The Imam of the Holy Mosque explains the best deeds in the ten days of Dhul-Hijjah

The Imam and Preacher of the Great Mosque, Sheikh Dr. Faisal Ghazzawi, said: “How great is God’s favor over the one who submits his face to God, follows his guidance and works with his consent. Piety is accumulated for us, so if that is the case, then feel, brothers of the faith, in which you are of the bountiful and generous bounty; , the best days of the world, and he, peace and blessings of God upon him, said about it: (What is better done on days better than these? They said: Not even jihad? He said: Not even jihad. Except for a man who went out and ventured himself and his. money, and returned with nothing.)

And Sheikh Ghazzawi added in the Friday sermon he delivered today in the Great Mosque: The best thing during these ten days is to do a lot of worship, especially the deer, utterance and praise, and these ten days are a common season between the pilgrim and others.Ibn Rajab, may God have mercy on him, said: The tithe is for an act in his house, which is better than jihad, which is better than Hajj. ” So come, God leads me and you, so that we can multiply His remembrance and supplication in it, and meditate to glorify Him, praise Him and thank Him for His blessings. The virtuous one, that we do our best, dedicate ourselves to the utmost of our effort and do all we can of righteous deeds, such as prayer, fasting, charity, nourishment, sacrifice, recitation of the Qur’an, learning for useful knowledge, reflection , remembrance, supplication, forgiveness, repentance, calling to God, counsel, guidance, guidance and reconciliation between people, good intercession, relief of distress, relief of distress, and forbidding order with kindness Immorality, honor of one’s religion, maintaining kinship ties, preserving the tongue and vagina, making a blind eye to forbidden, all doors of goodness, acts of kindness, and types of justice and benevolence.

On the other hand, Sheikh Ghazzawi warned against disobedience, distraction and negligence in seizing the seasons of goodness and virtue. Sheikh Al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah was asked about the sin of disobedience in the blessed days, and he said, may God be gracious. on him: “Sinners in the days of preference and places of preference are hardened and punished according to the virtues of time and place.”

And he added, “Here is the glorified Mecca, the most beloved land for God, in which is the Holy House.” The Almighty said, “The first house set up for mankind was blessed and led to the world in Mecca.” They mean it from all sides and lands. And for the holiness of the Holy Mosque and its greatness, God merely made me the will of injustice and atheism in it, obligatory to torment, God Almighty said: (And whoever wants in it with the suppression of the iniquity which we will give from the torment of the pain of God, the Son of God, may God be pleased in him: After Eden Abyan God made him taste a painful torment. ”We must God fear the wrath and punishment and feel the status and holiness of the house, and beware of the commission of sin and its punishment.

The imam and preacher of the Great Mosque emphasized that disobedience in the holy land is the greatest sin and punishment. Among the things considered in the worship of the Holy Land is the fulfillment of what was mentioned in his saying, peace and blessings be upon him: “This land has been made holy by God.

He added: Here is God’s delegation of pilgrims and pilgrims to the Holy House; In response to God’s command, and in search of God’s pleasure, they came out of every deep abyss; To see the benefits for them, and to call on the name of God in the days of information about what he provided them with livestock, and they ate of it, and they fed the poor, and they performed their rituals, and they fulfill their vows, and they go about the old house, they glorify the holiness of God, their tongues blaspheme in their different races and their tongues, they say the blasphemy and the deer. All this, and false statements, they do not associate anything with their Lord to fulfill the word of monotheism, there is no god but God; There is no sacrifice, no vow, no plea, no plea for help, no request for help except from God, and none of the types of worship are spent on anyone other than God. And their language is: Our God hath done thee right * Sovereign is everyone who possesses. Labbaik, I responded to you * Labbayk Praise to you. And the King has no partner with you * What a disappointment a slave asked of you. And every servant who asks you * glorifies or responds to your ship. Blessed are you * and the kingdom has no partner. .

Sheikh Faisal Ghazzawi explained that because of the status of these great days, the Omniscient King swore to them: (And the dawn and the ten nights) Ibn Al-Qayyim, may God have mercy on him, said: “The dawn and the ten nights are a time that includes actions that are glorified from the rituals, and places are glorified that are their place, and it is one of the rituals of God that includes the submission of the servant to his Lord, for Hajj and ritual rituals are pure slavery to God, humiliation and submission to His greatness, and this is in contrast to what was described by Ada, Thamud and Pharaoh of arrogance, arrogance and arrogance; Asceticism includes the ultimate in submission to God and these nations are arrogant and arrogant about the command of their Lord. ” It is noteworthy that what is good to mention is that the apparent deeds are magnified or diminished; According to what is in the hearts, and what is in the hearts, differs. No one knows the degree of faith in the hearts except God. The worship of the rituals of God stems from the piety of the hearts. The Almighty said: (This and who glorifies the rituals of God, it is from the piety of the hearts.) on the worship and veneration of God. Because he knows that the heart is the focus of God’s gaze, the source of the commission, the source of work, his engine and his base. The pilgrimage of the heart begins before the pilgrimage of the body, and the pilgrimage of the body follows the pilgrimage of the heart, since sincerity is one of the actions of the hearts, and the pilgrimage is pure of pomp and reputation.

And Sheikh Faisal Ghazzawi explained that the actions of the hearts are related to each of the rituals of Hajj and Umrah; By loving God, longing for Him, glorifying Him, honoring Him, submitting to Him, submitting to Him, patience, certainty, trusting in Him and turning to Him, and other acts of the heart, so whenever there is a break or negligence in that, the effect of the rituals will weaken in the soul, and the reward will be diminished, and the Hajj has only become hollow, empty and soulless deeds. And those who meditate on the verses of Hajj will find that most of them are associated with the actions of the hearts, and Hajj is one of the most acts of worship in which the rituals of God Almighty occur, because it includes dealing with his knowledge, stone throwing, sacrifice for sacrifice, and overnight in Mina and Muzdalifah.

And he explained that the meaning of piety of hearts in the rituals of Hajj is the pilgrim’s attempt to justify his Hajj, so that he accepts God and mentions much of his remembrance in humility and submission, and sticks to the guidance of the prophet, may God bless him and give him peace, in Hajj; He performs the rituals in the required manner, seeks good interviews and legal money, has good manners and avoids acts of sin, so he abandons quarreling, disagreement, quarrels, insults, harm, repression and crowding in feelings and when he walks around.

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