On the 9th anniversary of the June 30 revolution..Egypt witnessed a major technological revolution..Details

Written by: Mona Lamp

The nine years since the June 30 revolution have witnessed the launch of a major technological revolution that began with an interest in emerging or emerging technologies, specifically two years after its creation, where digital transformation took place, and the use of artificial intelligence strategies began, and in 2019, after 6 years, the peak of development came, and we established a national strategy for Egypt. It was adopted by the Ministry of Communications in collaboration with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and then we now have the chairmanship of the Climate Change Conference equipped with chain technology, which will be held next November in Sharm El-Sheikh.

Egypt could open new horizons for cooperation and investment opportunities between different countries around the world The field of communication and information technologyAnd we have the establishment of departments for the faculties of computers and information andArtificial intelligence within Egyptian universitiesAnd smart hospitals that work with Internet of Things technologies, buildings for technology companies and other buildings within the administrative capital designed with fifth and sixth generation technology, and Egypt has also become a partner for major international companies in this field such as Microsoft, Google and others.

Dr. Ashraf Darwish, professor of artificial intelligence, says that since his inauguration, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi has been interested in the technology, information and digital transformation sector, and the interest in emerging or emerging technologies took place after the revolution, when digital transformation and AI strategies became the key results and outputs of the revolution, noting that the state’s artificial intelligence strategy in 2019 focused on studying it and its impact on various applications in the public sector such as health care, agriculture, industry and education, so it established the Digital Transformation Board to take care of the role of technology in the development of society, and digital transformation began to appear and intervene with e-government in the period between 2013 and 2019, but it did not have one times, but gradually entered the concept of e-government in various ministries.

He added that the summit of this development became clear after the establishment of the National Council for Artificial Intelligence, which includes all sectors of the state, and covered the main axes such as health, education, industry, agriculture and space sciences. Through smart healthcare systems that are capable of predicting diseases, for example the robot that appears in smart hospitals, saves patients through the internet of things, and helps the doctor make a quick decision, and in space science, Egypt entered the world of space through the space agency. The Egyptian Presidency of the Republic, and could predict the discovery of failures faced by the satellites in the performance of their tasks, or the occurrence of any malfunction in any part of the satellite. The Internet of Things, which detects and analyzes diseases that affect plants, then predicts when to collect crops before they are damaged, and analyzes soil and its properties, water and the percentage of its pollution.

Darwish said that Egypt has succeeded in using digital twins, which has revolutionized the world of industry as it relies on producing a small model on the computer for the devices to be manufactured, and then this model (with real planes and cars) connected by the internet of things, and so the big costs and mistakes disappeared. Egypt has not neglected the role of artificial intelligence in addressing climate change and predicting floods, hurricanes and rain, and therefore Egypt has been nominated as chair of the Climate Change Conference, and called for it next November, under the auspices of the United Nations , emphasizes that this conference puts Egypt on the first steps to implement The technology of chains, which was first used in the climate agreement held in Paris 2015, to force countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and force them to a complex system to follow that is difficult to evade. .

Dr. Sherif Nafie, a teacher in the Department of Journalism at the Faculty of Mass Communication, tells us about the scientific research he prepared at the University of Cairo and the recipient of the Best Scientific Research Award at the International Scientific Conference of the Faculty of Mass Communication, Cairo University , which monitors the steps for the implementation of Egypt’s digital strategy in digital media, and states that part of the State’s orientation is to pay attention to the file of artificial intelligence, and the National Council for Artificial Intelligence was established, and public universities have begun to take care of what is being raised worldwide, and the Faculty of Computing and Information at the University of Cairo has changed into the Faculty of Computers, Information and Artificial Intelligence, and a number of other faculties of computers and information in Egypt are due to the role of artificial int elegance to influence the future of the labor market and provide jobs to young people.

Dr. Nasser Al-Aasar, a professor at the Misr International University of Science and Technology, points out that the digital age of Egypt began since President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi took over the presidency, and he used the term “New Republic” to refer to the digital republic. This is why the development of all governorates, entities and everything related to technological thinking came about. And digitalisation of organizational structures within all sectors of the state, to help citizens carry out their tasks without fatigue and double effort, as well as providing specialists in digital transactions The current implementation period represents in collaboration between government agencies and some of them, and between government agencies and citizens.

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