“Economic modernization” is a coherent vision that achieves growth and confronts unemployment


The participants in the workshop on the Jordanian vision of the economy, organized by the Citizenship Party under the auspices of its secretary general, dr. And the efforts and policies of the Central Bank in this direction, and the cooperation of the banking sector, appreciate the government’s efforts to deal with the repercussions of the Ukrainian crisis.

The participants in the workshop, which was held last Saturday at the headquarters of the Citizens’ Party in Amman, also called on the government to invest in bilateral and multilateral agreements of globalization to open up new markets, increase exports and to support investments.

In the course of evaluating existing trade agreements within the framework of globalization, the party and the workshop participants emphasized that the majority of bilateral agreements are beneficial to Jordan, especially in the sectors of phosphate and potash, textiles and clothing exporting to the US and European market, pointing out that there are unfair regional agreements that led to the local market suffering from the effects of dumping.Communities that affected national industrial production.

The participants appreciated the economic vision’s focus on the information technology and artificial intelligence sector, as an engine for growth. Emphasizes the economic importance of cultural goods and their role in creating employment and income opportunities, especially for youth and women, and calls for follow-up efforts to modernize the administrative patterns of government and private institutions and the capabilities of administrative frameworks in this institutions by including practical and field training courses during service, as needed, In addition to training skills, administrative procedures and civil service, comprehensive quality methodologies, citizenship skills training and strengthening the national identity of the university, guided by the articles of the constitution, the content of royal discussion documents, and the values ​​of the Jordanian state.

In terms of the vision of economic modernization, the participants appreciated the initiative of His Majesty King Abdullah II to form and sponsor the meetings of national committees at the Royal Hashemite Court. This enabled him in a record time to achieve this coherent economic vision with his goals, programs and practical initiatives to modernize the sectors of the economy, emphasizing the importance of the contributions of exalted royal initiatives in the sustainable development and modernization of administrative procedures. and the improvement of civil service, both public and electronic, in particular the Institutional and Individual Excellence Awards, Educational Excellence Awards and Awards Leadership and Empowerment of Women and Youth.

They also emphasize the importance of incentive grants in private sector institutions, and the role of social responsibility programs they organize in supporting charity work, supporting culture and the arts, alleviating poverty and unemployment in cities, rural areas, rural areas and camps. , and work to increase them.

The participants also expressed the efforts of experts who participated in the technical committees to conclude that the ambitious vision is achievable, the modernization of the economy, the confrontation of poverty and unemployment, the achievement of sustainable growth in the annual economic growth rate, and supporting growth in national income over the next ten years under the leadership and succession of His Majesty King Abdullah II, and the government’s efforts, emphasizing that the vision transcends governments.

The participants believe that demographic variables should be taken into account, especially the high annual natural population growth rate and its impact on economic growth, the citizen’s benefit from this growth, and the improvement in the standard of living of citizens.

The workshop was attended by the Secretary General of the Citizenship Party, dr. Hassan Al-Barmawi, the economic analyst at the Al-Dustour newspaper, Awni Al-Daoud, the economist, dr. Adly Qandah, the academic, the social expert, the Deputy Secretary-General of the Citizenship Party, dr. Majd Al-Din Khamash, the Deputy Secretary-General of the Citizenship Party Hussein Al-Barmawi, and the Secretary-General of the Conservative Party, Hassan Rashid. , and interested parties, and members of the party.

At the end of the workshop, the Citizenship Party confirmed that it would work with the National Reform Movement parties, which include the Citizenship Party, the Social Justice Party, the Conservative Party, the Al-Balad Al-Amin Party and the Jordan Our Home Party. , to establish a party alliance for follow-up and evaluation, follow-up and evaluation of the achievements of the vision and motivation according to its timetables. This alliance is called the “Coalition of Programming Parties to succeed the Jordanian Economic”. Vision, ”linking the participating parties to the vision’s objectives, programs and initiatives, enabling them to play a role with public and private sector officials, and to exert some gentle pressure in the direction of speed and quality of implementation. Contribute to the creation of sustainable social and political consensus that supports the popular implementation of the vision’s programs and initiatives.

The drafting committee included: The Secretary-General of the Citizenship Party, Dr. Hassan Al-Barmawi, and his two deputies, Dr. Majd Al-Din Khamash and Hussein Al-Barmawi.

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