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Dr. Adel Khattab, professor of breast diseases and member of the Supreme Committee on Respiratory Viruses, has resolved the controversy surrounding the spread of a wave of “colds and flu” among citizens in recent days.

“Khattab” said today, Sunday, in exclusive statements to “Masrawy” that “this noticeable matter is not a reaction, but there has been a noticeable increase in cases of coronavirus infections in recent days.”

He stressed that it is necessary not to underestimate the corona infection at the moment, adding: “It is possible that your immunity as a person is good and a light corona brings you, but it infects your family or patients with heart and diabetes and they get bigger problems and cause bigger complications for them. “

Masrawy has dr. Magdy Badran, a member of the Egyptian Society of Allergy and Immunology, contacted us to reveal to us the reasons that led to the increase in cases in Egypt.

Badran says: “Coronavirus is increasing in Europe by 20%. New infections with the Corona virus in recent weeks have been due to the rapidly spreading infection by sub-variables of Omicron BA.4 and BA.5.”

The immunologist identified the causes of the spread as follows:

1- Cancellation of the Corona emergency and precautionary measures.

2- Failure to implement preventative measures against Corona.

3- Low vaccination rates against corona in some countries.

The Corona virus has not disappeared from the world or from Egypt:

Many people believe that the pandemic is over, due to the decrease in infection rates in Egypt, due to the increase in community immunity rates due to:

The state provides 8 types of corona vaccines for free

2- Repeated infection with corona.

3- The severity of the virus decreased after its repeated mutations.

– What about Egypt?

Regarding the situation in Egypt, Badran explains: “So far, Egypt has not set foot in a new Corona wave, and the country sees great stability in the number of new infections with the Corona virus. The daily average of infections in Egypt ranges from 4 to 6 daily infections.

– Eid al-Adha alert

He adds: “The danger is of not applying preventative measures, and the rise of gatherings, especially with the approaching Eid al-Adha and the increase in social interactions and human gatherings.”

There are no critical injuries or deaths due to COVID-19.

And he continues: “The whole world is expecting the emergence of new mutants of the virus, and we hope that they will not be fierce in terms of symptoms or more virulent in complications or deaths.”

Corona vaccines have enabled the world to:

1- The spread of the virus

2- The need for hospitalization for people with corona,

3- The need for oxygen, artificial respiration or intensive care

4- Corona deaths.

It is estimated that coronavirus vaccines have saved 20 million lives so far. Mathematical modeling suggests that deaths from COVID-19 were two-thirds lower than they would have been during the first year of vaccination.

The virus is still present and lurking in humans.

The World Health Organization or any country has not announced the reduction of Covid-19 disease, the virus can infect anyone, even if he has completed the vaccination against corona, and there is a decrease in new corona cases in North America, Africa and Asia.

– Africa

Last week so far it has recorded a decrease in the number of new corona infections as 46,605 cases were recorded, 7% lower than the week before last.

– Final stage

The world is now in the final stages of the Corona pandemic, due to the low level of deaths, despite the presence of HIV infections in a number of countries last week.

And the expert continues: “There are some new infections that are few, but these are weak cases, and it does not come down to a new wave at all.”

Corona now affects the upper airway in the form of the following symptoms:

1- Filter

2- The common cold

3- Burning or itching in the throat

4- Nasal congestion

5- Running nose

6- Nausea

7- Braking

8- Diarrhea


10- Cold shivers


12- Kortasem

13- Difficulty breathing

14- Fatigue

15-Muscle or body aches

16- Headache

17- A new loss of the sense of taste

18- New loss of sense of smell.

Symptoms may appear between 2 and 14 days after exposure, even in those who have been vaccinated against corona.

Prevention of any mutated corona virus, and the steps are as follows:

1- Use the mask in any place where there are gatherings, means of transportation or party halls, and cover the mouth and nose by bending the elbow or a tissue when sneezing or coughing.

2- Wash hands regularly, with hands disinfected with soap and water or medical disinfectants.

3- Refraining from handshakes, hugs or kisses, kisses can transmit all strains of the corona virus.

4- Do not stress, stress causes a decrease in immunity.

5- Good nutrition because it improves immunity and drinking water in abundance and does not allow thirst, thirst reduces concentration and increases sensitivity.

6-Ventilate rooms and halls by opening windows and doors three times a day, and avoid crowded places, as it has been proven that ventilation reduces the concentration and presence of corona in closed places, and that the absence of ventilation or poor ventilation ‘ is a common occurrence. factor in most cases of corona.

7- Sleep early, 8 hours and do not stay up to strengthen immunity

8- Get a daily serving of 15 minutes of sunshine, before noon or after noon.

9- Exercise, as it improves immunity and provides more oxygen and nutrition to the brain, and if that is not possible, then walking is one of the best sports, and there is a link between the number of walking steps and the prevention of diseases of age.

10- The four-valued flu vaccination, especially the elderly and those with chronic diseases, pregnant women and medical staff.

11- Looking to vaccinate adults, the elderly and people with chronic diseases with the corona vaccine provided by the state free of charge.

12- Treat any infected person in the family with corona under specialized medical supervision, and do not rely on internet prescriptions, or the prescriptions of acquaintances and friends.

13- It is better to arrange any gatherings in open spaces with good ventilation, because the Corona virus spreads easily in closed spaces, especially in poorly ventilated environments.

14 – Regularly clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.

15 – Asthma patients, especially those with asthma, are eager to take regular medication and bring prolonged sprays to the people when they go to the street, and patients with allergic rhinitis are eager to take treatment as well.

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