Mokhtar Al-Naqib .. he left stuck, plagued by issues of the homeland and the media.

It is sad that one of us is leaving, and the homeland is still clinging to its brilliant ideas, and its sympathetic spirit plagued by its issues. The media personality, and its self-made personality, in defense of Yemen, its identity and dignity, in the face of the militia of death and destruction, remember well and read it for the thousandth time. And remember that it comes at the expense of basic issues at a crucial stage in the life of the Republic of Yemen). words choked in my chest, it became like a deep rumble of sadness, I had great happiness when I met you at the last meeting, it was the embrace of brotherhood and the last farewell ..

We and many companions of the letter, the word and the media, in the Yemeni arena, shared the news of the sudden departure yesterday, Sunday, of a media knight, who climbed down fast, ascended his soul to heaven , with a heart attack, the soul and the sun disappeared together and left in everyone’s chest the pain of loss and absence, this is what we do not appreciate. We will be more steadfast in patience even in the pain of your sudden passing, all have mourned over your separation a lot, and death has truly become over us, how many coffins are tired, expanded by God’s grace, God’s grace deceives you, And the grace of God sends in us and in the hearts of your family and your loved ones patience that goes with the tragedy from you, oh God, how do we say goodbye to loved ones one by one? And they left an eloquent presence in our memory, in all the arenas of our struggle, in the splendor of remembrance and the travels of this land.

I did not know that the questions about the absence of those whose separation has hurt us only come after the great void they have left in our lives. Who fills the space you covered in the media, Mukhtar? Presence and involvement in homeland issues and in the face of the Houthi terror project?

I still have a longing to grieve over our fraternal and professional encounter as craftsmen in the Awakening Foundation, how much can I remember that nostalgic memory? Everyone looked out from the balcony of the fatherland, suffocated by his longing and pains, we won in it for the values ​​of freedom, we confronted the ways of oppression and hardship, we faced the centers of influence, corruption and the enemies of the homeland, with word, image and news, and when the death circles in this country expanded we were not broken, Mukhtar Al-Naqeeb left his village and his house, like the rest of the comrades Freedom and Reform, we are in abandoned. , displaced, and we carried all the techniques of confrontation with the same patriotic spirit, we did not even break when we met the fate of death, to shake hands with him while we were in the purest manifestations of ascension. And there is nothing in his cavity of the crumbs of the world, so whoever does not leave us as a martyr, he leaves us fast, leaves us his last testaments, written for the fatherland, Yemen filled with it until the last moments ..

I was brought together by my colleague Mukhtar al-Naqib, the Foundation for Awakening and Reform, Belonging, Vision and Culture, the two schools of professional journalism, and the strenuous patriotic work of the homeland and man together. What we have, all of a sudden.

There are brothers among us who refuse to go any further because they stand between the heart and the soul, the most eloquent description I have read by Ibn Al-Qayyim regarding souls, “The heart smells the fragrance of the heart.” And here we smell the scent of your brothers and the scent of your national struggle, even though you are in the coffin of the last room this Monday night in the city of Aden The city you have chosen for relocation, and the city that looks like the geography of your glorious presence in the heart of Yemen. For your separation, O Mukhtar, O pain to the distances? Not only do I write, but I’m excited because the words seem small when they want to contain a space of enthusiastic national action and leading media to follow events and make the media message abstract of all agendas, as Mukhtar was. , read again what was underneath in the last hours of his departure. It is sad for one of us to leave while the fatherland still wants it. We comfort ourselves in the shadow of the rubble of successive events, to the point of this wish, flowing from feelings of love and brotherhood, the earth would be kind enough to give us a small space next to you and the environment of all the free to give people whose bodies included the earth? Let us embrace spirit, soul and brotherhood in it, on the promise of an eternal encounter, in the presence of an immortal life, in which God brings us together, to tell in it the most beautiful thing we have given to the fatherland and man has. , when God wanted us to leave, he wrote it for us on the way to pray, or in the sanctuary of martyrdom, and when that does not happen, Destiny, we limp.

Our deepest condolences to your family, friends and all your loved ones. We belong to God and to Him we will return.

And I for your separation, O Mukhtar Lamhzon.

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