“Real respect” .. the backbone of building the family and society

The main factor of any group interaction based on interaction and exchange

The family is a system based on self and group respect

Technological development and its mechanisms have created a huge gap between parents and children

His concept is not limited to others, but it begins with the self and ends with it

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The family is a system based on self and collective respect and is based on two important positive factors: “interaction and inclusion.” But it starts with the self and ends with it, just as you respect others, they respect you and every human being to be in this world deserves respect and appreciation.

In light of this, when we talk about respect as a term, it has several definitions, including “good communication with others and a commitment to etiquette with them, that is, a good combination of rights and morals in dealing with of yourself and others. ” , while respect as an adjective focuses on individual privacy by leaving The person is not worried.

real respect

Clinical and criminal psychologist Abdullah Al-Waili said: True respect is the main factor in any family interaction based on interaction and exchange, whether it is between spouses or parents and children. Inherited, and the consequent ambition and private and public goals, and the sophistication of dialogue and politeness in discussion and general positivity in listening, guidance and suggestion, it is respect for acceptance of the other as he is and not as I want according to the picture which I did not utter to him in my mind, as for the unreal respect. ” It is quite the opposite, and there is a fact that mutual respect has changed in our present time and has mostly become formal respect in appearance and rigid in essence, due to what globalization and its mechanisms have produced, which has a direct and indirect general impact, either on societies as a whole, or its special impact on families and their members represented by parents or their children of both sexes.

positive consideration

He added: The first and most important consequences of sham respect are the imbalance in positive consideration, that is, mutual respect based on two main aspects, namely “sentiment and rationality”, and they are concerned with the roots of the culture of love, kindness, attention, inclusion, interaction, solidarity, cohesion, support and accommodation within the family framework Complaining, lack of interest, one-sidedness and self-centeredness, in addition to imitation and external simulation.

natural extension

He explained that the existence of the family is a natural extension of human life, and it is the most important factor of human survival. It should be pointed out that technological development and its mechanisms have created what is called the “family gap”. “between two different generations, the parents and the children, so the prospect for both has become flawed and opaque for several reasons, including the lack of closeness, lack of acceptance and lack of indulgence.Some parents often look at The boys are indifferent and thinks superficially and cannot rely on themselves, while some boys of both sexes regard the parents as suffering from petrification, cognitive rigidity and cultural inflexibility, and here the real mutual respect between the two directions weakens, and the respect is only formally covered by social imposition. .

family relationships

He continued: “Family relationships, especially between parents on the one hand and children on the other, must in this particular era depend on renunciation and ignorance as important factors in the culture of construction and restraint, because two thirds of education lies in the art of ignoring, and therefore I say that any behavior that parents can ignore is They should ignore it, and the same is the case with children, for every behavior that can be avoided, they should also avoid, and it helps parents and children learn by self-experience and teaching by ignoring and avoiding, and accordingly real respect gradually prevails among the members of the same family.

The art of ignoring

And he added: From this point of view, taking into account the cultural difference between generations leads the family to pay attention to everything that is characteristic, and thus to focus on positive behavior and reinforce it until it becomes a habit of individuals, because the real problem in the formal and obligatory respect within the family is evident in the lack of moderation, or total neglect generates dissonance Or complete concentration that generates escape, and both lead to negative outcomes, and for the record, the art of ignoring leads to approach and then real respect, which is required until inclusion becomes implicit, and learning according to model, i.e. a good example, becomes the basis of the family relationship, and so that respect is based on scientific foundations.It achieves its humanitarian goals, as there are types of behaviors that can never be ignored or ignored, and these are all behaviors related to psychological and social security e a safety of the family, such as damage to and tampering with property, it should not be ignored, and any behavior that violates the law and family rules such as indifference, verbal and non-verbal bullying and aggression, should not be ignored. it or ignore it permanently as it can become a reason for repetition and imitation.

Endoscopy and Application

He concluded his speech by saying: In order to clarify the vision, psychological and social studies have proven that respect is a learned and learned behavior, so that it becomes a subjective trait when the individual believes in it and applies it to himself . firstly and then to his social environment secondly, by various main points such as listening and good listening, as well as Preservation of private secrets and independence, as well as not to underestimate special abilities and achievements, whether quantitative or qualitative, in addition to learning and training. in the culture of apology when it is wrong, not belittling and belittling others, not being rigid in opinion or abhorrent dependence, and ultimately self-confidence and the ability to make decisions calmly and rationally Away from convulsions and conflicts.

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