Top 5 Female Entrepreneurs .. Active Women Participation

Women have played an important role in society over the centuries – and still do. Some female entrepreneurs have even surpassed their male counterparts, today you can see the top 5 female entrepreneurs from around the world working in many fields including: publishing, technology, fashion, broadcasting and beauty.

At the Arab level, the status of women has changed radically. Where women and women entrepreneurs have played a vital role in the growth of the national economy and have had a major impact and success in virtually every sector, this may be due to the actions taken by some Arab governments over the past taken five years; In order to strengthen the role of women and their participation in bringing about the process of change in society.

Top 5 Female Entrepreneurs

monitor website «Entrepreneurs»In the following lines are the top 5 female entrepreneurs.

1- Mona Zulficar – Egyptian Entrepreneur

The Egyptian entrepreneur is Mona Zulficar; Founding partner of “Zulfiqar & Partners” specializing in international law, corporate law and arbitration, and chair of EFG Hermes, one of the best female entrepreneurs in the Middle East and North Africa for the past ten years,

Mona Zulficar has contributed to major transactions in her company, including the Egyptian Fiat Transmission Company’s first FiT program in 2017, which aims to develop and finance the world’s largest solar power complex at the Benban solar power plant.

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Thanks to the leadership and management skills of Egyptian entrepreneur Mona Zulficar, the financial group “Hermes” became the first global bank in Egypt when it completed its 51% acquisition of the Arab Investment Bank in the last quarter of last year 2021, and she is considered one of the 100 most powerful businesswomen in the Middle East region, according to Forbes magazine.

2- Hutham Al-Olayan, a Saudi female entrepreneur

Saudi entrepreneur Hutham Al-Olayan is the chairman of the board of directors of the Olayan International Group, which specializes in restaurants, food, paper, plastics and insurance. Thanks to her achievements in banking and her belief in social responsibility, Hutham Al-Olayan became one of the most important businesswomen in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab region, and as a result of her efforts, she became the Olayan group. It owns 4.9% of Credit Suisse, valued at about $ 1.3 billion, and 20.3% of the Bank of Saudi Arabia, valued at $ 4.1 billion.

The group’s real estate assets include 550 Madison Avenue in New York, the Knightsbridge Estate in London and the Ritz Hotel in Madrid, while the group operates Coca-Cola bottles in Saudi Arabia, operates Burger King restaurants and manufactures cans and paper.

3- Hana Al Rostamani – Emirati Entrepreneur

Emirati entrepreneur Hana Al Rostamani has many leadership and management skills that have made her one of the best female entrepreneurs in the MENA region.

Hana Al Rostamani; With more than 23 years of experience in banking and financial services, she is the first female CEO of First Abu Dhabi Bank, which is one of the largest banks in the UAE with total assets of $ 268 billion.

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Over the past five years, Emirati entrepreneur Hana Al Rostamani has held the position of Executive Vice President and Head of Retail Banking and Private Banking in the group. In addition, she is a member of the board of her family company “Abdul Wahed Al Rostamani Group”, one of the largest family businesses in the region.

4- Vanni Kola – Indian Entrepreneur

It is considered Fanny Cola; Founder and Managing Director of Kalari Capital, one of India’s most successful female entrepreneurs, the Hyderabad – born venture capitalist was previously the founder of Certus Software GmbH, in which she is no longer involved.

After spending more than two decades in California’s Silicon Valley, she returned to India in 2006; She founded Kalaari Capital, one of the most popular venture capital firms in India, and in 2012 Vani Kola supported the growth of several Indian companies such as: Dream11, Urban Ladder, Snapdeal and Myntra, she loves yoga and meditation she practices every day.

5- Reem Acra – Lebanese-American Entrepreneur

Reem Acra was first discovered by a fashion editor at a party she attended with one of her own creations, after which the American University of Beirut student continued her studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and École Normale Supérieure des Arts et Tegnieke in Paris.

In 1997, Reem Acra launched a wedding dress collection in New York. Over the past five years, Reem Acra’s fashion creations have appeared on the red carpet several times; It has been worn by Hollywood stars including: Angelina Jolie, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé.

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