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Science activities in the summer allow children to discover their desires and tendencies, so they will have no problem choosing their future directions.

The summer vacation for Algerian children at school lasts more than 3 months, which is a long period that usually encourages parents to look for activities and science programs that allow their children to use their time to acquire new knowledge and learn skills that their scientific careers in the future.

Revive field science activities

Through a set of initiatives, thousands of Algerian children receive extensive scientific training during the period from June to September within the framework of summer camps, spread across various disciplines, including astronomy and space sciences, robotics, artificial intelligence and programming, and biology sciences. Chemistry and nutrition.

These field science activities are the first of their kind since the spread of the Corona epidemic. The Suhail Society for Astronomy and Space Sciences launched the Scientific Caravan for Children on May 20 to reach its seventh stop on June 24, in its journey in which it wanders through the villages of Wilayat (Governor) Laghouat in southern Algeria.

Sohail Association launched the Child Scientific Caravan last month (social networking sites)

In an interview with Al Jazeera Net, the association’s president, Rayan Hisham, said of this initiative: “The idea of ​​launching the Scientific Caravan for Children was a project between our association that specializes in scientific and astronomical activities and the Torart Association specializing in audiovisual summer when the child is free to be active.

The speaker added that the caravan works to integrate children into astronomy by using games and puzzles that make scientific terms easy to memorize, improve children’s confidence and train them to compete and challenge, while astronomy workshops and expeditions be arranged.

Speaking about the interest in these scientific activities among Algerian parents, Rayan Hisham spoke to Al Jazeera Net, saying: due to the possibility of highlighting the talents of children in various fields, as the number of children attached to Each caravan has 600 children.

Innovative ways to bring the child closer to science

All the initiatives aimed at simplifying science for children during the summer holidays are of interest to Algerian parents, especially those offered by the Academy of Technology, which works in this field, similar to the summer camp for children, which ‘ include a range of scientific activities. in the field of robotics and intelligence Synthetic, biology, chemistry, physics and other activities in technical English, by teaching children various technical and scientific vocabulary in English for its importance in science.

Regarding these activities, Yasmine Hashi, an official at the Academy, told Al Jazeera Net, “Summer camps are very important for the child, and we try to use the summer to expand the child’s knowledge and skills in scientific fields. develops such as robots and mobile applications, and reminds him of the concepts he studied in mathematics, such as arithmetic operations. ” and abstract laws, and to explain how to actually use and use them. This method, according to Yasmine, allows the delivery of technical information taught in universities to children in a simple and smooth way.

Hajar Muhammad Al-Saghir, who is in charge of the Academy of “Techmology” on how to introduce chemistry and biology to children, said in her speech to Al Jazeera Net: “We provide introductory applied activities within 10 minutes to children excited to explore more, and then let them do experiments and draw their own conclusions, And to become familiar with the basics of each science, make sure to bring the children closer to what they studied in school, that is, the formal program, while emphasizing the applied aspect of it, and thus gaining scientific experience.

Children during a robotics workshop with the Academy of Technology (social networking sites)

Unlimited Science Options

In view of the diversity of scientific activities aimed at children, Rayan Hisham believes that parents should give their children the freedom to choose the type of scientific activity they want to practice, but it is very important that the child in the summer at the join activities to use his time in something positive and engage in collective life that gives the child benefits Positive and purposeful that make him a vital citizen in the future and contribute to the creation of an empowered scientific generation.

The association is working to continue the scientific convoy to deliver it to a larger number of children, especially to the disadvantaged and those living outside the city, in addition to other activities such as the small astronomical camp in which children learn astronomical observation techniques, astrophotography and how to mix a love of nature and camp with astronomy, with short courses in robotics, photography and that to prepare for participation in various competitions.

Says Yasmine Hashi, “I designed science kits to simplify science for children aged 6 to 7, in the field of robotics, which are boxes containing electronic elements of cars, electronic cards and the mechanical structure of the robot. of these kits are to train the child to learn the principles of mechanics and electronics, and programming, not just installation, with a series of explanatory videos on YouTube in Arabic, French and English to help him solve complex issues understand.”

Summer is an opportunity to simplify science for children

It seems that Algerian parents have changed a lot in their view of activities aimed at children today, as the scientific activity has become the attention of parents, due to the great passion that children attach to technology, artificial intelligence, astronomy and robotics, and this is what forced parents to keep up with the ambition of their children.

In this context, Maryam Bin Saleh (mother of two children) says, “Summer camps are an irreplaceable opportunity, especially after the period of closure due to Corona, it makes our children more open to science and more passionate about it; my 7 year old child knows more things than I do in technical sciences. “.

To spread this awareness, the Academy of Technology organizes exhibitions in various regions, to get close to parents, to educate them about the importance of scientific summer camps and to organize their children’s time, which enables the child to connect to keep up with what he studied in school. On this matter, Alaeddin Belmomen told Al Jazeera Net: “I have registered my son in the astronomy camp because he is obsessed with this science, and I am proud of him and hope he achieves his ambition in it.”

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