The UAE launches first regional center of excellence in artificial intelligence

Abu Dhabi: “The Gulf”
Hub71, the global technology ecosystem in Abu Dhabi, and e & Enterprises of the e & Group (formerly known as Etisalat Group), have announced the launch of the region’s first Center of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence. The launch of this center reflects the importance of partnerships and collaborations with institutions, governments, investors and start-ups to lay the foundations for a smarter, safer and more sustainable world by participating in the launch of industry-specific solutions based on artificial intelligence.
The center will provide a platform for artificial intelligence solutions that will be built and scaled up from Abu Dhabi. Badr Al Olama, acting CEO of Hub71, signed the partnership at Hub71 headquarters; Salvador Anglada, CEO of e & Enterprises.
Badr Salim Sultan Al Olama, Acting CEO of Hub71, said: “The Hub71 Center of Excellence in the region, which will be located in Hub71, will provide an ideal environment for the introduction, development and scaling up of innovative technology solutions. . It will also provide new businesses with opportunities to benefit from the Hub71 community, programs and platforms that specialize in exchanging knowledge and expertise. The global artificial intelligence market is expected to continue its steady growth and reach a value of between 5.5 and 12.5 trillion by 2030, providing great opportunities for strategic growth sectors at economic and social levels in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. We will continue to work on the development of these technologies to enable them to play their role as a catalyst for a diversified and sustainable national economy, based on our commitment to the entrepreneurship objectives set out in the UAE objectives. Centenary 2071 is included.
Al Olama added: “We and e & institutions share a common vision aimed at accelerating digital transformation to find innovative solutions to challenges. We look forward to working together to encourage companies in Abu Dhabi and the world to use artificial intelligence solutions in their business. ”
Salvador Anglada, CEO of e & Enterprises, in turn said: “It is our responsibility to support communities and cities to adapt to the demands of the digital future, and we do this through innovative programs such as the“ Future Now ”Program. , which has contributed to a number of fruitful collaborative initiatives and sustainable partnerships.This has led to commercial acceptance of innovative solutions. The AI ​​Center of Excellence, with the support of our strategic partner DataRobot, will contribute to our vision to be the leading digital enabler for our corporate and government clients; So that we can create data-driven organizations. We look forward to stimulating the discussion on digital transformation by benefiting from the experiences of leading organizations and artificial intelligence companies, and establishing long-term partnerships with the most prominent business accelerators and technology service providers regionally and internationally. ”
e & Enterprise’s Center of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence will be the first of its kind in the UAE; It therefore helps to consolidate the country’s leadership in innovation in artificial intelligence and its acceptance. The center will include an impressive group of talents and partners, and will connect start-up companies, institutions and investment companies to develop and expand advanced AI solutions. By providing world-class resources and expertise, the center will transform the future of artificial intelligence and support a thriving innovation ecosystem, in addition to developing local talent and promoting the country’s economic and social growth.
e & Enterprises recently established a three-year strategic partnership with DataRobot, a leading global provider of artificial intelligence platforms, to launch Enterprise Artificial Intelligence Services (AlaaS) in the MENAP region. This model helps organizations implement AI solutions, ensure ongoing capacity building, provide differentiated AI services, and create value by overseeing the implementation of enterprise-wide AI projects. DataRobot is one of the most widespread and reliable artificial intelligence platforms on the market today, providing more than a trillion predictions for leading companies around the world, including a third of Fortune 50 companies. DataRobot’s cloud AI platform brings together diverse data and users, from expert data scientists to IT operators and business analysts to enable AI-driven innovation.
In addition to these global AI partnerships, e & organizations will build new partnerships and incubate pioneering business models at the AI ​​Center of Excellence. Companies that are part of its innovation programs such as The Future Now will also be able to join Hub71’s value-added programs. Startups will also benefit from Hub71’s dynamic community and growing VCs ecosystem with $ 1.72 billion in assets under management.
Beginners can apply to join the AI ​​Center of Excellence through the Hub71 Flexible Incentives and The Outliers program which also includes e & Enterprises as a partner, designed to address challenges facing businesses and governments stare at innovative solutions provided by beginners.

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