Flat6Labs Jordan Fund invests in 7 new Jordanian new ventures

(Amman, Jordan): Flat6Labs Fund in Jordan, the leading seed and early stage venture capital fund, and the largest startup program operator in the Middle East and North Africa region, recently announced its investment in 7 new Jordanian startups as part of the second cycle of the … Its seed funding program, which launched its activities during June of the current year 2022.

The companies in which the Fund invests in this cycle to convert them into companies with feasibility and the ability to grow and compete locally and abroad cover several areas, including: health, e-commerce, wholesale, e-real estate marketing , mental and mental health care technology, auditing and fraud detection, and financial technology, in addition to insurance technology.

The fund will provide companies in the second cycle of the program with the opportunity to benefit from an investment of $ 115,000 each. The fund will implement a four-month growth acceleration program for the seven companies, which includes programs, support and mentorship sessions, and workshops covering various aspects of business in collaboration with a selection of trainers, mentors and mentors. It also offers workspaces that are enhanced with marketing and legal support, with the opportunity to take advantage of the Flat6Labs regional network Among the opportunities for networking with potential investors, in addition to the possibility of obtaining a subsequent financing in the amount of 170 thousand US dollars .

Commenting on this, Flat6Labs Jordan general manager Rasha Manna said: “We are proud of what we have achieved since the start of our operations as we have invested in 5 Jordanian start-ups during the first cycle of the program, which contributed to developing their careers, which has led to an increase in demand.On our program and has driven us to improve our investments aimed at supporting entrepreneurs and emerging companies in the Kingdom within the second cycle of the program.We ultimately aims from our actions to the Jordanian economy and society as a whole, creating more new jobs with more success stories we write by addressing the challenges we face, emerging companies, entrepreneurs motivate and enable them to enrich their projects and grow their businesses. ”

The list of companies that fall into the second group in which the Fund currently invests includes: Arab Therapy Platform, which specializes in providing high-quality mental health services and consultations through psychotherapy sessions conducted by a group of highly qualified specialists, and Bloomt. Which offers a “try before you buy” program that integrates with e-commerce store fronts across the Middle East and North Africa, primarily concerned with automating the return process for merchants and giving them full control over their management to give, in an experience that mimics the experience of buying at traditional stores.

The list also includes the “Kharta Real Estate Marketing” platform, which aims to improve electronic real estate marketing so that the user can easily and accurately obtain the desired property based on the actual location of the property on the map of Jordan , and the company “QuiqClaim”, which offers a new platform of its kind, specializing in the field of technology Finance, specifically peer-to-peer and crowdfunding, which is involved in settling debtors directly and quickly by the relevant parties of the beneficiary, the party obliged to pay, and the investor within a unified portal,

To generate lucrative returns for individual or corporate investors, the company has developed iPass for document verification solutions around the world through biometric fraud detection tools, and the “Shop4me” platform that provides logistics services by connecting companies with suppliers and their various supplies, shopping and buying online at competitive prices, and the “Sukoon” application, which offers audio-recorded sessions in Arabic, which deals with mental, psychological and mental health through comprehensive tools such as meditation, hypnosis, affirmations, breathing exercises and healing music.

It is noteworthy that Flat6Labs provides funding and seed support to beginners joining its programs through the Jordan Fund for Initial Funding (JSF), which it launched last year in 2021 with a value of $ 20 million with the goal of raising more than 90 early-start phases during an investment period that extends. Over 5 years, it has been funded by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the Jordan Entrepreneurship Fund (ISSF), Beyond Capital, Union Bank and GMS Holding.


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About Flat6Labs:

Flat6Labs is the MENA region’s leading seed funding and early stage venture capital firm, and the region’s largest start-up software operator. Founded in 2011, Flat6Labs is headquartered in Cairo and has several branches throughout the region; This is in addition to current plans to expand into other emerging markets. Flat6Labs annually invests in more than 100 innovative technology startups, enabling thousands of passionate entrepreneurs to realize their entrepreneurial ambitions. Flat6Labs manages a number of seed funds with total assets of more than $ 85 million. More than 25 leading organizations have invested in these Flat6Labs-managed funds; Believe in the value of those assets. Flat6Labs has a proven track record of securing a market leader position. Flat6Labs offers a variety of investment offers, ranging from $ 50,000 to $ 500,000, to support beginners on their early journeys from pre-funding to pre-growth. In addition to these investments, Flat6Labs offers its unique programs for beginners to meet the needs of innovative entrepreneurs and help them accelerate their growth by providing them with a large number of support services and offering them unparalleled opportunities through a wide range of network of hundreds of businesses. mentors, investors and various entities. For more information, please visit the company’s website via the link: www.flat6labs.com.

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