Help AG and Cripple announce partnership to improve data security and cost-effective monitoring scalability in the UAE and Saudi Arabia

Dubai, UAE: Help AG, the cyber security arm of e & enterprise (formerly Etisalat Digital) and the region’s trusted security advisor, has announced a partnership with Cribl, a leader in enabling systems for observability and standardized data flow. This partnership will enable HelpAG’s clients in the UAE and Saudi Arabia to adopt cost – effective tools to manage data flow and achieve greater efficiency in secure interpretation of data across multiple services.

Over the past few years, the need to deliver the right data in the right place and in the right format through solutions that meet the required purpose has increased dramatically, especially in the field of data security, as the amount of data in Security Operations Centers (SOC ) grows at an unprecedented rate and is faced. Budgets for data are difficult to keep track of.

The partnership between Help AG and Cripple will leverage the expertise of both companies to improve data accuracy in threat detection and compliance through intelligent route technology. Across its three core products, Cripple will support AG’s mission to ensure that clients in the UAE and Saudi Arabia are able to quickly detect any security risk through managed data flow while providing them with managed security services (MSS). at the same time.

The core component of this partnership will be Cribl Stream, a data flow processor that reconfigures, optimizes and sends data to manage logs of HelpAG’s SIEM, coordination, automation and SOAR solutions more efficiently. In addition, Cribl’s two other core products, Cribl Edge and AppScope, will use non-vendor operators to send observability data to any destination, enabling the collection of statistics and advanced data for systems from endpoints. Affiliated with Help AG clients.

Commenting on the partnership, Stefan Berner, CEO of Help AG, said: “We are pleased to partner with Cripple on our mission to make data flow management tools more efficient and data manageable, while significantly reducing data flow management. Manage these data.Cripple’s custom Big Data Analytics solutions give our customers more visibility and control while maximizing the value of existing HelpAG services, and become The benefit of monitoring is more beneficial and profitable for them. ”

On the other hand, Hash Chowdhury, General Manager, Europe, Middle East and Africa at Kripple, said: “We founded Kripple in the belief that the collection, analysis and storage of observable data should not require sacrifices from digital companies. is why they will add our agreement with “Help AG adds value to its overall offering by making supplier and customer data safer and easier to interpret in the most efficient way. We are happy to offer our services to a growing group of clients and businesses in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. ”

Cripple’s easy-to-use interface will simplify the data preparation process for leading security information and event management (SIEM) platforms for HelpAG customers, and will also provide an unconventional capability to eliminate “noise” from customer data and significantly reduce cost Licensing for selected data platforms.


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About Help AG

Help AG, the cyber security arm of e & Enterprise (formerly Etisalat Digital), provides strategic advice to leading companies and government entities across the Middle East, while providing information security solutions and services tailored to meet their diverse requirements, enabling them to: develop safely while gaining a competitive advantage. Help AG has been operating in the Middle East since 2004 and has become known as the trusted consulting firm in the region. Help AG was strategically acquired in 2020 by e & (formerly Etisalat Group), which has created an impressive cyber security force and driven digital transformation in the region.

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Cribl makes open surveillance a reality for today’s technologists. Cripple’s family of products offers fundamental levels of data selection and control. Where data comes from and where it needs to go, Cripple offers the freedom and flexibility to make choices, not compromises. The company’s corporate program empowers technology experts to do what they need to do, giving them the power to say ‘yes’. With Cripple, companies have the ability to control their data, get more out of their investments, and shape the future of oversight.

The company, which was founded in 2017, follows the principle of teleworking and is headquartered in San Francisco, California. For more information, visit or contact us via LinkedIn, Twitter or Slack.

“e & settings”, from “e &”

e & Enterprises, a subsidiary of the e & group, is a leader in digital transformation, accelerating the adoption of digital systems for businesses, governments and large organizations. The company combines the flexibility and expertise of a professional, digitally managed service company, with the power and excellent communication capabilities of an Etisalat company, on the other hand. e & Enterprise promotes organizations and economies to a smarter, safer and more sustainable world; This is through cloud services, cyber security, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence and others.

Currently, e & Enterprises operates in the UAE and Saudi Arabia and offers innovative digital solutions to enable sustainable projects, safer cities, digital healthcare, digital banking, semi-automated industries, manufacturing and logistics.

With a proven track record of successfully designing, delivering and operating large projects and digital solutions using smart and secure cloud platforms, e & Enterprise provides comprehensive consulting, business model, solution design, application management, implementation and delivery services, and post-implementation support .

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