Housing complexes..modern solutions that meet the requirements of young people

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The issue of housing for citizens is an absolute priority in government plans, and housing institutions have devised designs and models such as integrated housing complexes and “housing buildings” with the aim of making optimal use of the available spaces, and reducing the obligations of beneficiaries. , especially young people who are on the verge of forming new families, instead of the large housing that entails They have more financial obligations.

The Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure represented by the “Sheikh Zayed Housing Program” and the “Mohammed bin Rashid Housing Establishment” are making great efforts to promote this trend, as the latter “residential buildings” have implemented projects in a step to meet the needs to provide. of some target groups, while “Zayed Housing” seeks to conduct a comprehensive review of housing designs, and to re-study it to make the most of it, as well as the efforts made in collaboration with the Federal Youth Foundation, by the Ministry’s Youth Council to ‘to hold youth workshops, to raise the awareness of new generations, to take new and practical directions, for the benefit of all, Especially since there is a decision of the Council of Ministers for Youth Awareness Policy, which determines the need to complete’ a training course on the basic principles of housing construction, for all applicants for housing services from the youth category, between the ages of 18 and 35 years, and then submit a certificate of completion of the training course on the list of documents required to apply apply for a home loan or grant from the “Zayed Housing” program.

Design review

Engineer Mohammed Al-Mansoori, director general of the Sheikh Zayed housing program, said the housing complexes implemented by the program in all the Emirates are distinguished by their high-end services and quality of life, indicating that there is a huge demand is to take advantage. of these projects.

He added that the program has a strategy in which it anticipates the housing needs of citizens in the coming years to improve the plans of the UAE government and the visions of the country’s leaders.

He added that a comprehensive review of housing designs is being done, and is being re-studied in line with the new conditions created by the Corona pandemic, with the aim of making optimal use of the available spaces, and internal facilities on a practical way to redistribute. , and note that they are also studying the idea of ​​the possibility of implementing “housing buildings” projects to consider the feasibility of implementing them or not, and the extent to which the beneficiaries are interested in it, and for this they will seek to establish youth circles hold, through which these proposals will be studied and discussed with the youth of the state, to know their views on them and to consider how to develop such ideas, in order to benefit all, while the coming That is, in the light of the limited construction land that can be implemented for large housing projects, especially in areas with a special geographical nature, such as mountains and unpaved lands.

He explained that they are working on the new housing designs to enable future expansion, so that young people who come to form a family will benefit from it, instead of large housing units that carry greater financial obligations, which puts a burden on some of them, especially at the beginning of their working life.And he indicated that this step enables them to handle the existing building, and to be able to expand in the future with the increase in the number of family members. emphasizes that the provision of adequate housing that meets the needs of citizens is something they are eager to do, in order to improve the well-being and happiness of citizens and to achieve a decent existence for them. Within the framework of the mandates of state leadership the standards of quality of life.

community awareness

He pointed out that they are committed to providing quality and innovative workshops to ensure the awareness of the country’s youth, regarding the acquisition of housing and the knowledge of the basic principles of construction for those who build their own homes , which avoids errors, and contributes to increasing the quality and sustainability of construction.

He pointed out that the Emirates Infrastructure and Housing Council plays an important role and establishes an effective and ambitious partnership between federal and local government agencies and the private sector, to develop a comprehensive vision to address issues and challenges facing the housing sector. related, in order to define the strategic vision and work priorities for the next fifty years, and to ensure the alignment and integration of policies Infrastructure and housing strategies at state level, in addition to the proposed legislation and policies aimed at on the happiness of the citizen and around a decent life for him and his family.

new models

Engineer Mohammed Ahmed Burhima, Assistant Executive Director of Engineering at the Mohammed bin Rashid Housing, said the design of new housing models is an objective they seek to promote in their projects, especially those related to “housing buildings”, which suits all categories of beneficiaries. , referring to the residential building projects they have implemented, including Al Quoz Residential Complex, which consists of 96 residential units, and Al Muhaisnah Residential Complex, which consists of 464 residential units.

And he indicated that these projects would ideally utilize the foundations of the foundation, as well as provide rapid housing units for critical humanitarian cases, adding that the residential building projects are characterized by large utilization of the available spaces, especially with regard to vertical expansion, which is one of the solutions to confront the limited land, which Suitable for the implementation of housing complexes.

adequate housing

He addressed the Al Quoz Residential Complex construction project, which meets the urgent housing needs of citizens in the Emirate of Dubai, and quickly provided adequate housing for non-extended families, through the Foundation’s plan to reduce the waiting years for housing assistance.

Burhaima continued, the fourth Muhaisnah building project comes at an estimated cost of 415 million dirhams, and it consists of 20 local-style residential buildings consisting of a ground floor and 4 repeated floors, and the ground floor consists From the main entrance, car parking and service rooms, and the project land area is 522 000 square feet. The buildings include 464 apartments, including 64 apartments consisting of one bedroom and a hall, with an area of ​​1,150 square feet, 368 apartments consisting of two bedrooms and a hall, with an area of 1,700 square feet, and 32 apartments consisting of three bedrooms and a hall, with an area of ​​2,150 square feet, and a room for the auxiliary category in all areas. The apartments and buildings also contain 48 lifts and 44 stairs, and about 600 parking spaces.

specific cases

He said the beneficiaries of the project are the non-extended families of single, marital and triple cases, while these buildings take into account the privacy of citizens as it has the presence of integrated services including many service facilities such as green , improve. spaces, indoor gardens, shaded play areas for children and outdoor sports equipment And a walking track, chapels for men and women, and special parking spaces for residents and visitors, with 24-hour waiting services.

He said: The Foundation had previously implemented the Al Quoz buildings project, which consisted of 96 apartments in the Al Quoz second area, where it was distributed to the beneficiaries, which are 3 residential buildings at a cost of 98 million dirhams, built on a land with a total area of ​​153,000 square feet, and the project consists of a ground floor and a number of 3 repeated floors connected in the form of a letter ( u), and the flats are of 3 types divided into 18 flats consisting of one bedroom and a hall, 48 flats consisting of two bedrooms and a hall, and 30 flats consisting of 3 bedrooms and a one-room hall For the additional category in all apartments without exception, the project includes parking, a prayer hall, and play areas for children, as well as green spaces between the buildings, waiting rooms and other service facilities.

high specifications

He said the Corporation takes into account security and safety procedures in all its projects, especially “construction projects”, with regard to fire-fighting, by fire alarms, fire control systems, smoke detectors, closed-circuit television monitoring systems and electronically connected central internal call systems. the General Directorate of Civil Defense by means of a device (7/24) around the clock, in addition to providing an evacuation call system in construction projects in the event of a fire.

He pointed out that there is also an extinguishing system in construction projects, inside the electricity, control and communication rooms, to ensure the safety of appliances in the event of a fire, in addition to providing a water immersion system on the roofs around the central guest tank, and that each apartment in the buildings contains a fire extinguisher in the kitchens, and a blanket Fire resistant, smoke detector in all rooms, heat detector in kitchens, and these appliances are all connected to a main control panel.

discuss ideas

Citizen Mohammed Obaid Al-Hindasi said the submission of ideas for new housing models should be widely accepted by the beneficiaries, especially as Emirati society has its own customs and lifestyle in which it depends on family expansion, and the presence of houses that are characterized is by interior. designs and spaces that match the details of their daily lives, pointing out that with the presence of new generations having to provide future housing for them, as some of these ideas may be acceptable to them, especially the young people who are on the verge of To get married, whose family needs are still somewhat small, in addition to reducing spending on the large spaces provided by the ordinary houses in which they live.

family extension

He added that the provision of future housing needs is necessary, and therefore the submission of such ideas at present will not suit some people, but it may be acceptable in the future, and therefore it is very important to increase the awareness of young people and discuss these new ideas. face the various challenges that officials have to face and provide solutions to them.

Al-Handasy expressed its acceptance for the implementation of the ideas of housing models such as villas with medium spaces within a (residential complex) “compound”, taking into account the family expansion if possible, and at the same time expressed its skepticism about the acceptance of the idea of ​​”housing buildings”, as it does not take into account our uses, and other details that It does not provide optimal convenience to the beneficiary.


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