Beyond the Holy Quran Memorization Society

In our country, the process of opposing the Islamic renaissance project differs in seriousness and flexibility, brutality and indulgence. However, the eye is not mistaken that our Arab and Islamic countries have become part of a complex system of authorities that subject become, involuntarily or voluntarily, following a trend or even a global scheme, to keep Islamic genius in a state of idleness, stagnation and inefficiency. And when this system feels that there is a movement in the body of this genius that indicates his awakening, it evokes all the powers of the world to return him to a state of “coma” because his awakening the movement of the rotation of the entire globe will reflect, and the world’s command center will immediately move to this East!

The picture is very complicated and dismantling it requires patience and long understanding, but when you possess the “key” of the main lock of understanding, you will find that all the missing links have appeared to you, and the scene is complete, and perhaps even all the puzzles that surround us from all sides are taken apart, starting with the printing of flowers. Spring ”led to the incitement of the Sunni-Shiite conflict, through the destruction of the port of Beirut (!) In favor of the ports of the Zionist entity, and a series of coups against the” legitimacy “of the ballot boxes (Turkey , Egypt, Tunisia … for example), and the impoverishment and famine of rich oil countries (like Iraq and Algeria, for example!) And the cultivation and production of absurd interstate and secret wars, and all this is under the protection of a large title that mocked many, though it has become a shameless reality, which is the fattening of “Great Israel” and its “influence” does not expand. only to what is between the Euphrates and the Nile River, and its involuntary or voluntary entry into Arab-Hebrew alliances, but rather to the bedrooms of Arabs, and the determination of the quality of the “morning memories” which the scholars of the sultans assumed to recite before the ears of their people!

Not to inform the “enemies” of the conspiracy mentality, they issued the “red card” in protest against the “exaggeration!” Our vision, we remind them only of a series of direct and indirect wars waged by more than one contemporary “Hulagu” against Islam and Muslims, and their symbols of faith, from the French Republic of “liberties”, perpetrated by the European go right. and its satanic parties, up to and including the declared war officially launched by governments against “Invading Indian Muslims!” The Uyghurs, the Rohingya and the Bosnian Muslims before them, and many other “satanic verses” that occur to us from time to time, all aiming at the immediate physical and moral “extinction” of the breath of that genius that frightens them everyone!

Thus, the case is not related to the mentality of a conspiracy, and the production of threads of plans and “false” programs for a violent attack that targets the “scepter” of the East and keeps it in its sheath. And it controls the fortunes. of his people, to the restoration of the balance of justice on his level that has been absent from the earth since it ruled the world. A green, decorated paper is actually worth nothing but the value of “wood” and the ink that it consists of, and it is the “dollar”, but it is in the balance of efficiency that keeps the necks of millions and raises and puts people and countries!

To confirm our “extremism”, it is sufficient to compare the war waged by the masters of the “Forums” of the West and their followers against religion in its general sense, including this Christian religion (to enforce homosexuality , it too legal, too legal). it and its normalization in the collective imagination, the destruction of the family, the story of a single mother, and …) and based on it thereby the entity of the terrorist Zionist enemy by the religious Jewish organizations, parties and groups , and allow them to be invaded by the military and security services, and keep them in the joints of decision-making, allowing them to impose their vision on the whole image of the entity and its orientations.

The case is not related to the mentality of a conspiracy, and the production of threads of “false” plans and programs for a violent attack that targets the “scepter” of the East and keeps it in its sheath, with the fates of his people, to the restoration of the balance of justice on his level, which was absent on earth.

In conclusion, it seems that the process of “targeting” and limiting the role of memorizing the Holy Qur’an in Jordan, Palestine and other Muslim countries is a point in the sea of ​​the great “conspiracy” so that the genius does not wake up not. out of his coma, but rather try to kill him than they can, and they do not achieve this goal, for He gets his life from a divine breathing apparatus, and the Lord of Glory has promised to give him the life elixir. (Indeed, we have sent down the remembrance, and we will preserve it / Al-Hijr 9).

Perhaps the key to this target process is that Dr Suhair Al-Sukari, a linguist, mentioned in a video circulated on the internet, in which she explained a number of missing or hidden facts in this case. She said that the Western child has a linguistic count of 16,000 words when he is three years old, while The Arabic child is limited to the colloquial language, which is the mother tongue at home, and the colloquial language is unfortunately limited and the sum is only 3000 words what the child learns This is frightening and dangerous information, and it means that the nation is lost or almost lost.

Dr. Sukkari refers here to what was mentioned in the book “Revolutionary Islam” by Jessen, as he says that the English and the French, when the Caliphate state collapsed and they inherited it as occupiers, jointly conducted a study on the reason for the strength of the Muslim man, which enabled Muslims to conquer the world from the Atlantic Ocean to Vienna, and they found that the Muslim child goes from the age of 3 to 6 years to the book and the Noble Quran at that age from 6 memorizes to 7 years, then he studies the Alfiya Ibn Malik, which is 1000 verses that contain all the rules of the classical Arabic language, so now we have a powerful child who is 7 years old, and he has a rich linguistic outcome. to the number of words of the millennium, he has the number of words in the Holy Qur’an, which is seventy-seven thousand four hundred and thirty-nine words.

This is why the English and the French concluded from this joint study that the reason for the mighty power of the Muslim individual is the Koran and the Koran memorization books, so that France the schools in Africa and all the schools under his control, such as Lebanon and Syria, while Britain created in the countries they mandated or occupied, rather the type of schools “Al-Haditha” that accept children at the age of 6 years, and thus lost the most important period of the child of achievement in his life, which is from the date of his birth to about 12 years old, and when the child goes to school at the age of 6 years, he will learn words in standard Arabic and that is not what he learned not at home in terms of words Spoken language is completely different from school, so the child finds himself and the Arabic language for him is a foreign language for him and difficult to achieve, and he begins a stage of hatred his language from childhood. Of course, this was accompanied by the abolition of the traditional teaching pattern based on children’s memorization of the Holy Qur’an, and this is what the Association for the Preservation of the Holy Qur’an, and its peers in Islamic countries, is doing, a measure that amounts to on a coup against Western plans, and the return of the Muslim child to its origins, so the process of pursuing the owners of the religious education project is underway. , trying to get those plans off the West!

What is going on is far beyond the efforts to limit the centers of memorization of the Holy Quran. It is a complex, complex and cruel program, ultimately aimed at keeping the nation in a state of fluidity and getting it out. of the process of making his new glorious history, the signs of which are beginning to appear on the horizon!

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