Strengthening the personality of the child at the age of 3 years

At the age of three, the child becomes a different personality; As it goes through a number of changes in its internal composition and way of thinking, there are skills that appear and others that need your guidance and support

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Oh mother, to appear and take her place is accompanied by the need to differ in the way you treat your child, and the goal in the end is to lead a healthy life and a strong personality. To learn about ways to strengthen the personality of the child at the age of 3 years, the meeting with Dr. was to ensure. Ihsan Abdel Aziz, a teacher Behavior Modification.

3-year-old child’s potential
First, if the mother gets to know her child’s potential, his motor, mental and cognitive skills .. his tendencies and his passion for some needs .. and gives him love and attention .. he will become a strong personality.
a 3-year-old is more independent, strong and a desire to enforce control, in addition to his curiosity and a kind of great passion to know the details of everything that revolves around him.
He has many tantrums if you refuse or do not understand his desires; At the time, he feels nothing but rejection, and his candid response is nothing more than an attempt to prove himself.

Share your child’s imagination..and believe it

The child’s imagination begins to emerge; He imagines things, sees them, treats them as a reality and expects you to act the same way.
At this age your child does not understand the concept of honesty and lies. He is very honest and believes the imagination he is talking about. He considers it to be true even though it does not exist.
He is characterized by curiosity at this age, and his favorite word that prevails at this age (why?), And your response to his questions will play a big role in shaping his personality.

Be a friend of your child
One of the most important principles of communication at this age with your child is to listen carefully to what he is saying, and to be patient until he has finished his speech completely to understand what he wants and what he is aiming for.
Do not distract your child and do not get nervous before a wrong act he does, and it is a big mistake. Do not do it, wait to calm down and listen to your child.
Curiosity is an instinct, and it is clearly evident in the child at the age of 3 years, and the intelligent mother is the one who satisfies the curiosity of her children, and encourages them more to ask and think about everything. continue.
It’s a way to raise smart, independent kids with a bright future, and if you’m not ready to respond .. go check it out and answer it in a timely manner.
Do not underestimate his words, and his honesty, even if he expands his imagination and mixes with reality, because it is very frustrating for the child, and leads to many negative results, the most important of which is lack of confidence and frustration.

Take your child’s words seriously
Do not punish your child violently, otherwise he will not be able to express his feelings and dreams in front of you again. Take your child’s talk seriously, at this age the child does not know the meaning of deception or lies.
The child at this age has a great willingness to know and abide by the rules in everything, so the focus at this stage should be to lay the foundations of public morals .. and if I misunderstand and be calm .
Like .. the etiquette of eating, playing with friends, dealing with visiting family members, and in case your child does not comply at times, the solution is patience and not violence.

Strengthening the personality of the child at the age of 3 years
It is a complex and intertwined process, with stages beginning from birth to puberty; Your kindness, care, concern and restraint for your child since birth .. show him with a strong and clear personality.
The child’s conscience and impressions are formed in his subconscious, which is like a sponge that absorbs everything that revolves around him … and is reflected in his actions and reactions.
The stage of speech and movement, after completing his second year, is an expressive stage to download everything he feels, and with it he acquires normal behaviors that help to strengthen his personality. Pay attention to hearing him and handed over new vocabulary to him.
The strengthening of the child’s personality is linked to the way the parents are raised, and therefore the child’s strong personality assets are supported by the parents, with their normal behavior while handling the child since birth.
Give your child space to act … In simple matters, during the third year, let him rely on himself in some of the things he can handle on his own, such as eating alone.
Also give him several options to choose his food or the colors of his clothes and so on; The choice of a child at this age is a preparation for the most important choices in his life.
Praise your constant praise for his actions, and not directly for him, and make sure that his young age does not prevent him from feeling sincere compliments.
Refrain from comparing your child with others as it is painful and fatal to the child’s self – confidence, so abstain from it and encourage his own achievements without any comparisons.
Avoid making fun of your child or naming your child names he does not like, even jokingly, as this will weaken his personality, and he will be more prone to bullying when he mixes with others in the future.

Be a good example for your child
Develop his mental and motor abilities on an ongoing basis, and let him take responsibility by participating in household chores.
Make sure and be confident that the set of house and life rules will help strengthen the child’s personality.
Do not expect your child to do the right thing without teaching him his rules, and tell him to try every rule at home and abroad in a simple way.
Explain to your child the danger of misbehaving, as he may not be convinced unless he practices it himself, and watch him if you tell him not to approach a candle or a hot cup, for example.
When your child behaves in a way you do not like, treat his behavior wisely and talk calmly with him about the seriousness of what he has done.
Your child at this age needs someone who listens to him, understands his concerns and appreciates his needs, even if you can not do everything he asks.
Give your child the opportunity to come up with suggestions to deal with problems, explain the consequences of each action to him and take his opinion if it is right .. all in a style and vocabulary that suits his age.
Maintain a consistent daily routine with your child, such as going to bed at a set time, or eating according to set schedules; To get him used to order and dedication.

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