The best used cars for less than 50 thousand Saudi Riyal

Many people are looking for the best cars at a price of less than 50 thousand Saudi Riyal in light of the current high prices for vehicles of all kinds. The markets also contain many used cars, which is an opportunity to buy a car with good specifications at a low price. We show used cars for less than 50 thousand riyals.

Typical options for the cheapest cars:

In terms of performance and quality, we will review the cheapest cars in Saudi Arabia that offer good quality and perfect features.

Nissan Pathfinder 2014:

Nissan Pathfinder 2014

• This is an SUV. • The car is considered to be one of the powerful cars with a streamlined design. It has four doors with side mirrors for a clear view of the driver. From the inside, it is considered one of the good cars in terms of comfort and space, and it is designed and manufactured from good materials, and it has many safety and security features. • The car’s fuel consumption is good, as well as the smart features that help the driver to enjoy perfect driving. • Its price in the Saudi market is about 42 000 riyal.

Ford Explorer 2015:

Ford Explorer 2015

• ABS brake system. • EBD electronic brake distribution system. • Fog lights front and rear. • The steering wheel is made of leather. • The car has leather upholstery. • Electric mirrors, with signals available. • The rear seats are foldable to save more space. • Air bag. • Air conditioning openings. • It operates a sound system consisting of four excellent speakers. • It has front and rear loading ports. • The car’s exterior design is strong and withstands harsh conditions. • Touch screen modes. • FM radio. • USB ports. • Its price in the Saudi market is about 44 500 riyal.

Accent 2017:

Accent 2017

• Premium warranty. • Forward collision warning feature. • Good fuel consumption. • Good and spacious seats. • An economical price and available to everyone. • Stereo composed of earphones that work well. • The car is built in good quality. • Keyless entry. • Available with alloy wheels. • A rear view camera is also available. • Customizable speed control is also available. • Automatic emergency brake function. • Its price in the Saudi market is about 25 000 riyal.

Hyundai Sonata 2018:

Hyundai Sonata 2018

• A good sedans-type car. • Good fuel consumption rate. • The car has a working air conditioner. • The car comes with a distinctive and elegant exterior design that combines a combination of luxury and power. • As for the inside; The car is ergonomically designed and accommodates passengers perfectly. • Touch screen information. • Memory for the driver’s seat is available. • It has many technical advantages and means of security and safety. • The seats are designed in leather. • Panoramic sunroof. • The car seats are well designed and offer great comfort to the passengers. • Its price in the Saudi market is about 38 000 riyal.

Elantra 2018:

Elantra 2018

• Stylish and modern look. • The car has good fuel consumption. • The interior is manufactured with perfect materials and design method. • Front storage drawer and front and rear door storage compartments. • It has a long list of standard features as well as safety features. • It has headrests front and rear. • Control of most of the technology by the steering wheel of the car. • Easily controllable steering wheel. • The glass works electrically front and rear. • Contains a rear window fume hood. • Include a steering wheel with heating system. • Light and rain sensors. • Fold up rear seats to increase luggage space. • Its price in the Saudi market is about 40 000 riyal.

Features of exterior and interior design:

Cars share the common features of the exterior design, where there are common features in the design pursued by the car manufacturers, the most important of which are: • Bright LED lights during the day and night. • Strong designs that keep pace with the global market. • Front and rear buffers. • A windscreen whose shape differs with the type of car. • Door handles often come in the same color as the outside. • Rear exhaust or two exhaust, depending on the type of car and its engine power. • Large rims and strong tires that withstand difficult road conditions. • Back pocket that opens easily. • Side mirrors that open and close easily and provide a good field of view.

Key features of interior design:

Many of the common internal features in general in the interior design of cars, including the following: • Numerous information and entertainment systems. • Spacious and comfortable cabin. • The car from the inside comfortably accommodates five to eight people. • The ability to isolate external sound at high noise or at high speeds. • Chairs are adjustable in various directions and easy. • Airbags discharge automatically in the event of a collision. • Seat belts for passengers. • A touch screen and information that works in an easy and simple way. • A storage space in front of the driver’s chair. • Fold up rear seats to increase luggage space in some cars. • Handhakies. • Large windscreen provides an optimal field of view.

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