak the formation is clear to the public, and the message has come, and we announce the cessation of debate to make the strenuous effort to form a government successful and to retain the position of presidency. ”
What’s next? Will this formula remain the subject of consultation and a request for an amendment of the President of the Republic, or will Mikati present a new occupation ?!
Nothing is clear except that the rams started about two months before entering the presidential election cycle, and there is the exclusion of a new government before the end of the term. It may offer one formula after another, and its fate may be burning time, so that the resigned government will continue to conduct business until the beginning of a new era or to fill the void as a new President of the Republic not elected.
What is perhaps remarkable is that this rapid “penetration” in the government’s election was met with an avalanche of negative expectations that it would not lead to a consensus that would pass the roster. The case will have internal implications with Beirut hosting the meeting of Arab foreign ministers in a consultative meeting next Saturday morning at the Al Habtoor Hotel – Sin El Fil, even though the meeting is scheduled for preparations for the next Arab summit in Algeria, but it is necessary to expect minimum concern about the Lebanese reality in the light of the movement government’s right. The Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Exiles, Abdullah Bu Habib, will hold a press conference on Saturday in which they will discuss the work of the ministers and local and foreign developments.
After the meeting with Aoun, President Mikati announced that “in the light of the non-binding parliamentary consultations I held yesterday, I found that the options are very narrow and that time is very important. I discussed the ideas that emerged during the consultations were presented., and I visited His Excellency the President and had the honor of meeting him this morning and handing him the formation of government which I thought fit.In these circumstances you and I know how important time is, therefore She Excellency asked the President to study it and come back to me with it. ” In response to a question about the type of group or its description, Mikati said: “The team is now available to His Excellency the President.”
Later, Mikati said: “The decision to host the team was made at night and in my own handwriting, after everyone refused to participate and the options became slim.”
Last night, the head of the “Lebanese Forces” party, Samir Geagea, ruled out the formation of a new government. In an interview with Lebanon TV, he predicted that the emerging government would continue. He believed that President Aoun wanted a government to strengthen Gibran Bassil’s position in it through the appointments needed to control the state, not a bailout government. He said: “We are proud that we did not allow a crippled government to be formed, and whoever refuses to coordinate with others must bear the responsibility later.” Banks and opening credits, and I do not envy Aoun for what she has ruled. he will say that it is a black era. “He said that” the governor of the Banque du Liban was certainly wrong, but everyone is aware of the transactions made by the political authority that could have fired him . What is happening today is not achieving the truth and what Aoun is trying to do before The end of his term of office is the dismissal of Salameh and the appointment of another by him to “run” their affairs, and there are names that have been circulated “He asked that Aoun be prevented from forming a government in his image with Bassil before the end of the covenant.

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