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The TV channels were able, happily, unpaid, to pressure me to get rid of a habit I had developed since the war against Iraq, namely that I sleep with the TV on, and if everyone turns it off before I go to bed, the purpose of what I do is to turn off the sound. It is necessary to turn off the lights because there is a hormone that the brain does not produce except in the dark, and it is responsible for sleep. It seemed to me that the words of an astrologer, and astrologers, were lying, even if they were true. I sleep while the television set illuminates the room, even though the broadcasters and people are asleep, and their faces are childish. Their voices call to sleep. I did not sleep with the presence of the “screen monster” Jamal Rayan. I wish he would stop tweeting and arguing, because he replaces what is inferior with what is good!
Now it no longer bothers us to see news spread on the screen, preceded by the word “urgent”, which has shaken the conscience in the past. The “urgent” are rationalized, and they often no longer publish important news. The TV channels will need another word as “urgent”, or our situation will be like the people, when the Grand Mufti of Egypt Abdel Latif Hamza announced one year that tomorrow will complete the month of Sha’ban, based on the Saudi vision, and if the Kingdom changes its words after midnight, Tomorrow is the beginning of the holy month, she said.Egyptian television, with all its traditional aids, has failed to inform the general Egyptians of this, and it was, of course, the next day, for an employee to enter his workplace with a cigarette in his hand, or for an employee to sit while devouring the tamaiya sandwich with satisfaction and healing so that he could find it or This is he that saith unto them, If ye be troubled, then shut up;

Lack of taste:

In his program, Amr Adeeb criticizes us for, because of our political position and our presence outside Egypt, we have been deprived of “Ta’mia”, and we are told that we will never smell it, as if we were deprived of Muhammar and Muhammar Egyptian restaurants opened branches abroad, and when I was in the city of fog, I was surprised by someone who gave me good news that I had invited him for lunch, it would be in Foul and Tamiya restaurant , and the Portuguese was glad to discover the Cape of Good Hope, but I disappointed him when I told him that he was not in The matter is delicious, and I considered the type of food with beans and falafel as’ to define a scarcity of restaurants!
However, the trivialization of the word “urgent” is not the reason I get rid of the habit of sleeping on the spotlights of the screen. It was born in a state of indifference, so I do not bother to pay attention just to sit. “urgent.” Getting rid of this habit is caused by this incomprehensible preoccupation with news TV channels General in covering the events of the Russian war against Ukraine, and the competition between them, and there is nothing in this war that motivates us to pay attention. it’s enough just news at the end of the bulletin and before you move on to the meteorological bulletin!
Whoever told those in the newsrooms that the viewer was interested in the course of activities in this war, in which we have no elegance or senses, yet it had a great impact on us, not only in the wheat crisis, and because it caused insanely high prices in many countries of the region, But because it turned into a pen on which the Egyptian regime hangs its failure, it seems that Cairo was more affected by the war than Ukraine, and the pound’s collapse before the beast called the dollar was attributed to it, although the economic collapse in Egypt preceded Russia’s war against Ukraine, as well as the rise of the dollar, and before Therefore, the kurna, and the Russian currency remained consistent against the dollar, and if it has decreased, it is a deterioration that does not represent a burden on the citizen!
The Egyptian economy has a bright star, which is affected by the fresh air, so if the northwest winds blow, prices rise in Egypt, and if a Somali fights with his wife in their bedroom on the high seas, the Egyptian economy will be affected becomes, and if the American president suffocates, the Egyptian pound suffers from insomnia and fever!
We were harmed by the war against Ukraine with its real and imaginary consequences. The ruling people in Egypt do not recognize that the reason we are in the rush is to establish unprofitable projects, and to establish the largest mosque . the most luxurious church, the tallest minaret and the largest series of presidential palaces competing with the Kentucky chain.The obsession with building bridges, building the so-called new administrative capital, to be in debt, and the disasters it causes for the present and the future!
The Russian war against Ukraine came to them from the air, and that does not prevent it from having real consequences. We can notice this interest, which seems exaggerated, in the mighty invention of reducing dependence on wheat by growing potatoes. One of the experts discovered that bread can be made from Potatoes are made from a mixture of wheat and sweet potatoes, and for more than two weeks there has been no media coverage in Egypt other than this invention, and to the owner of the idea to look is like he invented corn!
Apart from these influences, I do not think that the Arab viewer cares about the Russo-Ukrainian war, even though hundreds of correspondents appear on the screen, from all parts of the world and from countries riding on elephants, and to cover the news deficit. , turns the reporter into a political analyst.The blow in the case will not create interest in the viewer who thinks the case is exaggerated!

Far from the eye:

Certainly, our hearts are with the Ukrainian people, who apparently decided that the West decided to sacrifice the last citizen of Ukraine if the price was the end of Putin, since his war apparently offers them the rope to sacrifice him with hangs, and yet it is not the atheist Soviet Union, which adopts hostility to religion, as it were. The old propaganda says, and Ukraine is not Afghanistan, in which the interest of the people in the region for the war continued with the extension of the years of the Russian invasion until it was defeated!
Interest in the war against Ukraine may have ceased after the first week, and the important news will be in its Russian occupation, or in Ukraine’s success in getting Putin to stop the war. As for the details of the murder of three, the burning of a tank, and the firing of a missile, this is routine news of no value, and Ukraine is far from the world. In the past, one of the Greek philosophers said: “Far from the eye, far from the heart. “It is true that this is an assaulted country, but we do not have the luxury of paying attention to all the abused, and we are under aggression, so we have no room for sympathy, and the Ukrainian president does not stop. to make Israel the court. he then asks for pride, and the matter with the Arabs has its own sensitivity!
In general, on my behalf, and on my behalf, I sincerely thank all the TV news channels for their excessive interest in the war against Ukraine, because thanks to this interest I got rid of a bad habit!
The brain releases a strategic storage of the sleep hormone, so Ryan’s beauty is not on display.


• Nothing replaces “witness of the era,” and Ahmed Mansour remains, (with all his flaws, the most important of which is that it is “attack” and “aggressive”, and one of the advantages of this is that he prepares for his guests with knowledge of details, which is a great media value, associated with him “witness of the era.” “Without limits” is also associated with existence and non-existence.
• A few years ago, Friday prayers began to be broadcast on Egyptian television, which diverted attention by focusing on filming outside the mosque, where the minaret is, and inside the mosque where the decorations are, after focusing in the past on the reader was. the preacher, and the worshipers, it seems that the people have a surplus of cameras, or that the director “Fine artist”.

* Journalist from Egypt

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