These are the most important events that have characterized the past week!

Eid al-Adha: Professionals recommend organized markets

If supply is plentiful compared to demand, prices will not rise according to the law of supply and demand. This time, however, it did not happen. As all food and other products saw a rise in prices, as a direct result of the effects of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, or as a result of opportunism, the prices of sacrificial animals followed the same trend. This year, increases could be up to 30 percent. Rachid Benali, first vice-president of the Moroccan Confederation of Agriculture and Rural Development, explained that these increases are only due to intermediaries, and in this context recommends that some professionals go to regulated markets or those established by the ministry , moved.

Road transport in Morocco: the government increases the value of the support provided to road transport staff by 40 percent

Following the rise in fuel prices, the Ministry of Transport and Logistics announced that the government has decided to increase the value of the support provided to road transport professionals by 40 percent, with respect to the fourth quota. And government spokesperson Mustafa Petsas said the total support the government has given to land transport workers for July 2022 will increase from 500 to 700 million dirhams. On March 23, 2022, the government launched the exceptional support operation for professionals in the road transport sector, involving approximately 180,000 vehicles.

Morocco is among the top three parties in the field of service shift in Africa

Minister of Digital Transition and Management Reform, Ghaith Mezoor, said Morocco currently positions itself, alongside California, the United Kingdom, Australia and Switzerland, as a major destination for research and development in the field of modern technology, thanks to its dynamics and competencies in the field of information technology. In the House of Representatives, the Minister highlighted that Morocco is one of the first three parties in the field of shifting services in Africa, noting that this sector employs 120,000 people. The government official added that, in addition to Moroccan investments, the field of digitization brings investments from various countries such as the United States, France, Canada, England, Spain, Japan and India, and stressed that the Ministry of Digital Transition and Administration Reform continue, in coordination with all partners and at a steady pace, to form partnerships of This will boost investment in Morocco.

The economic situation: great suffering for small and medium-sized enterprises

The economic situation at national and international level has had significant consequences for small and medium-sized enterprises. These enterprises are not only sensitive to rising raw material prices and inputs, but also to inflationary pressures, which greatly affect the purchasing power of households. In this context, the registration of approximately 2 636 enterprises was canceled at the end of April 2022, compared to 2 272 enterprises dissolved at the end of April 2021, according to the latest measure of the Moroccan Office of Industrial and Commercial Real Estate.

Morocco-Japan: signing a 1.6 billion dirhams loan deal to improve the learning environment

Yesterday in Rabat, an exchange of notes and a loan agreement between Morocco and Japan worth 22 billion Japanese yen (about 1.6 billion dirhams) was signed to fund the program to improve the learning environment in the basic education sector. The program, which was signed by the Minister Delegate to the Minister of Economy and Finance in charge of the budget, Mr. Faouzi Lekjaa, the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Japan to the Kingdom, Mr. Kuramitsu Hideaki, and the Resident Representative of the Japanese International Cooperation Agency in Morocco, Mr. Takashi Ito, aims to support Morocco with the aim of improving the environment. Learning and reducing differences and reducing gaps in mathematics learning at three levels, in the classroom within the school, between educational institutions and between families.

Benkhadra: Gas pipeline Morocco-Nigeria … Studies progress in “very good conditions”

The Director-General of the National Office of Hydrocarbons and Minerals, Amina Benkhadra, confirmed in Brussels on Friday that the studies are related to the Morocco-Nigeria gas pipeline project, a very strategic project capable of developing the African continent. and to ensure its energy sovereignty, progressing in “very good conditions”. Mrs. Speaking at a round table on the Morocco-Nigeria gas pipeline as part of the 33rd extraordinary session of the Crans Montana Africa Forum, Benkhadra said: “This great project, which stems from the vision of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, who is signed an agreement on this in May 2017, in order to conduct feasibility studies and engineering studies between the National Office of Hydrocarbons and Minerals and the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation) in an appropriate manner.

President of the Paralasor: We appreciate the efforts of His Majesty the King to bring about rapprochement between Africa and Latin America

The Speaker of the Mercosur Parliament (Barlasur), Thomas Bitar, praised the efforts made by His Majesty King Mohammed VI to achieve greater rapprochement between Africa and the Arab world on the one hand, and Latin America on the other. , highly valued within the framework of south-south co-operation that the Kingdom has chosen as an approach to its policy externally. In a statement to the Moroccan news channel M24, the president of Paralassour said after a meeting with the president of the House of Representatives, Alnaam Mayara, on the sidelines of a symposium on climate change and the role of the parliaments of Latin America and the Caribbean, organized by the Inter-Parliamentary Union and the Uruguayan Parliament in Montevideo, “We greatly appreciate the efforts of His Majesty King to bring about rapprochement between the two regions, especially with Mercosur” especially in these circumstances.

Human rights. Ms Bouayach calls for a reconsideration of South-North cooperation as a “comprehensive process”

Yesterday in Strasbourg, the president of the National Council for Human Rights, Amina Bouayach, called for a reconsideration of South-North cooperation in the field of human rights, as a “comprehensive and closely linked” process. Speaking at the annual conference of the Council of Europe’s Council for the Training of Legal Experts in the Field of Human Rights, Ms Bouayach argued that it is currently not just a matter of economics or politics, but of integrating into the decision-making process, the best possible tools to ensure dignity and promote the development of individuals through the status of the citizen / human being as an actor and beneficiary of development.

Mobility Observatory: Resilience despite stagnant economic climate

A somewhat favorable outlook for the development of contracting vehicle fleets. This is essentially derived from the 2022 Mobility Scale, created by the Ipsos Institute and the Arval Group Observatory. Despite the current context of economic stagnation, inflation, geopolitical tensions and the Covid crisis … the trend is resilient and optimistic regarding investments in the Moroccan contracting fleet. 45 percent of the companies surveyed plan to expand their fleet in the next three years (by 2025). Meanwhile, 37 percent of businesses think the fleet will remain fairly stable. On the other hand, 13% of companies expect a decrease in the size of the barn. Overall, the trend remains largely positive in terms of expectations.

Public debt at +80 percent of GDP: should we worry?

Efforts by the state to support the economic recovery have led to a larger budget deficit, which is a major measure of the health of an economy, but the debt is expected to exceed 72 billion dirhams by 2022, according to Al-Tijari Global Research. In a recent note, the Research Foundation indicated that treasury debt is expected to increase by the rest of 2022 to reach 960 billion dirhams, compared to 886 billion dirhams in 2021. This is a worrying level that negatively affects the future of future generations , knowing that it is not possible to reverse the trend. To finance the cleansing expenses, there are no miraculous solutions, as the Kingdom will again be forced to turn debt.

Progress and socialism: The government must take “stronger” measures to mitigate the rise in fuel prices

The Political Bureau of the Party of Progress and Socialism believes that the government’s initiative to increase the value of the support provided to road transport professionals by 40 percent does not completely relieve it of the need for other “stronger, deeper and more comprehensive” measures. to take. . In a communication to its regular meeting last Tuesday, the Political Bureau of the Al-Kitab Party explained that the government should take measures to reduce the impact of the cost of fuel on the economy and on the general public, especially those who related to the reduction of the internal fee levied on the consumption of energy products, as well as the value added tax on imports. “With the oil companies taking advantage of this situation pushing to reduce their outrageous profits from the distribution of fuel.”

Launch of the digital platform to monitor the implementation of the recommendations issued by the Supreme Board of Accounts

The digital platform was launched in Rabat on Monday to monitor the implementation of the recommendations issued by the Supreme Council of Accounts, which will be made available to the Presidency of the Government and the various relevant ministerial sectors in order to communicate and communicate to facilitate. exchange of information with the Board on the follow-up of these recommendations. This platform will enable the digitization of exchanges between the Council and the rest of the parties involved, erasing the deadlines previously required to direct correspondence and reach responses, flexibility in use with the possibility to adjust deadlines, and the automated and organized production through the platform of data and information on the percentages of implementation of recommendations, as well as identification Automatic recommendations for recommendations to be tracked during the next year. These recommendations will be tracked by an on-site surveillance mission, after 3 to 5 years have elapsed from the date of the end of the task in which the recommendations were issued subject to detection, as well as by sending correspondence and documentary examinations for all issued recommendations.

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