Family breakdown … a looming danger and a social burden

The family is the first core of society and represents the values ​​of interdependence, compassion and harmony, and the main source for the formation and direction of the child’s personality and the learning of habits that suit society.

Family disintegration is the existence of a state of dysfunction within the family due to parental differences of opinion or the abandonment of the main roles within the family by one of the parents, leading to a behavioral disorder that threatens the family and society.

This survey sheds light on the causes, manifestations and consequences of family disintegration, its risks, and the laws and legislation included in the Omani Legislature to ensure the family’s integrity and religious teachings to address family disputes.

Majed Al-Sheryani, an educational psychologist, believes that one of the causes of family disintegration is the failure to provide for the needs of the family, the negative reactions reflected on the children, the lack of attention, awareness and family succession, is. addiction and being affected by social networking sites, in addition to the love of control, insecurity and trust, and the manifestations are represented in Neglect, aggression, jealousy and lack of acceptance of others. Family disintegration has several manifestations, including the absence of community ethics due to what the individual grows up with and strange behaviors, as well as the absence of passion and professional ethics that serve the individual and society, in addition to the frequent divorce. Disintegrated families also lead to divorced children not receiving adequate care, which affects their psychological and physical health, their characteristics, their integration and their behavior with society.

It is possible to prevent and reduce family breakdown by consulting specialists, continuous education, strengthening the spirit of faith, argumentation and dialogue in the best way, getting close to children, listening to them and first saturating yourself with love and then to seek knowledge. and discover errors to find solutions that address the problem instead of magnifying it.

Fatima al-Hebrew, a psychologist, believes that one of the reasons for the disintegration of the family in society is the incompatibility of the spouses, which leads to divorce, the distribution of children and the incompatibility of educational values ​​and other social principles. and practices, including those due to psychological causes, which are violence.There are types of physical and verbal violence that women can receive Violence from her husband, or children who receive violence from their parents, which results in them not being related to the family does not belong and accustomed to lying, and hence the absence of love in the family.

Another is economic, which is the inability to meet the needs of family members and has difficulty managing the financial budget, leading to one of the family members making inappropriate incentives to earn money, such as drugs and the like, and the entry of a family member into prison.

What dr. Hamad Al-Sanawi, Head of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine, and Senior Consultant of Behavioral Medicine at Sultan Qaboos University Hospital, believes that one of the reasons for family breakdown is the incompatibility between spouses, as parents choose. the wife for their son without being convinced that she is the appropriate partner, and the same is true of the wife and also the obsession of anyone. Parents with work and social relationships that take up everyone’s time, not investing time with family, obsession with friends, frequent trips at the expense of family time and irrational ideas about marriage, affected by series, movies and social media which exaggerates romance.

There have been cases of divorce in the Sultanate of Oman, especially in the early years of marriage, as well as some behavioral disorders in children that indicate parents’ lack of interest in raising children.

laws and regulations

With regard to the regulations and laws that preserve the family entity, Walid Al Harrasi – lawyer and legal adviser – believes that international and local laws and regulations have guaranteed and guaranteed the rights and entity of the family in all aspects. Omani fine, and Article (15)) of the Constitution of the State stipulates in social principles: “The family is the basis of society, and the law regulates the means to protect it, preserve its legal entity, its ties and strengthen values, care for and provide for its members. appropriate conditions for the development of their faculties and capabilities. ”

The Omani legislature paid close attention to the family as it is the foundation of society and the first crucible from which Omani youth graduate. He was eager to ensure that this family has the appropriate immunity that holds its pillars firmly in the face of any imminent danger, by strengthening the relationship between the spouses and strengthening the bonds of love and understanding between the two parties.This relationship is regulated by the Omani Personal Status Act enacted by Royal Decree No. 32/97, which regulate duties between spouses. In order for the legislature to equalize the balance between the two parties, he imposed duties on the husband and gave him some rights, just as he imposed duties on the wife and guaranteed her some rights that life between them would arises according to noble standards called for by the Noble Qur’an and the honorable Sunnah of the Prophet, and the protection of the Omani legislature for the entity of that family is only the implementation of the exalted principles enshrined in the Sharia- texts are determined, and a confirmation that the family is of great importance in building the blessed renaissance of Oman.

Religious foundations and rules

The imam and preacher Ibrahim Al-Saidi confirms that Islam surrounded the family with foundations and rules that kept the family from disintegration. They were far from anything that dishonored the family relationship.

Islam leads the way in which each of the spouses chooses their partner, so when all the conditions mentioned in the hadith are fulfilled, such as beauty, money, love, descent and grace, then the basis is religion.

Islam has also shown us that each of the spouses has a right over the other, so when both parties do what they have to do, their lives will be reassuring and stable and away from family disintegration. The purpose of marriage in Islam is peace, so that each of them lives with the other, and grace and affection are obtained between them. In short, the family is the basis, the power of society is its strength. When family disintegration prevails, confusion increases in society because disintegration disrupts human energy of production and progress, and then pushes them to sabotage, commit crimes and spread. fear in society, and all this hinders the development process in society and spreads backwardness and loss of motivation Towards innovation and excellence. Consequently, the family should be preserved and prevented from disintegrating with various teachings and possible aids, including adhering to the benevolent teachings of Islam, and raising society’s awareness of ways to maintain family cohesion and strengthening support for the establishment of family care centers.

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