Jerash Festival kicks off on July 28 with the participation of 1,500 artists and intellectuals

On the 27th of July, the torch of Jerash Festival of Culture and Arts was lit in its 36th session, announcing the launch of its various cultural and artistic activities, with wide local, Arab and international participation.

The festival, launched under the auspices of His Majesty King Abdullah II, will begin with a musical celebration by artist Tariq Al-Nasser, accompanied by artistic dance performances, and with the participation of a group of Jordanian artists, representing the Jordan identity with its cultural and human diversity, inspired by Jordan’s history and artistic heritage, and represents an audio-musical narrative worthy of the festival and the message it conveys to the world as a bridge to intercultural communication and dialogue, and ‘ a platform for introducing Jordanian art and culture.

The festival’s executive director, Mazen Kawar, concluded that the festival program for the current year contains a large momentum of activities, amounting to about 250 arts, culture and crafts activities, in which 1,500 intellectuals, artists and performers from Jordan, Arab countries and countries of the world take part, and there are performances by 25 artistic orchestras on “the arena.” Main “representing” the heart of the festival “.

“Norte Layalina”

Minister of Culture Haifa Al-Najjar said that “the Jerash festival cannot be isolated from the celebration of Irbid as the capital of Arab culture,” and called for “the festival to be a living scene for cultural and artistic recovery after the Corona pandemic. “

She added, during a press conference to announce the festival’s activities, that the Jerash Festival is an opportunity for the Jordanian artist and a space to promote cultural tourism and a link in raising awareness and raising awareness of the festival. artistic taste, noting that the Ministry seeks to make the festival a platform for Jordanian creativity and innovation.

Under the slogan “Norte Layalina” will begin the activities of the various cultural and artistic programs in the plots, squares and theaters, announcing the release of joy in the flanks of the ancient city during the period from July 28 to August 6, according to ‘ a new vision that dedicates joy into its spaces.

Kawar emphasized that the festival represents a national cultural message that we seek to consolidate through the quality, breadth and diversity of participation locally, Arabic and internationally, and notes that the annual festival award to the poet Ziad Al-Anani, and the storyteller Fakhri was given. Kawar named after the story forum that will be held at the headquarters of the Jordanian Writers’ Association.

– The Jordanian artist is a mainstay –

The main square includes a large artistic program designed in collaboration with the Jordanian Artists Syndicate, with the participation of more than 500 Jordanian artists, intellectuals and craftsmen, in addition to the participation of about 80 local, Arab and foreign artistic and folk bands, from Saudi Arabia -Arabia, Qatar, Kingdom of Bahrain, Sultanate of Oman, Kuwait, UAE, Egypt, Yemen, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, United States of Mexico, South Korea, India and Sweden.

Given the importance of folk art troops and their role in creating joy and spreading an atmosphere of love, and their ability to attract the Jordanian family and their importance in showing cultural diversity, Kawar explained that many of these troops were selected to take part in the main square, Column Street and the northern and southern amphitheaters.

And because the Jordanian artist is a mainstay in this festival, this session was distinguished by allocating a quarter of its budget (250,000 dinars) to the Jordanian artist and by the Jordanian Artists Syndicate, which manages the festival as the only umbrella considered for the Jordanian artist. and all his careers, in addition to everything possible to make their concerts successful and to show the Jordanian artist in an image.It is worthy of him and his creative achievement, and in various fields, so the festival management was eager to develop this partnership which enables wide participation of the Jordanian artist.

This session comes as we enter the second centenary, and with the deep legacy that has accumulated during this march, and the optimism of generations and youth creativity, the focus is therefore on vocabulary that takes into account the tastes of the Jordanian family in its various generations. and categories, to be among the activities of the main square representing the festival garden and an outlet The family at local level.

Kawar focused on the artistic program, which is full of wide and important participations from various Arab and foreign countries that did not participate in previous sessions, and a focus was placed on Al Amoud Street with a number of activities for Jordanian, Arab and international teams, and a number of Jordanian singers. With choices balancing the different sites in terms of their diversity and response to the mood and interest of young people, the program in the northern amphitheater segments focused on the fine local cultural arts aspect.

Among the participating orchestras, according to Kawar, are: the artist Faya Younan / Syria, a Jordanian evening organized by the Jordanian Artists Syndicate, the play Gharba Love, Takat Troupe of Syria, the National Troupe of Saudi Arabia, Jadal Troupe of Jordan.

Also announced the names Arab stars Those who will take part in the lighting of the festival evenings, on the southern tribune, are: Assi El-Hellani from Lebanon, Tamer Hosni from Egypt, Rabeh Saqr from Saudi Arabia, Marwan Khoury from Lebanon, Mahmoud Al-Turki from Iraq, Majed Al- Raslani of Saudi Arabia, Jordanian Night Lived by the Artists Syndicate, Ensemble Al-Jeel Club of Jordan, Ziad Bourji of Lebanon.

– Special award for best poetry collection –

Kawar announced the awarding of a special prize for the best poetry collection for this year, and the establishment of an Arab Critical Conference entitled: “The Impact of Technology on Reception between Poetry and Painting” over two days, and the establishment of A symposium for the Jordanian Plastic Artists Association, in addition to the program of the Jordanian Writers’ Union and the cultural program for the local community and cultural bodies in the city.

Kawar pointed out that the program, which is overseen by the Culture Committee under the chairmanship of the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Culture, author Hazza Al-Barari, is attended by about 15 Arab poets and more than 40 Jordanian poets. And more than 15 judges, as well as the union program in which about 70 members of the union participate. In addition to more than 40 plastic artists from the Jordanian Plastic Artists Association. He drew attention to the importance of deep-rooted partnerships with qualitative cultural bodies, including: the Jordanian Writers Association, the Jordanian Writers Union, the Association of Plastic Artists, and the local community.

– Special buses for the festival –

To facilitate the task of those who want to attend the festival activities in the ancient city, Kawar said that buses have been awarded points for the departure of buses from the Seventh Circle and Abdali.

He added that transportation by private buses will be provided through the Tourism Promotion Authority’s “We Wanted a Paradise” program for those who want to go to the festival, and for those who want to buy tickets has been provided on the festival’s website. The site will be ready to upload programs and festival vocabulary and sell tickets starting today. Note that most of the activities will be free, except for the southern theater, and some activities of the northern theater.

Within the framework of the social responsibility to which the festival administration pays close attention, a number of activities were carried out, including the organization of a special concert for the “Fawzi Mouzy” orchestra at the King Hussein Cancer Center for children and their families.

A tent was allocated to display the products of the repair and rehabilitation centers in Al Amoud Street, where a contract was concluded with the center to manufacture a number of shields for the festival.

The program of the plastic forum entitled “The scent of color”, which deals with blind children who have a passion for drawing, was also included in this year’s activities, and it is a pioneering project that deserves support. He added that this year’s festival brought back the “Bashayer Jerash” project, which is concerned with young creators, offering this year the widest participation in its history to more than 125 young creative young men and women in its fields, which song included. , theater, music, poetry, story and mobile film.

At the level of cultural industries, Kawar emphasized the focus of the current session of the festival on the local community, to contribute in general to development through the development of cultural industries to be a national phenomenon promoting cultural diversity in Jordan and emphasize the festive spaces. , and to provide the conditions for its marketing. Collaboration and participation with Jerash Municipality and its organizational bodies and committees to achieve this goal.

He stressed that the media is a true partner of the Jerash Festival to convey the clear image of Jordan over the past few years, and that this year there will be a media room that will broadcast a comprehensive daily media message, the festival’s festival will be loaded. website, as well as news related to the festival that will be broadcast on other platforms and social networking sites. Kawar emphasized that the Jerash Festival of Culture and Arts is the nation’s message and voice, and represents a platform for dialogue. We must all work to make it a success because its success will be reflected culturally, artistically, economically and in tourism so that it remains on the throne of Arab festivals.

Kawar expressed his gratitude to all the partners and sponsors who contribute to the success of the festival, and praised their insistence on standing at the festival and supporting it to be Jordan’s cultural and artistic voice, and his civilization message .

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