Al-Hananda sponsors the opening of the Fourth International Conference on Computer and Computer Science

Under the protection of His Excellency Mr. Ahmed Hanandeh, Minister of Digital Economics and Entrepreneurship, and organized by the Faculty of Computer and Computer Science at Amman Arab University, held the Fourth International Scientific Conference in Computer and Computer Science ICSIC 2022, which lasted. for two days, in the presence of dr. Omar Mashhour Al Jazi, Chairman of the University’s Board of Trustees, and prof. Dr. Muhammad Al-Widyan, President of the University.

In his opening speech, Hanandeh said in light of the developments taking place in the world of communication and information technology, it has become necessary for our Jordanian universities to be eager to develop and update their academic programs to keep up with the developments. seen through the ages in the light of the information revolution, in order to qualify a generation of young people armed with science and knowledge.It meets the needs of the labor market, and is able to develop our national institutions, and that education an essential axis in plans to develop any field of development. The economic modernization plan, recently announced under the banner of His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein, included eight growth drivers to implement the national vision for economic modernization. Education is within the pursuit. of leadership and innovation, as the importance of education, vocational training, research, development and innovation was emphasized.

He added that there is now an urgent need to bridge the gap between the outputs of universities and the demands of the labor market due to the sudden rapid changes that the world is witnessing. On the great role of Amman Arab University in supporting youth and students innovation and creativity, we wish you further progress and success.

In his speech, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Dr. Omar Al-Jazi, expressed the feelings of joy and pleasure in this meeting, this good meeting and the leading elite who carry the secretariat of responsibility towards the educational process, especially higher education in our precious country, and who strive for the goals of educational institutions in general and to achieve the vision of Jordanian universities and to implement its strategic plans within the framework of focusing on the development of scientific research therein with the support and partnership with the public and private sector to achieve its educational outcomes to improve him.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Al-Widyan, President of Amman Arab University, welcomed the university’s guests, saying: “In his name and on behalf of Amman Arab University, we welcome everyone to the university, especially the Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, who praises him for his protection of this conference, which is added to his great efforts in his continued support for educational institutions and his leading contributions in the field of information and communication technology at national and regional levels, and he also welcomed academics and researchers. from within and outside Jordan of fraternal and friendly countries, appreciates their participation in the work of the Fourth International Scientific Conference in Computer and Computer Science, which comes within a series of conferences held by the College of Computer and Computer Science in collaboration with specialist Academics and experts at local, regional and international level.

In turn, the conference president, Dean of the Faculty of Computer and Computer Science at Amman Arab University, Dr. Hussam Al-Hamad, indicated that this scientific conference for this year is coming as an extension and development of a series of conferences held by the college, in which researchers and specialists from all countries share their experiences and expertise through their scientific papers, in public and via electronic platforms.The conference program includes axes in artificial intelligence, cyber security, computer science, cloud computing, virtual and augmented reality. technologies, and others. This benefits them in light of the modern digital revolution that has affected all walks of life.

Al-Hamad added that this year the conference received a total of 82 scientific papers evaluated by specialized scientific committees from within and outside the university, world-class, such as Scopus, Web of Science, and others.

It is noteworthy that on the sidelines of the conference, Hanandeh reviewed the technologies and technological equipment used in teaching at the Amman Arab University, as virtual and augmented reality techniques used in the teaching of subjects in all university faculties, which students in enabling interaction with three-dimensional models such as aircraft engines, dismantling and reinstallation, Al-Hananda also showed him the smart educational infrastructure for all the university’s classrooms, which provides live broadcasts and recordings of all lectures within the academic program and enables students set to access lectures at any time.

At the end of the ceremony, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees and the President of the University presented the university’s shield to the sponsor of the ceremony out of appreciation for his presence at the Amman Arab University and his sponsorship of the opening ceremony of the conference. .

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