Holidays .. smart plans for a fun summer

Research: Maha Adel
With the onset of summer vacation, parents start thinking and looking for useful and entertaining plans to take advantage of their children’s free time during this period that children are going through, which is a respite and an opportunity to breathe after the trouble of a full academic year laden with stress and responsibilities; So that a balance is struck between the requirements of entertainment, relaxation and rest at times, and between gaining benefits and stimulating creative energy, participating in social activities, investing time in what benefits their personality and life, enriching their summer vacation and children prepared. for the requirements of the next school year.

Rasha Al-Sayed Al-Jundi says of her family’s readiness and plan to take advantage of the holiday: “The summer holidays are a goal we seek at the end of each year. We wait for them before our children, to rest. from the burdens of study, exams, early awakening and daily disputes with children to follow the rules of sleep, perform duties and other daily tasks. It never ends, so summer vacation is the most important time of the year. “

She continues: “We (the parents) make sure that our annual holidays from our work coincide with the children’s holiday period, so that we can spend long periods of relaxation and fun with the participation of our children. This year the holiday was divided into two parts. The first section is to travel to a European country that we have not visited before, which is Paris, and we will spend a week there, and we participated with our children in the preparation of a busy schedule. of visits to entertain and educate them. tourist attractions we want to visit for the enjoyment of children and to expand their awareness, such as the Louvre Museum, the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Latin Quarter and the Palace of Versailles.

She adds: “We have decided that the second section will be dedicated to traveling to the motherland to visit our extended family, activate family relationships and get children used to the kinship bond. In my opinion, this is an important goal; Where children need to feel the intimate atmosphere of familiarity with grandparents and family, and learn more about the customs and traditions that need to be inculcated in them. ”

As for Myriam Ramy, she is preparing for a different plan, saying: “It irritates me a lot that I watch throughout the year from children who give up spending much of their free time on weekends in front of screens, something that has for I was very upset, especially because they lost the passion to do any physical activity outside of their electronic world. Therefore, one of my friends, who is a mother to my children’s friends, advised me to join her. to set up a summer program for our children, together; Where we decided to take swimming and horse riding lessons with them, with the aim of arousing their curiosity and enticing them to engage in physical, sporting and recreational activities, and I found this idea suitable because it will join their friends. activities to encourage each other, especially since I tried to push them to participate in various sports activities such as karate and basketball, but unfortunately they quickly lose enthusiasm and passion and stop practicing it and then return to the laziness that often associated with summer. holiday period. ”

She continues: “That’s why I thought of involving them in a group activity with a group of their friends that could have a positive impact, especially since I started informing them about a lot of information about horse breeding, dealing with them. , how to obtain them as a friend, and ways to win their love, which piqued their curiosity and they started looking for this information and sharing it with me. And with their friends, and I hope my plan succeeds this year and to foster their love and association with the type of sport in which they find their passion. ”

Hala Mahmoud agrees with the previous view that it is necessary to look for a way to rid the children of the state of laziness associated with the holiday, and about it, saying: “My oldest son is in adolescence, and what worries him most during the holiday period is that he will be able to play the PlayStation at any time of the year Night or day, and the matter has turned into something like addiction, so I agreed with his father to help him with a trick to get rid of this addiction that exhausts his nerves, steals his time and social life, and deprives him of friends and sports activities, and after a long search we found him at one of the summer camps in England In ‘ a rural town near London for 3 full occupancy. weeks the camp is supervised by specialists in training young people on independence, time management, talent discovery and others The nature of the camp is far from technology; Where they are not allowed to access their cell phones, except at specific times each day and to communicate with their families, and his idea is to train them in many sports activities and cultural, arts and recreational competitions held in ‘ a disciplined schedule is woven into it. I feel that we have found our desired destination and we are eagerly awaiting his return from the camp after he really benefited from this important experience. ”

Emirati entrepreneur Amna Lahej, in charge of the Work Bay camp in Dubai, emphasizes the importance of participating in summer activities and camps. She says: Developing and strengthening children’s skills, such as social skills Teamwork, problem solving, independence and self-esteem, and having children spend most of their time in front of screens can cause frustration and boredom, especially if they stay at home all the time. incidence of chronic laziness in children.

She continues: «That is why I advise families to motivate their children to take advantage of these summer services available in the country; “Children take part in a variety of group activities that contribute to their education and help keep them away from the screens of smart devices.”

She adds, “One of the biggest benefits of participating in educational recreational activities is that it drives children to try new things, as well as to explore their talents, interests and basic tendencies. It also develops positive thinking and stimulates their learning and social skills. There are great benefits for parents to entertain children during their vacation. Parents need to keep toys, crafts and fun activities on hand for the little ones. ”

Employment of the gap

Dr. Ashraf Muhammad Al-Azab, Professor of Sociology and Research and Policy Specialist, states: “The concept of using the gap refers to a group of tasks and tasks performed by the individual, arising from a personal will, with the purpose of entertainment. , convenience, talent development, knowledge formation, or the development of voluntary participation.In the promotion of the local community, or the achievement of goals of a national nature, and this is after liberation from the obligations of study or profession, as well as family obligations and others social duties.

Al-Azab claims that a group of sociologists believe that the social functions of leisure time are summed up in the possibility that families benefit from their children’s free time according to the philosophy of the society in which they live, so that they can adapt to it. , and the energy of young people can be used to implement economic and voluntary projects at various levels.

He pointed out that modern man, in his free time as he is in his work, is in the negative attitude of the consumer which is not related to what he consumes as he consumes sports matches, movies, newspapers and magazines . in the same way he consumes the things he buys – watching or listening – Not because it fills a deficiency he feels, but to pretend and brag just because it is the talk of the day among people and not positive to it does not contribute, but rather stands as a spectator In accordance with the spirit of the times in which he lives, that is, he is in fact not free to enjoy his leisure, but the consumption of his free time is controlled by the industry, as as well as the goods he buys.

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