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The presence of pets in every home has become a common practice in many countries around the world, and we are seeing a growing interest in them, whether from individuals or associations caring for them. If you are considering adopting or buying a pet, you must first make sure that this pet requires special care and attention, and you must be ready to take over. In this topic of the female website, we reveal everything you need to know about raising pets with the vet, Emmanuel Helou.

Mental and physical comfort

There is no doubt that pets improve the mental and psychological health of the individual as they give love and attention without any conditions and are loyal to their owner and provide him with feelings of reassurance and get rid of sadness and depression.

Studies have shown that increasing it lowers blood pressure and heart rate, and reduces the risk of stroke and heart by 40%. The biggest benefit is psychological. Playing with a cat or dog increases the body’s secretion of happiness and relaxation hormones, such as serotonin and dopamine. It also increases the self-confidence of individuals, by making them feel more responsible.

Tips Before Bringing Your Pet Home

Dr. says. Sweet that the first step is to allocate a space for the dog or cat we want to bring into the home, you need to create safe boundaries and spaces for them that they gradually get used to, especially the space in which they spend their needs.

When it comes to dogs, it is preferable to place newspapers in the place designated to urinate or defecate to get used to its texture, and if the matter is implemented, we should reward him by providing food for which he loves. As for cats, their instinct drives them directly to relieve themselves in the litter box, so they usually go after it, dig up the dirt, fulfill their needs and then bury them. Here, the designated box must be carefully selected in terms of space, and you must permanently clean and wash it through the process of removing feces and separating it from the non-agglomerated sand.

As far as the vaccination process is concerned, it depends on the age of the pet. The vaccination of dogs and cats is one of the first steps that should be considered to preserve their health and protect against various diseases. However, it is not possible to vaccinate the dog before he reaches 45 days, and when we want to receive him in our house we must give him at least five days to get used to the new environment, as this can cause him stress , not to mention also the taste that causes him discomfort. As for cats, they need to weigh more than a kilogram to be vaccinated.

Regular vet visits

When we bring a pet home, we should take it to the vet regularly. In the first period we have to take the dog 3 consecutive visits every month for a period of 3 months, after that we take him every 6 months for the doctor to do the necessary examinations and vaccinations. As for the emergencies in which the pet should be taken to the doctor immediately, it is when we notice that the dog or cat has stopped eating for a long time, and when we notice that they have skin problems.

Transmission of pet diseases to humans

One of the questions that many ask before adopting or buying a pet is whether it is possible that their diseases are transmitted to us. Dr. Helou explains that this percentage is very small, no more than 5%, and if the owner follows the instructions of the vet and provides him with the necessary vaccinations, whether for worms or viruses, diseases will not be transmitted, and fleas will be not transmitted if we give him the recommended medicine.

As for babies, you may be wondering what the dangers of cats or dogs are to their health, but we assure you that it has no effect on their health. On the contrary, it boosts their immunity and health, and studies have shown that having a pet prepares children, especially those with asthma and breathing problems, by 30%, in addition to the psychological impact it gives them and their self-confidence.

However, the only problem we stop about is jealousy, especially dogs who are jealous of babies, they want to take all the attention here, they can hurt the baby. Therefore, when we want to pet the child, we have to put him in a room where the dog is not present.

Pet hygiene and designated space

One of the daily procedures that a pet owner should do is to clean it at least once every two or three weeks, to prevent diseases and unpleasant odors, in addition to combing his fur and cutting his nails. In addition to maintaining the place designated for them, it should be sterilized with white vinegar and avoid concentrated cleansers that can cause skin problems for the animal.

Is it possible to raise animals in the presence of children in the house?

Allergy to canine distemper or cat inflammation

Many people complain of allergies to canine or feline inflammation, and this can lead to them completely avoiding being near any animal. Here, Dr. Sweet, that it is necessary to first make sure that the pet is allergic, so it should be kept away from it for a short period of time to make sure of it. Or an allergy test can be done by a dermatologist to prescribe the appropriate medication for treatment.

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