Yasser Arafat is a man of difficult situations

duration/ Minds are unable to weave words formulated into sentences from letters, sentences are underlined to be articles, articles are united to be books, books are indexed to be volumes, volumes are written and considered libraries, libraries unite to sail, and sea converge to be oceans, and oceans come out to us with words of lament over Al-Yasir, the symbol, the president and the leader, but it is not easy for letters, words, sentences, articles, libraries, sailors and oceans to sing were not the lament of a man whose fate was to be a nation, and it was the nation’s fate to have a man who was not like other people.

Yes, my leader and my wise master, the symbol, Yasser Arafat. Your separation and the separation of all our first leaders is dear to us. Your separation is a break in science, jihad and religion. Oh, Abu Ammar, if you knew how happy our hearts wept when you returned to us victorious, proudly, proudly raising your head as you promised when you returned to your homeland.Palestine on July 1, 1994, and you was received by the masses of Palestine, with its factions, youth, women, the elderly and children, in the Gaza Strip, which was your gateway to your homeland and the homeland of your ancestors, Palestine. The world welcomes and loves the masses for you, my leader and master, in the rest of the cities, towns, governors and towns of Palestine through which you went on your way until you reached Gaza City in the Courtyard of the Unknown Soldier. All our condolences. We see your image and the image of the martyrs of all Palestine, every day in the faces and characters of children, flowers and pioneers in the Palestinian homeland.

Over the years and the calculations of the situations and the attention of men, we have discovered, my master and leader Yasser Arafat, that you are a man in a nation, your messages were a message of peace, and your slogan was the slogan of jihad with strength and determination.You did not know weakness and did not believe in the impossible.He did not bow to the fierce winds, you received it with your chest and you were at the forefront, and received blows from your sons, your masses, and all Palestine, your land, your people, your cause and your holy places.

You have loosed your military uniform over everyone, and you have shaded everyone with your keffiyeh, so you have received your enemies, advised your opponents and been humble towards your lovers, for there is nothing to do for your homeland Palestine and for for the sake of his people. Sir and my leader, Yasser Arafat, we have lost the example of patience, the example of jihad, and a kind heart, and we have lost the model of just leadership that gives without account. In your life, it is tolerance and indulgence in brotherhood and kindness to the needy and to deal firmly with the offender. A word in every inch in every movement, I was for Palestine, I trusted God and helped the oppressed, I endured a lot, so I deserved a lot, I won the love of the masses crying you until now , and I took the most beautiful and precious attribute A person gives it to him, so I became the lover and lover of Palestine, and whoever obtained the love of the creature obtained the approval of the Creator.

For decades, my leader and leader, Yasser Arafat, you have been in a constant movement between the countries of the world and between your people and your family. You were not bored or tired. You were a strong and steadfast contender for the truth, and not a single hair will deviate to obtain the rights of your Palestinian people who robbed the Zionist occupiers. Illness did not deter you from engaging in your jihadist activities, and you were a close follower of every big and small issue affecting the people of Palestine in general and the masses of the Fatah movement in particular. Despite all the pain she experienced, she was able to restore the rights of the majority of the Palestinian people, who were stolen from time to time by the occupiers who ruled our people and masses with iron and fire.

No matter what we write, my master and leader Abu Ammar, and whatever we say about you, we remain incapable of fulfilling you, your jihad, and your long and great struggle, O leader, suppressed by many who do not know the extent of your sincerity and your great love for your country. You were different from many leaders who brag about their small deeds and talk more than they do, and you did a lot, but you never praised yourself and never talked about yourself. We used to hear simple words from you, but it carried great pain in your chest about the suffering of your people, your masses and your cause. It did not break in front of the Americans and the Israelis, and did not compromise in spite of all the trials and pressures you suffered before the Zionist imperialist occupation and some Arab heads of state.

My master and leader, Yasser Arafat, you, the exalted flag that was not broken in the face of all the hardships your people went through, you were a mujahid who knew neither boredom nor silence. You have been patient and steadfast in approaching your brothers in the Central Committee of the Fatah Movement, despite all the trials and tribulations that the people of Palestine have experienced.

My master and leader, Yasser Arafat, and history will write those great positions in letters of light. So sleep with the eye’s determination. The trust I entrusted was borne by people. Do not accept them in God as a reprehensible person. Sleep with the eye’s determination. We are your sons, your brothers and your masses, eager to realize your dream in a country that enjoys stability, security, prosperity, prosperity and independence. O martyr, you hastened your departure because you could not stay away from your loved ones and companions in your path, Khalil Al-Wazir, Ahmed Yassin, Fathi Al-Shaqaqi, Abu Ali Mustafa, Haider Abdel Shafi, Omar Al-Qasim, Ataya Abu Samhadana, Abu Al-Abbas, Faisal Al-Husseini and Samir Ghosheh, whom you loved and loved, but you left your followers. O beloved martyr, and if your separation is dear to us, but God has chosen for you your house in which you live with all the pure martyrs of Palestine. The one You loved and peace with You on the day you enter the land of the fatherland and on the day you left it to your Creator and on the day you will be resurrected alive, may God bless you and you in his outstretched paradise farm.

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