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Open spaces, looking at everything that is happening in the world made available between the walls of closed rooms as social media brought the distance closer, placing “the good and the bad” in the hands of everyone, especially young men and women who constantly follow social media celebrities, who make them vulnerable to content – perhaps – that is far All away from our customs and traditions are run by business executives, secretaries and work teams, and thus the negative impact occurs in other societies, or it can be reflected by the plague on the life of the whole family. The family’s life turns into an unbearable hell. Therefore, family counselors, doctors, and psychological and social consultants have emphasized the importance of protecting boys and girls from the danger of the “defamatory” content of some social media celebrities to protect the family and society.

The family, marriage and education consultant, Dr Al-Hanouf Abdul Aziz Al-Hogail, confirmed that there is a clear danger in an important and influential source in the education of children, which is the content of social media .They are considered as protective shields to protect children if used and activated properly. The first is the official and unofficial control of the community The official control is very important, through a formal organization of content presentation and monitoring, and the establishment of strict and systematic regulations to punish offenders as well as informal control by advantage to draw. of the numbers that social media celebrities follow and provide valuable content and concepts; To take advantage of a suitable template for young men and women.

She pointed out that the second is as the community awareness aspect and the family; It is possible to resist strange things and bad outputs by activating communication through neighborhood committees, and reviving communication between neighborhood families by activating awareness meetings that bridge the knowledge gap in the use of technology between the generation of parents and children, and seeks to raise educational, psychological and family awareness through educational and psychological specialists on how to create communication links Modern methods of education insist on the need to get to know children through their interests and change the methods of dialogue; To change the intellectual roots gained from social media or technology by activating the role of specialists and exerting their efforts to cultivate awareness.
Dr. Al-Hanouf noted that the third is as the individual; We must guide him to stay away from everything that consumes his energy in vain and has no cognitive yield. The “flatness” and diaries that add nothing to the person except the consumption of the senses and input to the subconscious must be avoided. She added: “We need to stay away from anything that could change our intellectual system and leave us gasping behind the mirage of false luxuries.”

Content customization

Legal and social counsel Majid Al-Fahd said: There are several ways to educate children about the dangers of the negative content of some well-known social media, adding: “If we want to talk about children, we must distinguish between children under the age of seven, and those above this age should be permanently removed from the first category. About following social media, choosing what they watch on TV and setting times for it, and it is better to choose specific programs for it. As for the second. category, the original is to follow them closely and add the feature (custom content), with parental follow-up on their devices and then follow up on what they are watching, and they are discussed to inform them about right and wrong, and why this action is right or wrong; To understand for them what is going on around them, and one of the important ways is to have a good role model represented by the father, mother, an adult brother or other family, and to talk to children about the fact that the actions of some individuals on social media are individual, and do not represent society and that it is not their real life. .

On how to prepare children psychologically and socially; To be sufficiently aware and aware of what is published by some well-known social media, trying to show their image that they are the richest, the most beautiful and the best. They have in their hands for a few days or give them a monthly allowance that is comprehensive and includes the price of the internet and private purchases, while making them understand that the family’s source of income is limited, as well as to to make it clear that what is happening around them on social media is nothing more than bragging. unreal things to satisfy an internal shortcoming in the same person who watched the content, or What this person is doing is just a paid advertisement, not his normal life, but moments after which he returns home like everyone else. “He continued : “It should be emphasized to young people that some social media celebrities are just a way to promote products; companies use it to market their products,” and notes that improving self-confidence and knowing how to deal with small investing amounts is important to guide children for a future commercial life.

sensitive age stage

Senior Consultant of Psychiatry and Addiction Treatment at Irada Complex and Mental Health in Jeddah, dr. Fatima Muhammad Kaaki, believes that the influence of social media celebrities on the lives of adolescents is great; As this category is considered by celebrities as one of the segments of society that are most affected, given the sensitivity of the age stage they are going through, which should be controlled by a set of values ​​and constants guided by the parents and those around the person, to develop and care for his abilities, not to be negatively affected by what he sees, and adds: Adolescents should be well aware of what to do and what to avoid, not to take actions to take what can affect their scientific, social and personal lives. ”
Kaaki pointed out that the adolescent must grow up in a disciplined and moral environment, governed by values ​​and morals, and have assets, habits, and constants that cannot be sacrificed at any cost, no matter how bad things are. does not happen to the individual. , he is not affected by them, or changes from his constants, with the need for proper education.And the normalcy of the adolescent from the beginning, who cares for him from an early age and adopts a healthy person, with a positive outlook on life so that he can not be affected by anything he sees or hears later, in addition to the importance of taking the adolescent’s time with useful things that develop his talents and abilities.
She felt that it was very important for the adolescent to care, to try to understand the age stage he was going through, and to treat him positively, very important, for the teenager to accept and take over his opinion matters affecting him and those who may be touching the family. also, which gives him the impression that he has an opinion and has his entity in the family, with the importance of strengthening the relationship parents, and showing great love for him, which makes him his parents as the first role models for see him. , and he refuses to do what may harm them, or affect them. He continued, “It is necessary to know the children’s positive tendencies and attitudes, which make them stay away from the bad behaviors they see everywhere, especially celebrities.”

Improve self-censorship

The psychological, family and social counselor and religious guide of the National Guard, Ahmed Hammouda, quoted the hadith of the Prophet, may God bless him and give him peace, who said: “You are all shepherds and all of you are responsible for your herd, ”to emphasize the importance of monitoring children to achieve their well-being, and explaining that it is natural to ensure the safety of society based on direction and guidance Seniors, the man is a shepherd in the people of his house, just as the wife is a shepherd in her husband’s house and she is in charge of her flock, indicating that these young people have been entrusted to our necks in terms of reception, guidance and education, while their neglect and then mourning over their deviation is a wrong behavior.
Hammouda added: “Every responsible person for his flock must take control of their leadership and management, while distinguishing between censorship and entertainment,” pointing to the importance of establishing religious decency and censorship in the hearts of young people. reinforced, as it is the only way to direct their behavior and nurture their immunity to the disorder they face in the means and programs of communication. He continued: “Stimulating the sense of unity of confrontation and supervision over children is the way to bridge the gaps in education and guidance.”

Talking to children is a way to protect them

Dr. Rajaa Taha Al-Qahtani from the Department of Sociology and Social Work at King Abdulaziz University believes that technology has become dominant in various aspects of life, and we can not reject it or separate ourselves from it, but it is necessary to be religious and moral values ​​that guide rational thinking and behavior, and to promote religious values ​​and the fear of God. And the belief that if you do not see Him, He sees you, and He is the Observer of every word, every look, and every behavior, to form a personality that believes in the values ​​of His religion.
She emphasized that the strong relationship between parents and children and the discussion of community issues is an important way of healthy socialization, adding: “The child and adolescent must have a personal opinion on what is going on around him. If the family does not his desire satisfies. for knowledge, he will seek it in other sources. “
Al-Qahtani advises parents to form groups with their children on social media to exchange information and anecdotes, and then indirectly guide the children through this group to publish positive content. She added: “Children should be given the opportunity to express, discuss and benefit from their most advanced knowledge of technology, as dialogue is one of the most beautiful ways of socializing,” and noted the importance of the caring family provides talk about the biography of the Prophet, prophets, companions, leaders of Islamic thought and learned children and discusses the achievements of influential people; To motivate them to sift and choose the beneficial and exclude the harmful.

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