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(MENAFN-STC) Kuwait, 28 June 2022:

Solutions at stc, the arm of Kuwait Telecom Company stc that specializes in providing services and custom solutions for companies, has introduced new packages of low-cost CCTV surveillance system packages to expand its rich solutions and services specially designed as part of the renewed commitment to support local small and medium enterprises.

Peer-to-peer system solutions are available through solid and cloud solutions. Solutions at stc offers flexible packages designed to meet the needs and requirements of project owners as a strategic initiative launched to support the recovery of the market for small and medium-sized enterprises and a gradual return to the achieving growth and repairing the negative effects of the pandemic on them. It is provided through solutions by stc, to stand by the small and medium companies and to support their return to work again after this critical period and to play the company’s leading role as an important element in the private sector and the structure of the Kuwaiti economy in general.

In a statement, solutions by stc indicated that the camera surveillance system solution provided to the small and medium-sized enterprise sector includes fixed and cloud surveillance system solutions, supported by artificial intelligence and cloud storage, with various basic camera options and developed with the latest audio technology and video surveillance. It is worth mentioning that the camera surveillance system solution provided by solutions by stc is supported by a wide and rich network of our specialized partners, which will provide peace of mind and great trouble to our clients.

The camera monitoring system offers customers a feature-rich suite and comprehensive support tools that include image and data processing technologies, from basic cameras to the latest monitoring technologies with enhanced AI features, including outstanding quality viewing and live footage analysis.

By adopting innovative network video recording (NVR) technology, the service offers excellent performance through high-resolution recording that captures the finest details. This technology also enables better quality operation and strong optical capability, while maintaining image fidelity.

solutions by stc offer Cloud CCTV Surveillance System through Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) and Video Management as a Service (VMaaS), with its benefits including effective cost structure, ease of use, lower maintenance fees, improved usage, wide coverage and higher security levels.
The solution offers customers a comprehensive video surveillance service, from cameras, secure cloud storage and connection service to the latest technology in cloud video management and optional on-site storage. As part of its initiative to support small and medium enterprises, solutions by stc offer a unique cloud video monitoring system through various low cost payment systems.

To enhance its services, the cloud video surveillance system provides users with convenient access, enabling remote storage, management, recording, viewing and monitoring from anywhere through high-security cloud video storage. The system is designed to move existing monitoring settings to the cloud so customers can enjoy the latest VMaaS solutions. It also maintains the highest level of cloud security, while allowing customers to enjoy comprehensive premium video management software (VMS). In addition, they will have the opportunity to increase Retention Periods and extend their storage requirements with a VMS license granted upon purchase.

Given the urgent need for camera surveillance systems in most businesses, solutions by stc have specially designed low cost CCTV surveillance system solutions to meet the needs of local small and medium enterprises. solutions by stc have played an active role in supporting local SMEs and beginners since the outbreak of the pandemic and before the outbreak of the pandemic. The company has introduced many flexible and specialized solutions and services aimed at supporting and enabling the market for small and medium-sized enterprises, supported by a strong infrastructure for the fifth generation network of stc in line with the vision of New Kuwait 2035.

Consistent with its strategy of providing integrated business solutions within one basket of services with the highest technical efficiency, solutions through stc have taken important steps to provide new and innovative digital products that meet the needs of the company’s growing and diverse customer base. It includes a range of connectivity solutions supported by stc’s strong and widespread network, including cloud services, communication solutions, fixed or wireless services, technology supporting stc 5G networks, information and communication technology, internet of things, artificial intelligence , in addition to information technology products and services other

about stc

Kuwait Telecommunications Company (stc) is a Kuwaiti shareholder company, established by Emiri resolution no. 187 dated 22 July 2008 to the mobile network and the third GSM mobile communications in the state of Kuwait under Act no. 2 of 2008 to operate and manage. As a result, stc began operations in December 2008 and was listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange in December 2014. It is considered a pioneer in the potential of digital transformation and the provision of innovative services and platforms to clients in Kuwait. It is one of the stc group companies, which in a short period of time has achieved a leading position in the telecommunications market through its strategy focusing on customers and employees.

stc offers an innovative package of the best products, services and solutions of high quality and value that suits the requirements and needs of customers, whether individuals or companies. (solutions by stc) In 2019, stc acquired 100% of the capital of Qualitynet General Trading and Contracting Company (solutions by stc), the internet service provider in Kuwait.

Today, stc offers excellent internet speed due to its application of advanced 5G technology and its ownership of the largest network in Kuwait at all.

stc seeks to support many initiatives within its social responsibility program that support various initiatives in the areas of health, education, environment, sports and entrepreneurship, benefiting the community and employees.


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