Knock on the mine’s door – Al Shabiba

Written by: Muhammad bin Ali Al Balushi

In the past, the use of the pickaxe and the ax was a skill in itself in many difficult and easy tasks, such as farming, logging, logging and other works. To wear and use it requires a strong hand, muscles and physical strength, and from these physical skills this category deserves its existence. Times have changed, the market and jobs have changed. News and expectations tell us that robots will eliminate human work, just as the current technological revolution has eliminated many occupations and jobs. We are waiting for what the future holds for us. But despite this, local markets need jobs and specializations that are indispensable in our daily lives. work, and we are indispensable to them..It’s an open and organized market for those who want It will be easy for the Omani to break into it .. most money-generating professions are alienated by the largest number of graduates of specializations who is in great demand but unfortunately they do not care for them and do not want them because they require perseverance, patience and will.People work for us every day without anyone asking if they earn? Or do they lose? How much do they earn from work? With all their daily and annual expenses..what many young people think about discovering the ways of this market and its absence and taking the first step from scratch, on learning money and business..but adventure, effort and work ‘ need a will, do not sleep until noon, play on social media and stay awake at night waiting for work. The country has a number of vocational colleges that were formerly known as vocational training institutions. The education system has had two tracks or two courses, those who pass middle school at a rate that does not qualify for secondary school go to the track of vocational training institutes, I do not know how many of these institutes graduated to date and where they went Some of them went to the ministries that previously took over businesses before they privatized them, and some state-owned companies and military institutions that wanted their specializations, specifically the eighties and early nineties, and perhaps a smaller number now. .Today, companies provide these services..these institutes have entered into a qualification program to raise their level to Colleges after the name reflects a bad image of those who enroll them, and this is one of the social diseases we suffer from. I say, however, that we are on the right track, and with the lofty guidelines for evaluating technical and technical education, the path of the education system’s outputs, whether from secondary to preparatory, should be one of its paths is vocational colleges. at the time awarded semi-emergency courses in the so-called national training system to inject Omani’s into the private sector. My profession is secret, we know nothing about it..why I remind you of this: this period of vocational training colleges has begun to bear its usual fruit.Last week, the vocational colleges along with about 700 students graduated in specializations that have market value and their future whether it was directly with citizens and residents by providing daily services «electrical works, car repair and connection and electrical installations..maintenance and repair of the domestic water network..or by companies in the private sector or by small companies to establish establish businesses..these graduates have better skills than those of university graduates, for example in theoretical and literary sciences.What the labor market does not need, and they are in the thousands waiting for their turn. They did not bother to sign up for job courses to learn new skills that will help them earn and benefit from this market.There is no shame in working to make money. With an overview of the disciplines owned by these graduates of vocational colleges, we will find the specializations of electronic appliance maintenance, industrial electricity, building electricity, mechatronics, architectural drawings, specialized sales and marketing, design and decoration, seafood safety and quality , mariculture, in addition to plant production, and navigation Trailers, car electricians, car mechanics, and I also remember carpentry and blacksmithing. Although some may think that forging and carpentry are not eaten for life, it is a wrong decision. In fact, it talks about the size of the demand for carpentry and blacksmithing in the market and how they generate money for their owners. These graduates can set up small businesses for themselves and hire workers. The facilities are available to them, but it requires discipline and diligence in working until His small company becomes established and is based on institutional rules. These specialties are required by the market, not to mention the electrician. , electrical connections and others. We are a nation based in its history on struggle and work..Our fathers migrated to work when the doors were blocked and they had no skills but their hands and arms without education..Today the current generation access to education and is not required. to migrate abroad.He has the real will to start working..The specialties of these graduates are for them a gold mine, and their market value is better than the value of jobs whose owners do not have technical and technical skills . I tell them to take advantage of it and invest it..You will get the money in your hands..Experiments tell stories of Omani’s who settled their families on shops, stores and farms and built houses. They did so without working in government or even the private sector. sector .. These people appreciated the value of work and to encourage the current generation, I tell them our history was work and it is not mentioned that we are contempt for work and the type of it, whatever it is . not wait for the job to pay you a salary at the end of the month..but build your institutions and make use of your technical and technical skills and money and goods will come to you from all not do not beg for work, the opportunities are before you..just knock on the doors of pain Star and get ready for small beginnings that make good ends.

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