The Egyptian Academy of Arts in Rome concludes its cultural season with performances by Reda Troupe

Under the protection of the artist, dr. Enas Abdel Dayem, Minister of Culture, Dr. Khaled El-Anany, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, gave a lecture on the leading efforts of the Egyptian state to promote tourism, accompanied by a presentation of the most important monuments, archaeological discoveries, specialized projects, exhibitions and museums that will be opened in Egypt.

It came at the end of the cultural season of the Egyptian Academy of Arts in Rome, led by dr. Heba Youssef, and in the presence of Plenipotentiary Minister Nagy Ghaba, Acting Egyptian Ambassador to Italy, Ambassador Mahmoud Talaat, Egypt’s Ambassador to the Vatican, and a group of Egyptian and Arab diplomats, cultural advisers, directors of the corresponding art academies in Rome, members of the Egyptian community and the public Italians.

Dr. Enas Abdel Dayem said that the lecture by dr. Khaled El-Anany, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, comes to the end of the season of the Egyptian Academy of Arts in Rome as a continuation of the successful collaboration between the Ministries of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities, which in many events in different parts of Egypt were manifested to consolidate the idea of ​​cultural and artistic tourism, adding that the Egyptian Academy of Arts in Rome represents one of the diplomatic arms of the national soft forces and contributes to supporting the dialogue of cultures between Egypt and Europe and to strengthen, and note that his cultural season included many activities aimed at building bridges of intellectual and artistic communication with Italian society and shedding light on the creative movement in Egypt.

The lecture was followed by a presentation by the Reda Folklore Troupe, affiliated with the Folk and Performing Arts sector, led by artist Adel Abdo, which included a group of his most famous performance cards featuring folklore in various parts of Egypt expressed. other.

It is noteworthy that the cultural season of the Egyptian Academy of Arts in Rome 2021/2022 included several activities, namely:

– October 22, 2021: The cultural season 2021/2022 was opened under the name “Egypt – Italy … Civilization and Culture … Shared Horizons” in celebration of Port Said – the capital of Egyptian culture in 2021, by the foundation of an exhibition of historical documents in collaboration with the National Library and Documentation House A documentary film about the city of Port Said, prepared by the Academy, and an artistic presentation of the Port Said Troupe for Folklore

November 4, 2021: Celebration of the 99th anniversary of the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb with an exhibition by Italian artist Luigi Ballarin on the rituals of colors in ancient Egyptian art entitled “Under the Sky of Tutankhamun”, a lecture by Italian professor Stefania Sofra, and a documentary about Tutankhamun’s grave, in addition to Distinguished music performance for some of the Artistic Excellence Award students

25 and 26 November 2021: Celebration of International Children’s Day by holding workshops for Italian schoolchildren on the implementation of puppetry, Aragoz and the birthday bride of artist Mai Mohab

– 2 December 2021, an event on Egittomania – a seminar by Professor Dr. Isabella Campaniol on the influence of ancient Egyptian clothing on the design of clothing in the modern era Style from the Nile and a video presentation on the opening of the Rams Road

December 14, 2021: The celebration of the International Day of the Arabic Language (in collaboration with the Arab State University) includes an art exhibition with the participation of artists from different Arab countries (14 countries), a lecture by Dr. Valentini Bella Lanza from La Sapienza University, and an Arab music concert, attended by more than fifteen Arab ambassadors

January 12, 2022: A leading opera concert for the creative Egyptian soprano, Iman Mostafa, with the participation of Amr Talaat, a member of the State Prize for Artistic Creativity, and Italian artists.

– 25 February 2022: Celebration of the centenary of Dr. Tharwat Okasha, through an exhibition of historical documents in collaboration with the National Library and Documentation House and the Fine Arts sector, and a documentary on the steps of the relocation of Abu Simbel Temple, and a concert by Balance Band

– On 21 March 2022: a joint symposium between prof. dr. Zahi Hawass and the Italian art critic and historian Vittorio Sgarbi and moderated by the famous Italian journalist Roberto Jacopo, in collaboration with and in coordination with the Italian Benedetti Foundation, in addition to holding an exhibition of plastic art by artist Mirella Ventura entitled “Cleopatra”.

April 19, 2022: On the occasion of World Heritage Day, a documentary and a lecture by artist Mahinaz El-Messiri on how design affects the revival of cultural and heritage heritage, accompanied by an exhibition of the artist’s textile and interior design elements inspired by the ancient and contemporary Egyptian civilization heritage with the need for a pharaonic dance Inspired by the ancient Egyptian heritage of a member of the State Prize for Artistic Creativity, Amy Razik

14 May 2022: The participation of the Egyptian Academy in the activities of the Municipality of Rome, “Museums Night” Today, a large number of the Italian public, which exceeded more than two thousand visitors, were lovers of Egyptian civilization and culture

May 21, 2022: The Egyptian Academy’s participation in the OPEN HOUSE activity

It aims to shed light on and visit important buildings in terms of architecture in Rome, including the Egyptian Academy of Arts

– 26 May 2022: a lecture by the Italian professor Giulia Agrossi on the architecture of the royal palaces in Cairo and the restoration of Muhammad Ali Pasha’s palace and a concert with a member of the Amr Talaat Prize and the participation of Santa Cecilia Conservatory Artists in Rome

– 21 June 2022: a concert for the Cairo Steps Ensemble, with the company of His Excellency the Egyptian Minister of Culture, on the occasion of the European Music Day, and an art exhibition for the projects of the members of the State Prize for Artistic Creativity.

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