The student’s father, Naira, writes a report against a number of offensive pages for his daughter

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Today, Saturday, Ashraf Abdel Qader, the father of student Naira, the victim of treason in Mansoura, went to the city of Tanta in the Gharbia governor, accompanied by a number of lawyers to the branch of the General Administration of Information Technology and Fighting internet crimes in Tanta. Pound in return for giving up the case and the page for his daughter’s killer.

Naira’s father posted a screenshot to some pages on social media sites in Mansoura and others in Cairo, as well as one of the pages attributed to a woman asking through her page and through some polygamy sites for men, and a report no. 5 cases were edited in the Department of Information Technology and Combating Internet Crimes, adding that these pages offended them. This caused them great damage and conveyed false news that did not happen, indicating that he did not make these statements or of his family members. , and he did not want to give up his daughter’s blood and the execution of her killer.

Ashraf Abdel-Qader, the father of student Naira, the victim of betrayal in Mansoura, said during his visit, accompanied by his wife and daughter Hadeer, to the grave of his deceased daughter Naira in the cemeteries of Ezbet Hamad in the city. . of Mahalla al-Kubra in the Gharbia governor yesterday that he did not once and for all ask for any compensation for the murder of his daughter Naira, and that what happened was misunderstood, emphasizing that during a plea The family’s defense in court was among the requests and legal proceedings for civil compensation in the amount of one million pounds, and it is a procedure and legal formula recognized in court evidence.

Abdel-Qader stressed that he did not claim final compensation and would not accept monetary amounts in exchange for the waiver of his daughter’s right until the death sentence was imposed on the killer, adding that his daughter and nephews had some unknown received charges by asking them. for forgiveness and payment of 5 million pounds, and that the case is abandoned and it will not It never happens.

He added that he would not compromise on his daughter’s blood and would not accept any money and would write records against the abusive pages of his daughter and family as we had been subjected to severe abuse on social networking sites in recent days, and the family’s defense was instructed to submit communications against these pages.

Hadeer Ashraf, the older sister of late student Naira, demanded that I not publish photos of her sister on the communication websites due to the excessive abuse she was subjected to and the lack of respect for the family and the sanctity of the dead.

It is noteworthy that the family of student Naira Ashraf, the victim of betrayal in Mansoura, has announced his rejection of any attempts by some to raise sums of money and pay blood money in exchange for their pardon for the murder of their daughter Naira , emphasizes that he does not give up their daughter’s blood and condemns all those calls that have come through some social networking sites

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While Hadeer Ashraf, the older sister of student Naira, announced that she refuses to give up her younger sister’s blood and will not accept any blood or money in exchange for the pardon, and that the family is awaiting a death sentence for the killer and retaliation for her sister

The victim’s sister’s roar published the Count’s messages and the messages she received on her personal page on social media. the Mansoura University, justifies not harming the young man and that his family will leave the city of Mahalla al-Kubra and travel to Cairo and move away from the city after paying the blood money
And the older sister of Naira publishes a post on her personal page on social media, in which she reports that an anonymous Facebook account sent messages to the family and offered a large and friendly sum of money in exchange for the accused cut off the neck, accused Muhammad Adel, the third-year student at the Faculty of Arts, Mansoura, of killing the victim after referring his documents to a virtue.The Mufti took the legal opinion and the session of the sixth of this month July set to ratify the death sentence

On the other hand, the sister of Naira, a university student, on her personal page on the social networking site Facebook, expressed the family’s rejection of this offer, saying: “Evidence proves that we do not compensate for our sister’s blood do not accept. , for every drop of blood that falls from her is not equal to the filling of the land with gold. God’s time “

The family of Naira, a student at Mansoura University, was surprised by the presence of a Facebook account that sends messages with an offer of a sum of money of 5 million pounds, which can be increased to 6 or 7 million pounds as he places it.
And he collected this amount as a neck-blurring equivalent to forgive the accused, Muhammad Adel, who murdered their daughter, Naira
It is worth mentioning that Ashraf Abdel Qader, the father of student Naira, the victim of betrayal in Mansoura, announced that next Thursday will be the date for receiving his daughter’s condolences in one of the event halls in Al-Mahalla Al-Kubra in the Gharbia governor, after hearing the death sentence of the Mansoura criminal judge in the hearing of the sentence imposed on her next Wednesday.
And that the family has prepared for it and will never give up the right of their daughter Naira

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