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To all the students, teachers and educators, the school year is over and we say goodbye with much love this year.

Educator Mohamed Sadiq Jbara

Lots of love and passion for study, science and knowledge.
At the end of the school year, I express my gratitude, gratitude and praise to all the teachers who fulfilled their duty to the students to the fullest and best image.The long struggle, and I would like to thank the retired teachers for their outstanding efforts during their years of work in the teaching profession To the living, we say to them, may God prolong your life and fill you with happiness, and to the dead, we tell them, may God have mercy on you and enter into you. in His paradise.
As for our dear students, I tell them, with the end of the school year and the transition to the new year, do not take what bothers you this year, forget it and leave it and let it be from the past.
My fellow students, as we say goodbye to our beautiful school year, I can not help but recommend each other to all good deeds. O God, make the holiday good, joy and happiness, and make our children and students every step of it with success and reward You must retire, and may God accept everything you have given, grant you health and well-being, and may God multiply you in knowledge and light and bless your health, wealth and knowledge.
historical document
On this happy occasion, I would like to announce to the dear reader that I have obtained a document from the period of the Ottoman Empire which contains this document for the appointment of a teacher in the village of Taybeh, in the district of Bani Saab. of the elderly, and he has a great favor on the people of kindness.
In my book, which I published under the name (Education in Taybeh from the Ottoman period to the end of military rule) September (2020), I mentioned that a number of elderly people in Taybeh mentioned that Sheikh Khalil had them in the book including the late Ahmed Saleh Baloom (Abu Farid), born in 1907 AD, who said: “I learned in the book in goodness during the days of Sheikh Khalil, and we learned the Arabic language, arithmetic and religion. ” the late Haji Atta Al-Hajj Hassan Sheikh Yusuf, may God have mercy on him, who was born in 1909, he also says: “He was a student of Sheikh Khalil.” The late Hajj Mahmoud Muhammad Hadi Maasarwe, who was born in 1909, says he was a student of teachers Sheikh Khalil and Sheikh Ali Al-Tibi.

Here is the text of the document issued by the Director of Beirut Knowledge, Muhammad Fariq, to ​​the General Knowledge Authority, at Rajab 27, 1330 AH.
Dear Mr. Pasha, the overseer of knowledge:
In the primary school in the village of Taybeh, in the district of Bani Saab, a first teacher, Khalil Effendi, and a second teacher, Sheikh Ali Effendi, have been appointed. 150 piasters, and the first teacher is in disgrace on 15/8/1318, and the second teacher was blamed on 31/11/1326.

Wyle Sheikh Khalil Ibrahim Al-Khalil (Jebara)
Sheikh Khalil was born in the year 1804 AD in the village of al-Taybeh. He studied at the kutaba of it and afterwards in the schools of Nablus. After that, he traveled to Turkey and studied in Astana.
Sheikh Khalil was one of the well-known teachers in Taibah, according to the sayings of the elderly, and he has great credit for the people of Taybeh. He is said to come from an educated family who loved knowledge. His brothers Sheikh Rashid, Sheikh Mahmoud and Sheikh Saeed, and most of them worked in education, thanks to their father who worked in the Ottoman Department of Encyclopedia, and he loved science and taught His children, he taught in the book of goodness in the days of the Ottoman Empire and even during the British Mandate to teach.

Wyle Sheikh Ali Al-Tibi
He was born in the town of Taybeh and studied in its writers and in the schools of Nablus, and the children of the village were taught by him at that time. He is the grandfather of Sheikh Abd al-Manan al-Tibi, who was also ‘ a teacher in al-Taybeh and the neighboring villages, and he is the grandfather of mr. Rashid al-Tibi (Abu al-Kamil).

The organization of education in Palestine dates back to the Ottoman Education Act, which was issued by the Ottoman Empire in 1286 AH / 1869 AD. The education system was established in 1913 AD, designed to strengthen the state’s oversight of schools. Despite this, the majority of educational institutions in the Jerusalem Mutasarrifate remained in the hands of foreign missionaries away from state control.
The sultans and men of the Ottoman Empire were interested in matters of education, in addition to their interest in military and administrative matters, and established Islamic traditional schools across the country.
In the end, I tell my countrymen that I will obtain various documents from the period of the Ottoman Empire about our good town, and I will gladly publish them to you. I also ask for your assistance by providing me with historical documents. heritage and history.

A photo of the document

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