“Al-Ahly Sabbour” signs construction contract for first phase of “KEEVA” project with Al-Hazeq Construction Company

Cairo: Al-Ahly Sabbour, the leading real estate development company in Egypt and the Middle East, has signed construction contracts with El-Hazeq Construction Company, worth LE 900 million, to undertake the construction of the first phase of the “KEEVA”. project, which the company is developing on 6 October in partnership with the Community Authority. The company has announced that the implementation period is 20 months.

The signature was signed between Eng. Ahmed Sabbour, Chairman and Managing Director of Al Ahly Sabbour Company, and Eng. Mahmoud El-Hazeq, Managing Director of El-Hazeq Construction Company, in the presence of Eng. Emad George, CEO of Asset Development, Eng. Sherif Sultan, CEO of Asset Management Sector, and dr. Tamer Irfan, CEO of Asset Management Investment in Al-Ahly Sabbour, and a number of leaders of the two companies, where the “KEEVA” project is being built on an area of ​​180 hectares with construction investments amounting to 5 billion Egyptian pounds be estimated.

Al-Ahly Sabbour seeks to make the “KEEVA” project a modern model for leading real estate projects in the heart of Western Cairo, which will make a qualitative leap in the real estate industry in Egypt by providing iconic designs and strict management of all project facilities, as well as a unique set of commercial and service services and entertainment, offered for the first time in Egypt, similar to those found in Dubai and Beirut, to compete with Al-Ahly Sabbour himself as his clients use and the “KEEVA” project is located in an excellent location of the best places in 6th of October City, in a privileged location, as it overlooks the axis and the Dahshur link road South, two minutes away from the 26th of July Corridor, and two minutes from Juhayna Square, which is a clear strategic location like the rest of the company’s projects.

On the contract, Eng. Ahmed Sabbour, Chairman and Managing Director of Al-Ahly Sabbour Company, confirms: “We aim at the company to work with more entities and companies that contribute to the development of our projects in order to differentiate our vision of developing real estate projects. one of the rest of other real estate products in the Egyptian market.One of the construction experts represented at market level by Al-Hazeq Construction Company to take over the construction work for the first phase and complete it within 20 months and with the highest quality, so that we have the can deliver early phases of the project on time, especially as it is a leading company and has a precedent of work and long experience in the market to implement works.Contracting for the first phase of the “KEEVA” project, and we pumped 900 million pounds for the first phase construction works, which were built on an area of ​​about 50 hectares, where about 120,000 square meters were built old will be developed to become a civilized building as a unique thing that offers a new lifestyle in which all elements of psychological comfort are in harmony.Through the wonderful design made according to the latest and highest international specifications and standards to ‘ to provide an ideal environment for integrated modern life, which the company is looking for. .

Sabbour added, “KEEVA” project is one of the best real estate projects that will make a clear leap in the Egyptian real estate market since its launch, in which “Al-Ahly Sabbour” has placed construction investments that exceed the 5 billion EGP limit has. an area of ​​180 hectares. It is also one of the first and most important projects The strategy based on the partnership between the public and private sectors in Egypt, within the framework of the effective partnership between our company and the New Urban Communities Authority, with this partnership we prove our value and ability to provide high quality real estate products, to emphasize our motto “Al-Ahly is patient … a name you trust” especially We are keen to provide a globally competitive real estate product, and the “KEEVA” project is another model for large residential projects with its integrated services and facilities and all entertainment elements to ensure stability and a safe life for all residents. With full commitment to the continuation of its construction operations in accordance with the specified schedules and delivery on the dates agreed with customers.

Sabbour also welcomed the signing of contracts with Al-Hazeq Construction, stressing that its company believes in the need for cooperation with large entities, in particular that the real estate market is experiencing an accelerated state of development and great competition between companies, which encouraged us. to think outside the box and rely on many different visions to achieve what is The company strives to sign contracts with successful partners who have a new vision to provide great added value for the “KEEVA” project, with which maintains our leadership and excellence, in line with developments in the local and regional real estate market, and emphasizes that the previous work of Al-Hazeq Construction Company is honorable and outstanding, as it is a leading Egyptian company, was established in 1979 under the umbrella of Al-Hazeq Group, which has built a great name for itself through its proven track record in contracting business for many tourism, commercial, industrial, residential and infrastructure projects.Experienced frameworks have enabled it to become an outstanding product to deliver.

Eng. Mahmoud Al-Hazeq, Managing Director of Al-Hazeq Construction Company, in turn expressed his great happiness in the collaboration with Al-Ahly Sabbour and emphasized: “It is a pleasure for me to be with you today to be a to witness new achievement. in the course of our steps, as a collaboration with a large entity such as Al-Ahly Sabbour to develop one of the most important projects in the Sixth October region. The KEEVA project is a great testament to our success, and an added value to our work at Al-Hazeq Construction Company, and I promise you that we will put all our efforts and all our abilities and experiences into an excellent product. to provide at the agreed times so that KEEVA will be an ideal model for the integrated urban communities that It meets the needs and requirements of its inhabitants, while at the same time supporting the process of development and urban renaissance that has permeated all parts of Egypt in recent years has.

Al-Hazeq went on to say that Al-Ahly Sabbour Company has a clear vision in choosing the place and the region, which encouraged us to try and enter into a big name like Al-Ahly Sabbour contracted after the visions merged, because our primary goal is to provide another and clear real estate product worthy of the name of the two companies together, and “Al-Hazeq Construction” decided as it entered the field of contracting to present another product and add in the light to the real estate market. of competition in the sector, it was agreed to complete the first phase within 20 months.

Engineer Emad George, CEO of Asset Development at Al-Ahly Sabbour Company, confirmed that the company strives to present its real estate product in the KEEVA project in the form that clients are accustomed to in terms of excellence, accuracy, luxury and ‘ an integrated high Within 20 months, we aim to achieve total sales of the residential part around £ 8 billion.

He added the units in the KEEVA project range from detached villas, twins, townhouses and apartments, and the apartment spaces start from 118 m2 to 190 m2, and separate villas and twin homes range from 195 m2 to 360 m2. We have managed to fully market the first phase with total sales of around £ 2.5 billion, as this phase includes 583 units, consisting of 246 apartments and 337 villas, and we will start marketing the second phase with sales reaching expected to exceed the 2.5 billion pound limit Tradition and contemporary make the project rely mainly on an architectural concept called “designs in harmony with the environment”, which is concerned with the integration of the various elements of nature and exploitation thereof in all the details of the architectural design of the project. Including relying on natural sunlight through the design of large glass facades for buildings, and the raising of green spaces, the project includes a gym designed by Alchemy Design and Engineering Consultants, which has more than 25 years of experience in the field of interior design for projects. which it implemented within the Egyptian market. With large real estate development companies inside and outside Egypt and in France, Italy, Dubai and the Kingdom of Bahrain, especially because it includes specialized engineering cadres with experience in consulting and engineering works. of the largest companies adopting new ideas, and it has more than branches in 60 countries around the world. The project also has the first music hall in Egypt from Lebanon to Cairo directly, restaurants, cafes, international brands, entertainment areas and landscapes, which positively affects the health and psychological condition of the residents of the project and gives them a sense of comfort and stability .


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