Qarchak Torture Center is the site of 2,000 prisoners – and there is the end of the world!

Qarchak Torture Center is the site of 2,000 prisoners – and there is the end of the world!

The terrifying Qarchak prison is The only prison for women In Iran, and a site for the detention of at least 2,000 women, this prison was a poultry farm in the past and did not have the necessary fundamentalist standards for imprisonment from the beginning, and according to the women prisoners of the Qarchak torture center in Varamin, the lives and health of all female prisoners are in danger, this site according to Their expression is “the end of the world.” In other words for them, this site is a place of torture, exile, massacre and a cemetery for women.

The female prisoners in Qarchak are systematically and systematically deprived of the three vital elements that every human being needs, which are water, air and healthy food. The Qarchak torture center also uses Buramin as an exile For political prisoners.

According to recent reports from that prison, even the filters and associated worn out water purification system went out of order.

And that sewer overflowed a week from now in all the wards and their yards, and this situation exposed the prisoners to various dangerous chemical pollutants and toxic polluted air, and they are now more vulnerable to contracting a variety of diseases. than ever before.

The head of the Qarchak prison and Ramin is a woman named my little khadadadi, Women’s Committee The National Resistance Council of Iran has cited the precedents of this woman, and this woman, in collaboration with other agents in the prison organization and the regime’s judiciary, has accepted the creation and creation of unbearable living conditions for her to put on female prisoners in the Qarchak to practice imprisonment.

A former political prisoner Sohail Arabies

Recently we compiled previous accounts taken from individual female prisoners in the Qarchak prison and their families about the disastrous conditions of this prison and published it in the form of a report, explaining the deplorable conditions of this prison can not be covered are not and these limited lines are not sufficient, and we will include only brief parts of those conditions in this article. .

The composition of the wards and quarantine Qarchak Martyr Center

The first and second wards are places of imprisonment for those convicted of selling or transporting drugs.

The third ward is dedicated to those accused of selling drugs or theft, and they are transferred to one or two wards after the conviction is issued, and those accused of theft are transferred to the fourth ward.

The fourth ward is a place for prisoners convicted of theft.

The fifth district houses about twenty foreign nationals, most of whom are Afghans.

The sixth ward is for those convicted of financial and fraud cases, and for persons sentenced to less than twenty-five years in prison.

The Seventh Ward is the place reserved for people with serious crimes charged with murder, corruption, prostitution, kidnapping, assault with chemical acids, extortion and strangulation, and special crimes such as. Trafficking in human beings.

The female political prisoners and workers in the jail are in the eighth ward.

The first indicative ward, formerly known as the maternity ward, houses staff, mothers and pregnant women.

The second extension ward was formerly a prison for those convicted of financial issues, the sick and the elderly.

As for the quarantine in the Qarchak torture center, it is very small and there are 60 people in a confined space.

The halls do not contain windows for ventilationThe visiting hall is very small and filthy.

There is a greenhouse in the wards’ courtyards for cooking, but due to the low ceiling of this place, its door is closed and prisoners can no longer use the greenhouse to cook and prepare food, and this place has turned into a place for cats, and general laundry and accessories for the halls from the first hall to the seventh hall, this issue in itself is a disaster healthy.

Health and treatment

Health and treatment

In recent weeks, sewage has flooded the neighborhoods, spreading foul odors and collecting insects, poisonous creatures, mice, salamanders, kettles and several different insects have been present, in addition to hundreds of previous health problems, and poisonous scorpions (tarantulas) are hiding among the herbs and thorns. of the environment.

“It is normal for these things to exist in prison!” said Soghra Khaddadi in response to the prisoners’ protest over the presence of these harmful and poisonous insects.

The medical review by day for only five female prisoners from each ward, and ophthalmologists and dentists rarely go to jail, and the ophthalmologist takes money from the prisoners to examine them and gives them expensive and poor quality glasses, and women are forced to buy it because they have no other choice.

The dentist also needs a lot of money for medical services, tooth extraction is only free, and due to the lack of health care, the prisoners prefer not to visit the dentist because not only will their problems not be solved but they will also suffer worse diseases.

Medicines such as vitamin B complex ampoules and B12, ointment for burns, etc. There is no specialized medicine in prison, and the families of female prisoners have to provide most of the medicine on their personal expenses from abroad.

It is also difficult to inject female prisoners with sera, and it is only injected under difficult conditions in which a person is on a hunger strike or his blood pressure is less than eight.

As for the guards, as opposed to their rigor in delivering the necessary vaccines and medicines to the prisoners, and they say that their budget is limited, but their hearts and hands are open to prescribe and deliver hypnotic medicines , and here their budget is not lacking money at any time until the prisoners sleep! The prison psychiatrist prescribes a large amount of sleeping and nerve pills to the prisoner so that the prisoner only sleeps and his problems are less for the prison guards as soon as the prisoner reviews this doctor for once and tells him the problem is that he has suicidal thoughts. and can not sleep at night.

About 85% of the prisoners in the Qarchak torture center take neurological drugs, and these drugs are taken without any medical supervision.

Most of the psychiatrists in this prison are prison guards who graduated from low-quality remote universities and in less than four years obtained a certificate from within the prison without studying and now work as psychiatrists.

Doctors call their work only heavy sleeping pills for female prisoners, and they know nothing but this work.

In most cases, it should be allowed to send a sick prisoner to hospital with a doctor’s prescription, including the head of the health department, who always prevents transfer by saying “it is not necessary, even for patients with cancer , they do not take any action to transfer patients to the hospital for treatment, and it is considered Hands and feet tied A sick prisoner is another form of torture.

Even the female prisoners who work in the kitchen in the boiling water department (cafe) refuse to take them to hospital when the boiling water is spilled on their bodies and suffers serious burns.

The prison’s medical laboratory can not perform most of the analyzes, and it is also difficult to send it to the hospital for tests except in one case, which is the inmate’s announcement that he has all medical and back and forth expenses will pay, and most inmates do not have the ability to pay such costs.

When they decide to send patients to medical centers, they are always in a hurry to get it done quickly so that they can get to their second job, and consequently they usually do not get the results of ultrasounds and tests and complete the job without the to complete treatment process.

Health care is not done andNo respect for hygiene In the nursing unit, where they spray the female prisoner on the same bed as the previous prisoner who injured and treated herself while she was in a completely bloody condition.

And there are only two wheelchairs in the Qarchak torture center for more than two thousand prisoners, and they are both damaged!

Conditions of mothers and young children in prison

Conditions of mothers and young children in prison

The head of the prison and his guards prevent the aid of benefactors from reaching mothers prisoners Those who serve their sentences with their children do not deliver clothes and food into the hands of these female mothers, and prison food is not sufficient for mothers who breastfeed their children, and many of the foods that send benevolence are for mothers which was not given to them in the first place.

There are no tools for children in the maternity ward, expectant mothers have not been identified for a long time, and needy pregnant prisoners are not provided with clothing.

The nutritional status of women in the Qarchak Torture Center

The nutritional status of women in the Qarchak Torture Center

The prisoners in the Qarchak torture center are always hungry and nervous, and according to prison regulations, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, in addition to the prisoner’s meals, must be transferred free of charge, but prison officials steal this budget and this material is not given to the prisoners for free.

There are women in this prison who serve more than ten years in prison and for years lament a grain of fruit, fruit and good food, and even when the benefactors send food and fruit to the prisoners, this help is not given to the prisoners .

Carrots, bananas and 90% of food are banned in Qarchak torture center and are available instead of on a large scale narcotics For female prisoners, the drugs are mainly brought in by prison guards and Khamenei’s IRGC and sold to female prisoners.

The prison water is salty and unfit for consumption, the women have to buy every bottle of mineral water for 4,000 tomans, and many female prisoners do not have the ability to save water.

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