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A study conducted by the Institute of Tax Studies (IFS) in London showed that the salaries of university girls are much lower than the salaries of young men in the same job or field of work. Due to the existence of this gap between the wages of girls and young men, many women in the secondary stages began to wonder about the best university majors that would suit them, and which would guarantee for them career development and satisfactory financial stability. This is a list of the best and most popular of these specialties among girls, according to the results of the IFS study in London.

The most popular specialties for girls

The most popular specialties among girls

1- Creative Arts, this specialization includes various types of art and design, such as graphic design, music or visual arts and others. This is often one of the disciplines that girls prefer because it enables them to express themselves and give their own touch to what they are studying. In general, the wages that graduates receive in this field are lower than others, whether for girls or young men, unless the person has a unique talent.

2- Telecommunications, the telecommunications sector in many countries of the world is still under the control of men, as young men often go to study more than girls, but it is nevertheless an area that offers attractive opportunities for girls to achieve leading career development.

3- Architecture, engineering disciplines such as mining engineering or road and bridge engineering are often more suitable for young men, but architecture is a right choice for girls who want to study one of the fields of engineering; Because it’s mostly a desk job that does not have to do a lot of field trips and heavy tasks.

4- Agricultural engineering Agricultural engineering is one of the few disciplines that allow girls to get jobs with wages equal to the wages of young men in the same field. And it may be a lucrative career in the future to enable the girl to manage her own agricultural project.
5- Social Sciences Social Sciences majors are considered as one of the best study options for girls, due to the job opportunities they offer that are in line with their nature as girls, especially in the conservative Arab society, where female graduates in ‘ a branch of social science can teach at major universities, or work in organizations world, such as the United Nations. These are jobs that offer them a clear job security that is lacking in many other jobs.

6- Engineering and technology As we have already mentioned, engineers see a great demand from especially young people, and the wage gap between women and men is irrefutable proof of this, but there is no doubt that girls who choose engineering and technology. majors at the university, will have jobs Good with high wages in general.

7- Education: The education sector is one of the best sectors of employment for girls, given the flexibility it offers them and the benefits they serve, especially after marriage and birth. Such as long vacations, short working hours, etc. Girls tend to work in primary or secondary education, while young men prefer to work in the higher education sector, which in many cases explains why men’s salaries are higher compared to women.

8- Foreign languages, foreign languages ​​is one of the specialties that attracts girls’ attention and offers prospects for highly profitable jobs, such as working in embassies or in all kinds of translation fields. In addition, it is one of the specialties in which the wages of young men and women in their work are very similar.

9- Physics, as is the case with mathematics disciplines that are more popular among young people, physics is usually seen as more suitable for men than for women. But that has recently begun to change as a result of the demand for girls to study this specialty more and more, and even 50% of NASA employees are female.

10- Health sciences, health disciplines such as medicine and nursing have always been welcomed by young men and women. However, because of the benefits it offers to both parties, some medical specialties are more popular than girls, such as obstetrics and gynecology. Pediatrics. Genetics and Genomics. Dermatology. The same is true for nursing, where a high percentage of girls work in this sector, and despite the wage gap between young men and girls in this field, the wages that girls receive remain relatively high compared to other specialties.

11- Business With today’s woman striving for independence on her own, and proving her abilities as a man, business majors form a suitable option for girls at the university, given the ways in which they provide for themselves. discover and unleash their leadership skills.

Fun college majors for girls

Fun college majors for girls

There are many easy and interesting disciplines for university students, and it is among the disciplines that the student finds fun during their studies, and these disciplines are distinguished by moving away from the traditional routine during the study, and these disciplines also vary between literary and scientific disciplines.

• Asian American Studies.

• The literature of the English language.

• Tale.

• Advertisements.

• Interior design.

• In the direction and exchange.

• Arabic literature.

• German language.

• Islamic arts.

• Translation.

• Hematology.

• French.

• Graphic design.

• Applied linguistics.

• Turkish language.

• increase.

• Journalism.

• Russian language.

• Clothing and textiles.

• Agronomy.

• agricultural economy.

• Meteorology.

• radio and television
• Environmental sciences and environmental health.

• Public health.

• Plant production and protection.

• Science and management of water resources.

• Heritage resource management.

• Medical Sciences.

• Musicology.

• Folklore.

• take a photo.

• Fine Arts.

• Oral and maxillofacial surgery.

• Educational Psychology • Geriatrics • Speech and Language Pathology • Labor Economics.

• Social Biology.

• Political philosophy.

• The science of inland water bodies.

• Climatology • Economic geography.

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