From “The Potatoes” to “The Decision to Retire” .. the most prominent crises of Muhammad Najati

It seems that the artist, Mohamed Najati, was not without crises and statements that keep him on top of the scene all the time. With Amir Karara due to the role of the son of the artist Mahmoud Abdel Aziz in the series “Mahmoud Al- Masry”.

In the next report, we monitor the most prominent crises in the life of the artist, Mohamed Najati.

Muhammad Najati, Menna Arafa and her husband

Mahmoud Al-Mahdi, the wife of Menna Arafa, announced their divorce in the previous period due to a scene combining Najati and Menna in the Villa 101 series, where he said he refused to let any of the artists touch her wife , as the scene consisted of the artist Mohamed Nagati measuring her pulse rate and then holding her hand as he embodied The Role of a Doctor at Work.

Mahmoud Al-Mahdi wrote: “People who cry and ask for deliverance, every need is divided and shared, and I, as an eastern man from Upper Egypt, have needs that will not benefit me … These needs will her of her times. work, her dream and her friends in the artistic community, so I will definitely not stop there. ”

Then Muhammad Najati and Mahmoud al-Mahdi came out, in fiery statements, where the latter made it clear that he refused to get in touch with his wife, while Muhammad Najati said that he had nothing to do with what was happening. is not and that the director was the owner of that vision and that Arafa’s husband made the trend for the sake of fame as the dispute reached the Representative Professions Syndicate. Then Muhammad Najati filed a lawsuit against a man he knew for releasing a track in which he threatened him with severe beatings. .

The artist, Mohamed Najati, said in television statements: “After my success in the movie Erg Al-Balah, and winning more than one award, it was handed over to bad scenarios.”

“I would ask my mother to align fries for these scenarios,” he added, adding, “He wanted to insult the bad scenarios in this way.”

Nagati continued, “I’m not condescending to scenarios, but this is the best way to deal with bad scenarios from my point of view,” noting that he was not arrogant after winning 35 awards in the movie Erg al-Balah not.

Mohamed Nagati and Ahmed Flux

The artist Ahmed Flux launched a campaign of attack on the artist Muhammad Nagati, following the latter’s statement that Flux was the one who mocked the artist Muhammad Ramadan while working together on the series “We are the Students”, and Muhammad Najati was surprised by the mention of his name in those gossip talks, explaining that whoever did it was the actor Ahmed Flux.

Ahmed Flux posted a video clip on his official Instagram page and commented: “I mean, I’m opening the TV, and I find the same representative, who answers in my biography, and he eats live with me in a another program. And you were the oldest and biggest name in it. “

And Flux added: “I did not agree with my intention and Jali after a month of filming to save him, and because I wanted to agree, because I was the owner of the highest virtue and I went after her and sold “I mourned for Ali Ahmed Zaher until I ran to Abdo and saw you in slippers in the theater. Fear God.”

He continued his speech, saying: “Even my series, when you ran to work in it, on the basis that you will succeed like that and because you are black, and not as if you were basically in it, my son, fear Rina, it’s not enough that even in your area, which is the area of ​​men, you call me sister, my son, stay away from me, because I will upset you… everyone Live far away from me instead of your black makes you different in general. I treat you with an excuse that my biography in your life is more than the work I did, so what are you talking about, my eyes. ”

Muhammad Najati threatens to retire

The artist, Mohamed Najati, said in a video of him on his official Facebook page that the artist Amir Karara is a big star, and what he has now achieved due to fatigue and effort, he has managed to love of achieving. people and a very large base of the audience, indicating that he had nothing to do with his candidacy.For the series “Mahmoud Al-Masry”, with Professor Mahmoud Abdelaziz, where his nomination of dr. Medhat Al-Adl.

Mahmoud Al-Masry

Najati added that he has no income in his artistic career or a comparison between him and his colleagues, saying: “I am a representative man who works the needs I find good and appropriate. It may not be works that “It does not require great propaganda, as there are many artists participating in it. I hope to be a participant in the works. The task, but against my will, I have to do things to complete the rest of my life.”

Amir Karara

Muhammad Najati continued: “I have commitments and needs that do not make me happy with the needs I offer, but sometimes one is forced to accept needs in order to complete his life, and as the situation I am in now harassment of people or harassment of some journalists, I can retire, and all of you will be relieved of me and I will be saved. The story. ”

Muhammad Najati compared to Amir Karara

It came as a comment about a publication written by a journalist, and he tried to compare him to Amir Karara, where the latter wanted to participate in the role of the son of the artist Mahmoud Abdel Aziz in the series “Mahmoud Al-Masry “, but he was not successful, and the role was offered by Muhammad Najati, referring to a current comparison between them, where he did not pursue Amir to participate in the artworks, while Muhammad Najati at his house remains without participating in strong works.

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Muhammad Najati, after comparing himself to Amir Karara: Can I retire and release you all from me?

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