Announces the activities of the 36th Jerash Festival. The participation of 15 countries and 80 Arab and foreign bands

Jordanian Minister of Culture Haifa Al-Najjar said the Jerash Festival of Culture and the Arts has represented a landmark and Arab station for more than three decades, and it is a message to the world that highlights the importance of Jordan’s role, security and indicate stability.

Al-Najjar indicated during the conference held to announce the activities of the Jerash Festival of Culture and the Arts in its 36th session, in which Executive Director Mazen Kawar and Artist Syndicate Muhammad Youssef Al-Abadi in the presence of the Minister of Tourism spoke. Nayef Al-Fayez and members of the Supreme Court Committee, that this session comes after the Corona pandemic, to represent The return of the festival is a return to normal life, and the Jerash festival becomes a lively scene for Jordan’s cultural and artistic restoration and an example of institutional and participatory work with civil and local society.

Al-Najjar emphasized during the conference that the Jerash Festival is not profitable, but rather a civilized and national project, and that its success is a success for our country, and we are all invited to participate in the activities. communicate and provide all means. for the success of its activities, emphasizes the important and national role of the media in the success of this demonstration, and expresses its gratitude to the media.The local and Arabic audiovisual media, which has always been an active partner, and a main lever for cultural action through its role in promoting events and the Jordanian artist.

Al-Najjar said during the conference, which was attended by major local and Arab media, that the Jerash Festival is an opportunity for the Jordanian artist and creator to present himself through the festival, which is a lever for formed a number of Arab artists. and poets whose star shone from the festival tribunes. Point out the role of the Jordanian artist, writer and creator in the formation of conscience and the promotion of national values ​​among generations.

Al-Najjar stressed that due to the status of the international festival and its importance in the promotion of tourism and cultural tourism and the introduction of culture and arts, his programs came in various ways, as this 36th session was marked by fruitful and effective companies with cultural bodies, including the full partnership with the Jordanian Artists Association, and the full partnership with actors in the cultural scene, including: the Association of Jordanian Writers, the Association of Jordanian Plastic Artists, and the Union of Jordanian Writers and Writers in various creative and critical fields related to poetry, short stories, seminars, conferences, exhibitions, film and theater performances, and craft and folk markets.

Al-Najjar pointed out that in this session, the festival paid attention to national creative symbols, awarded an award to one of the creators, and the award for best divan, and by awarding programs that deal with the talents of young men and women, which strengthens partnerships with the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Youth, and networking and benefit from the international cooperation program.

Al-Najjar indicated that the festival is distinguished in its current session by its interest in social responsibility by arranging a number of programs for people with special needs by offering them special segments, or by joining the festival’s programs in to close.

Al-Najjar emphasized that the festival will develop an interest in cultural industries, heritage and folk products, which is reflected in the economic, development and tourism sectors, and will provide opportunities for young people to express their creativity and artistic product in the festival as a laboratory. offer. who take their hands on the path of professionalism.

Al-Najjar stressed: “We look at the festival with the symbolism of place and history in the preservation and support of the Arab identity in historic Palestine, and we look at the festival as an important episode of comprehensive development in the construction of human awareness and the enhancement of its cultural, aesthetic and cognitive tastes that enable it to open up to the language of the century and its technical and intellectual transformations. “

Al-Najjar emphasized that the Jerash Festival is a Jordanian national address, and a civilized space in which world cultures and arts mingle, and it is not just paragraphs, evenings and spontaneous performances, but rather a harmonious decorative building that prepared and organized. with constant efforts to express the goals of the festival as a bearer of the state’s discourse and Jordan’s message of tolerance Diversity and prejudice against human values ​​and creativity.

Al-Najjar pointed out that the numbers indicate the diversity and breadth of participation, and the depth of planning and the accuracy of preparations indicate opportunities for success that reflect the image of our country while celebrating the bicentennial with trust and hope crossed, based on a legacy established by parents and grandparents with the visions of the Hashemite leadership, and that culture has been a fundamental pillar in the building of the state.Since its establishment, which refers to the Short Story Forum, as well a number of critical seminars and scientific conferences dealing with the issue of technology, poetry, technology, plastic arts, and narrative arts and aesthetics, these creative people from about 15 countries come together over ten days to illuminate Jerash evenings with their creativity , art, melodies, letters and colors In the season of joy.

Al-Najjar also indicated that the participation is enhanced by the presence added by the participation of Irbid, the Arab capital of culture, and Madaba, the capital of tourism, as two main partners, a participation that will surely enrich the festival with its heritage and the creativity of its artists, writers and intellectuals.

Al-Najjar concluded by expressing her gratitude to the successful partners, the people of Jerash, for their good reception of visitors, guests, artists and intellectuals, and they reflect the authentic Jordanian values ​​and hospitality.

In turn, the festival’s executive director, Mazen Kawar, emphasized the value of the festival and its international prestige, reinforced by the generous protection enjoyed by the festival of His Majesty King Abdullah II.

Kawar pointed out that this course focuses on partnerships with Jordanian cultural and artistic bodies that have contributed to the building of conscience and characteristics of national identity.

And he indicated that the festival will officially start on 27/7 with a music concert at the northern amphitheater of the Rum / Tariq Al-Nasser Orchestra, with the participation of a number of Jordanian artists, while mass activities on the southern and northern amphitheater, Artemis, the square, Column Street and other pavilions, poetry evenings and theater performances on 28/7, where an entire evening of the opening was devoted to the privacy of the show.

Kawar stated that the main square includes a large artistic program designed in collaboration with the Jordanian Artists Syndicate, with the participation of more than 500 Jordanian artists, intellectuals and craftsmen, in addition to the participation of about 80 local, Arab and foreign artistic and folk artists . groups.

He also mentioned some of the names of the participants and groups on the northern stage: including: the artist Faya Younan / Syria, a Jordanian evening organized by the Jordanian Artists Syndicate, the play Gharba Love / Palestine, the Tikat Troupe / Syria, the Saudi National Troop.

The names of the participating artists on the southern runway have been announced: Assi Al-Hillani / Lebanon, Thamer Hosni / Egypt, Rabeh Saqr / Saudi Arabia, Marwan Khoury / Lebanon, Mahmoud Al-Turki / Iraq, Majed Al-Raslani / Saudi Arabia, Jordanian Night / Artist Syndicate, Al-Jeel Club Orchestra / Jordan, Ziad Bourji / Lebanon.

Kawar stopped at the cultural program under the supervision of the Culture Committee chaired by the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Culture, author Hazza Al-Barari, in which about 15 Arab poets and poets, and more than 40 Jordanian poets, participate. And more than 15 short storytellers, in addition to the union program in which about 70 union members participate, in addition to more than 40 plastic artists from the Jordanian Plastic Artists Association, which highlights the importance of deep-rooted partnerships with quality cultural bodies, including: the Jordanian Writers Association and the Jordanian Writers Union Association of Fine Artists and the local community.

The announcement of the awarding of the annual festival prize to the poet Ziad Al-Anani, the name of the storyteller Fakhri Kawar at the Story Forum to be held at the headquarters of the Jordan Writers’ Association, and the awarding of a special prize for the best digbundel

Kawar said: The festival brought back the “Bashayer Jerash” project, which is concerned with young creators, who focus on cultural industries, provide the conditions for their marketing, and develop the skills of the local community, to generally at contribute to development, collaboration and participation with Jerash Municipality, its bodies and organizing committees in order to achieve this goal, pointing out The importance of folk art groups and their role in making joy.

In turn, Al-Abadi praised the excellent partnership with the festival, pointing out that the syndicate oversees the program related to Jordanian artists, and 1,000 Jordanian artists are involved.

And he indicated that the participation does not stop at musical and lyrical events, but extends to theater and film participations and the theater for children and youth.

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