Consuming the air conditioner on and off consumes more energy

in Arabic / Much is being said about energy conservation; But do we know how to promote it at home? Find out why it is not recommended to turn the air conditioner on and off.

You’ve probably wondered more than once if turning the air conditioner on and off consumes more energy. what is the truth? The answer is important not only for economic reasons but also for environmental reasons .

It is true This electric appliance makes our life more comfortable . And in warmer regions or in those with intense summer periods, it becomes a necessity. However, using it also increases your electricity bill.

To answer our question now, we must first know how conditioning works and the correct way to use it. In this article we will explain it in detail.

How does air conditioning work?

air cooler It is a piece of equipment that consists of different parts that work together To achieve the same goal: lowering the temperature in closed environments.

If we take the split model For reference, we can specify various components, such as:

  • outdoor unit: It consists of a compressor that is always located outside the bedroom, living room, kitchen or office as it releases residual heat.
  • indoor unit: It includes the evaporator and is inside the console. Its job is to absorb heat from the environment.
  • thermostat: Responsible for regulating the machine’s work according to the outside temperature.
  • refrigerant gases: It constantly changes from gaseous to liquid, passes through the tubes, and at this point loses the heat that the equipment had previously extracted.

This process, during which both air and gas circulate, is not continuous in many units, but in cycles. And so, The cycle stops when it reaches the ideal temperature you specified on the board . Then, when the temperature rises, the cycle begins again.

At the beginning or end of each, more energy is consumed.

How does switching the air conditioner on and off affect energy consumption?

It’s time to answer the question we asked at the beginning of this article: Does it consume more energy to turn the air conditioner on and off? The final answer is yes .

The truth is this Each time you turn on the computer, it restarts at a certain speed . It is precisely at this peak when the greatest consumption takes place.

Therefore, If you run it once, it will only load this time ; If you do this regularly, it will be repetitive, leading to increased costs, both in terms of energy and bills.

Recommendations for optimal use of air conditioning

Now that I understand why Do not turn the air conditioner on and off several times during the day you may be wondering how Energy saving . We offer a series of suggestions below.

Peak consumption occurs with the initial acceleration that the device makes each time it is turned on.

Consider the power rating of the device

Get an efficient air conditioner from a consumption point of view. How do you know him? It’s very simple. All devices have a sticker Identify Energy rating Letters A to G. A is the highest efficiency.

Choose models reflector

Instead of traditional models, it is converters better. this This is the system that regulates the compressor So that it only works at the required speed.

This way, with the modern and efficient technology of the converter, you can Energy saving of up to 40% You will be able to cool the place down gradually.

Choose the right capacity

Get advice from a technician to choose the ideal capacity. Low power air conditioner for too much space translates to fatigue . It is also unwise to choose a unit that is too large for a very small space.

Shadow your external disk

When the outdoor unit is installed Try to find a place that gets good shade Because the presence of the sun affects the operation of the device.

Beware of the thermostat!

The heat outside can indeed become unbearable. The Each lower grade indoors is responsible for 8% more consumption. . Did you know? Given this, it is better to look for a comfortable level or neutral temperature .

to use Air conditioning in summer The ideal temperature is between 24 and 26 degrees Celsius. And you Choose a programmable thermostat, which will give you the opportunity to adjust temperature changes All day long. This can mean savings between 10% and 15%. Select the option in the control automatic .

Turn off the air conditioning when needed

If you stay away for a long time, Turn off the device 30 minutes before leaving the place , so as not to strain the device unnecessarily. At night, when the weather gets cooler, it’s a good time to let him rest and ventilate your house.

Early mornings are also ideal for taking advantage of the cooler hours of the day. As an interesting fact, discover that some cities in the world are increasing the rate of electricity consumption during peak hours (between 5pm and 11pm).

keep cold

Avoid opening windows and doors , because the heat will penetrate the space and lose the cold that will spread in the corridors or other rooms. Close the blinds and lower Curtains And, if you prefer, adjust window film on the window panels.

Such measures will prevent heat from entering the place as soon as it is heated.

Wash the air filters

When the filters are dirty, the airflow is restricted and this can cause several problems ; File freeze is one of them.

It also has the effect of increasing consumption. It only takes a few minutes to clean But it will save you a lot of headaches.

Another benefit is You avoid the problems of dust and mites . Proper cleaning of the conditioner helps air It prevents allergies and breathing problems.

Clean air conditioning filters.
A dirty air conditioning filter worsens consumption. The device puts more effort and the demand for power increases.

Equipment maintenance

If you notice any problems in the operation of your devices, it is recommended to contact the technical service, because you will not Not only will you avoid high consumption, but you will also be able to prevent damage to the device .

In this sense, the following details must be taken into account:

  • It takes time to upload or upload;
  • cool down a bit
  • switch off suddenly.
  • It has strange sounds.
  • The front panel is spread out.
  • There is moisture.

It’s not about keeping the air conditioning on all the time!

While experts recommend not turning the air conditioner on and off too often, This does not mean that you have to be active all day long . There is no point in leaving home and leaving them. The best thing to do is to turn off the air conditioning.

Now that you know how to use one of the most important appliances in your home, keep your electric bill in check. At the same time, Take care of the planet and enjoy the comfort of your home .

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