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Cairo Amidst a political movement, liberal forces are on their way to the inauguration of a comprehensive stream that includes parties and public figures affiliated with liberal thinking. To what extent is this stream capable of swimming in the waters of stagnant politics, and is Egypt in the throes of a new opposition front? And against whom?

According to two parties and liberal activists, serious steps have been taken in connection with the inauguration of the “Free Liberal Stream” aimed at an influential presence in political life, similar to the leftist movement, but the Free Movement – according to the same sources it is hoped that it will be distinguished from the latter by the emphasis on establishing a climate of freedoms, rights and equality.

This proposal coincides with President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s initiative calling for a political dialogue that “excludes no one”, and the first sessions are expected to begin within days, amid criticism he faces in the in light of opposition talks related to governance, organization and potential outcomes, in exchange for powers relying on him to improve the political and human rights situation in the country.

While liberal party figures and leaders welcomed the establishment of the Free Movement, observers went on to say that the chances of its success depend on it not being linked to a circumstance or an urgent issue, but rather to meet realistic needs, without looking at the fabrications of other ideological tendencies such as the leftist movement, especially in the issue of representation of the opposition in political dialogue.

free current

The announcement of the founding of the Free Liberal Movement coincides with the readiness of the opposition parties to take part in the political dialogue that will be launched within days.

Since Sisi launched the Dialogue Initiative, the Conservative Party, which launched the initiative to launch the Free Movement, has hosted a number of meetings with the opposition parties of the Civic Democratic Movement.

Party leader Akmal Kartam recently invited symbols of liberal personalities to discuss the final statement of the “Free Stream”. Among the most prominent of those invited were former Foreign Minister and former Secretary General of the Arab League Amr Moussa, former Al-Ahly Club president Mahmoud Taher, and former Wafd Party leader Sayed Al-Badawi, in addition to the chief of the Reform and Development Party, Muhammad Anwar al-Sadat, and others.

And about the latest inauguration of the Free Movement, the leader of the Conservative Party, Magdy Hamdan, explained that the movement is in the process of preparation, and the party is in the process of editing a document that expresses it, through which the believers will join what is in it.

In statements to Al Jazeera Net, Hamdan said that the idea of ​​the movement was accepted by all who belonged to liberalism, pointing out that the reasons for the establishment are many and multiple.

At the top of these reasons, according to Hamdan, is the absence of the liberal current in a real and effective way in political life and its methodology, such as the left-wing current, which laid the foundation for socialism and contributed to the legislative treatment of various issues with left orientations, but he moved away from offering a climate of freedoms, rights and equality.

Regarding his chances of success and the obstacles he faces, the party leader explained that the liberal parties are able to emerge quickly and unite under a comprehensive umbrella in the light of the current political climate, in addition to the failure of the left to provide. solutions that pave the way for political life.

He also expected that there would be popular and public cohesion with the current, as it would be concerned with issues that the citizen lacks, especially in crises of discrimination, freedoms and equality. On the other hand, he excluded any pressure from the state that could stand in the way of its introduction.

Hamdan stressed that the liberal movement is a real political movement and an important step and revolt in political life, which seeks to bear fruit within a few days after the inauguration, and to liberalism with a comprehensive and real concept to lead.

He excluded a split of the liberal parties affiliated with the civic movement alliance after the inauguration of the Free Movement, pointing out that the movement addresses all civic parties with all its orientations, while the movement addresses liberalism in its concept and personalities .

Opportunities and questions

In this context, former MP Tharwat Nafeh said that the current was a correct idea, hoping for its success, noting that it had already begun years ago to implement the idea of ​​establishing the Egyptian liberal movement abroad , and there were enthusiasts for it at home and abroad some took part in it and others were worried that it would prove their approval.

Nafeh spoke to Al-Jazeera Net and supported the formation of the liberal movement, saying that he supported the formation of any real democratic front in the country, because liberalism is the most expressive of Egyptian identity, but its problem is always in the organization. , According to him.

When asked about the seriousness of the initiative in light of its similarity to the political dialogue initiative, he said that it is premature to judge, because the idea of ​​dialogue itself raises questions as to whether it is serious. or not.

He stressed that Egypt needed the initiative of the liberal tendency, as it was sandwiched between the hammer of a stream claiming civil and liberalism, which had nothing to do with it, and another stream that seeks authoritarianism, according to his speech.

In turn, and when asked about the chances of success in forming an inclusive movement of the liberal movement, Professor of Political Science at the University of Cairo, Hassan Nafaa, said that natural political parties do not in this artificial way does not arise, given the fear of some that the Nasserist and leftist currents will lead the national dialogue platform, which has prompted some to rush to form this current.

Nafaa spoke to Al Jazeera Net, adding: What happens after the dialogue ends? Nothing will remain because the general atmosphere does not allow the pursuit of political activities, except for parties attached to the security services, as he described it.

abrasive seeds

On the other hand, Professor of Political Sociology Ammar Ali Hassan saw the chances of success of the experiment great, provided there is a vision, set clear goals, save money and struggle to take on the people in the street.

Hassan spoke to Al Jazeera Net, saying that Egypt has long been plagued by clear political fragmentation, noting that every trend is represented by various parties fighting and not integrating, and the political authority has been keen on this for decades. restrictive pluralistic formalism that ultimately works in his favor.

He stressed the importance of any intellectual stream gathering its followers to study general ideas in order to translate a real social representation into a political form, and stressed the importance of developing a coherent vision for this bloc so that it is not a repetition of previous experiences.

As for the position of the political authority on the formation of the liberal tendency, the Egyptian researcher said that democracy is taken away and not given, and who expects the authority to allow him something is delusional, and parties have the right to exist, communicate and represent people.

But Hassan warned by saying that if the rise of the liberal trend is dominated by the idea of ​​conflict or intrigue, or the feeling that representatives of the left have an advantage in political dialogue, it would become a bloc that sows bearing of his destruction.

He stressed that it was better for the liberal tendency not to be linked to an emergency or a current issue, rather than to meet the realistic needs, and pointed out that Egypt should join forces to lead a political life to establish.

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